Tana’s Nipple Piercing Does NOT Go Smoothly 😳 | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21 | Episode 3

Tana’s Nipple Piercing Does NOT Go Smoothly 😳 | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21 | Episode 3

(edgy pop music) – Oh! – Yeah like, (beep)
like scalding. Oh my God, we kind
color coordinate like, the pink in my shorts, and the pink in your shorts? – Oh jeez. I’m scared, what if I
have to pee (laughing)? I’m not gonna pee in the
bath with you, obviously! – You would pee in
the bath with me. – No, I wouldn’t. I think that’s disgusting,
I don’t even pee in pools, for the most part. – What do you mean
for the most part? – Sometimes you just
have to pee in a pool. – I have never peed
in a pool or anything. – That’s a God damn lie. You’ve definitely peed
a (beep) pool, bitch. – Okay, are you ready for
me to apply this mask? – Yeah, do it well please. – First of all, how do you
even apply a mask poorly? – Just like, not in
all the areas evenly. – Ooh, it’s like,
like okay, wait. – Oh, huh. Wow. – Hey. Yo, so I think I’m gonna
get my nipples pierced. – Okay. Like both? – I’m thinking one. – One?
– Well no, I was gonna get two and then Jake the
other day, randomly, he didn’t even know I was
getting my nipples pierced. We were just having a
conversation about piercings and he like, went on
this (beep) tangent about how two nipple piercings
is slutty, but one is edgy. – That what? Okay.
– I know and then I was like damn, do I just get
one, is that bad? I have been spending so much
of my time with Jake lately, but I don’t know where this
will be in six months time. So, honestly I don’t know why
I’m letting Jake’s opinion affect why I’m only
piercing one or two nipples. I should not be doing that,
like, what even are we? Like, these are my nipples! – I kinda want to get
a piercing with you. – You should get a
piercing with me. Will you get a piercing with me? – I’m kind of down.
– What do you want? What do you want,
like your tragus? – Yeah, I’ve wanted if for a
really long time, it’s edgy. – We’re both getting
edgy piercings. – Okay, is it like, evenly on? – I mean no, it
looks like (beep). – Really?
– I was kidding. – It looks like (beep) later on, but it’s really not that (beep). – Okay. So like, dude I
actually need you to meet my side hoe later. I wanna FaceTime him. – Really?
– Yeah. I’m actually starting to
like my side hoe though. He told me he liked me the
other day and I was like “Damn.” – Oh jeez!
– Yeah. – [Imari] Getting to it! – I know, I feel like he
wants to be my main hoe. – Oh my God. – A side hoe to me is someone
that you value a little less than your main hoe. You know, someone to
text in your free time. I mean, Jake and I aren’t
officially exclusive, so for me, I’m happy,
I’m having fun. I’m just living my best life. – This mask is like,
dripping down my face. – It is, it’s so gross. – You’ve had worse things
dripping down your face. (laughing) – You know, I think no one’s
ever (beep) on your face. – I’ve never let
anyone do that to me. – Damn, you’re so boring. – No I’m not. I have this scar. – You have a scar?
– Mm-hmm, you wanna see it? – Where (laughing)? Ew, why are you getting
up, is it on your balls? – No.
– Okay. – It’s on my butt. (phone ringing) – That’s my side
hoe, I’m psychic. – Okay fine, well I’ll
show you the scar after. – [Tana] I feel like
I should ignore him. – Okay. – [Tana] Just to
assert my power. – Ooh! – [Tana] We’ll
silence it though. – It’s definitely weird for
someone with a boyfriend to have a side hoe. I know for a fact that if
I was in a relationship and I had a side hoe,
my boyfriend would
be (beep) pissed. Tana’s relationship with
Jake is more for clout, like this isn’t a real
relationship in my eyes. Okay, look at the scar. – Ew no, please, get
your, think about this! – You’ve seen my butt before. – Yeah, but you’re on your knees in the same bath water as me,
with your ass, like, for– (phone ringing) Leave me alone. (laughing) (laughing) Where is the scar?
– Do you see it? Do you see it? – Ew stop, Imari, please
put your ass away, I’m so uncomfy.
– I’m putting it away, I was showing you the scar. – Okay, but your
ass is still out, your ass (beep) is just out. Imari, you and I are
close but not that close. – Right there. Can you see it? – [Tana] Yeah, yeah. – Hey, check this out,
yo, keep filming this, keep filming this. – Ew, ew! Have you been holding a Boba
in your mouth for that long? – The entire time. – What?
– The entire time, since we’ve been eating, I’ve
been holding it in my mouth so I could spit it
at your stupid head. (laughing) So in all seriousness, what
are you even getting pierced? Like, tell me the truth. – I’m getting my nipple pierced. – Nah. (laughing) – Just jump out. – You know that it’s
like, for life right? And you can lose like, all
feeling in your entire nip. – I don’t think you can lose
all feeling in your entire nip. – They said that about
my nipple, like, my nips when I got my boob job and
they’re kind of still working. (laughing) – Tana, I’m going to VidCon. – What? Jordan loves to make
everything a joke. I can deal with it 90%
of the time, but like, VidCon for me is such
a sensitive subject. It just strikes a chord that
nothing else really can. – I have to go this year. – To VidCon?
– Yeah. – So you’re invited back? – Technically I’m not invited,
I’m just going as a manager, like with my other clients.
– That’s invited. – Must be nice. – Yeah, damn. VidCon is a social
media convention that is probably the
biggest in the industry. Two years ago I was on a
show that was airing there with a bunch of other
creators in VidCon and put my face on giant billboards
and buildings everywhere. I really, really wanted to go. – They wouldn’t give her a pass, they would not make
her a featured creator no matter how hard
she tried and begged. – I end up showing up and obviously getting
kind of mobbed by my fans because my face is everywhere. – It was the most hectic
thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. There was so many
people crowding her and screaming her name
at every single area. She was getting
bombarded left and right. – There’s a rule at VidCon
where you can’t cause a ruckus and it’s for safety
reasons because there are thousands and
thousands of kids there and Tana was not
following that rule. We were kicked out and they
asked her not to come back and to get kicked out
was really, really embarrassing for her. – That hurts. – It hurts, I think
it hurts me more because I have to go back
without you and that’s, like everyone knows
that I was, I’m like, not supposed to be
there because of that. – Nah, that just sucks. Like, you went to TanaCon and now you’re going
to VidCon this year. – Yeah, I mean it
sucks and I apologize. I really, I can’t do,
like I have to go. – Fair. – It sucks.
– Fair. – I’m gonna have a
really good time for you. – If he has to go, he has to go, he’s a manager in the industry and that kind of stuff happens, but it still kind of sucks. Dude, these are my last few
moments without a pierced nipple burning in your face. – Shall we have a
moment of silence? – Yeah, for my nipple. I’m gonna look at my
nipple in your mirror. – No, please no.
– Don’t touch me! – Tana, don’t pull out your
nipple in the car though, seriously. Did you just literally
take you nip out? – I was looking at her, it’s her last few
moments unpierced. (hip hop music) – [Brian] You guys ready? All right, who’s up first? – That would be me.
– Imari. – [Brain] I’m gonna have you
lean all the way back for me. – So funny story. I would tell my
friends in high school that I wanted this
piercing so bad and they were like
“Don’t do that, “that’s so (beep) gay.” And it was before I was
ever like, out or anything and I was like “You guys
are so right, oh my God.” And now here I am
finally accepting myself for the person I am. – [Brain] A tragus piercing
does not mean anything expect you wanted
your tragus pierced. – [Imari] Exactly, I
feel so like, ha ha, because here I am
living my best life. – Gay with a tragus
piercing, woo hoo! – I’m bisexual.
– Bi with a tragus piercing, I’m sorry. – I’m like “Don’t
put me in a box!” – [Brian] Are you ready? – [Imari] Will
you hold my hands? – Oh my God, aw!
– They’re frail. – [Brian] All right, relax
your mind, you got this dude. – Oh.
– I got his knees. – You ready?
– Oh (beep) (beep). (laughing) – Oh man, I’m so nervous. – Bitch, the needle’s in my ear, I’m the one that should
be upset right now, what are you doing? – Feel my hands
after holding his. – Oh! It’s damp! – [Ashly] It’s so cute! – Okay, I’m gonna sit down. I’m freaking out, I’m freaking
out, I’m freaking out, I’m freaking out.
– Don’t. – No one understands. – I understand, I’ve
pierced each one of my nipples four times,
I completely undestand. – But your nipples
aren’t sensey. – Actually, men’s nipples are
about 12 times more sensitive. Yours are for a function,
for feeding a human being. Bust it out. – Okay, Jordan, you
might wanna look away. – Oh my God, it’s here! What? It just looked at me
directly in the eye! I swear to God, I made
eye contact with it! I wanna be very clear,
this is not regular for me, to go to nipple piercings. This is not in the
job description. If I was hiring somebody I
would not say “Hey listen, “we’re probably gonna do some nipple piercings
with clients.” That’s not a thing. – I’m literally so
scared right now! Argh, I just feel like this
is real, I’m freaking out! I’m literally freaking out,
I’m literally freaking– (screaming) No! You don’t understand
like, what that felt like! – Just like (beep) count
to four when you yell. (laughing) – Right, so I need you
to lean all the way back. – Like, what he just
did with that wipe has my whole body
right now, like. – All right, hold her down. – Oh my God. Why am I doing this? – [Ashly] I don’t know. You wanted it, literally
since I met you. – [Brian] No touching her. What I need you to
do is just be calm. All right, here we go. – Oh my (beep) God. – [Brian] Big deep breath, all
the way in, all the way out. – Ow, oh my God, oh my
(beep) God, oh my (beep) God! Ow, oh my (beep) God! – Tana’s screams
literally sound like a thousand dying children and I don’t know how anyone
in this shop is like, okay with this right now. – Oh my (beep) God!
– It’s crowning! (laughing) – [Imari] Push, push! – [Tana] Is it done? – [Brain] No, I just
gotta put the ball and everything is done.
– It’s through, yeah. – All right, we’re gonna
put a little pressure here, you have some bleeding. Not enough to call 911. – Ow, my God, ow (fake crying). – I don’t believe you. – I need an ambulance, okay? – [Brian] It can’t
hurt that much. – I feel like the only people
that will ever understand how sensitive my nipples are
are people that (beep) me. – I’m gonna give
you guys my card, I’m gonna give you
an aftercare sheet. You look mad. – I’m not, you did a great job, thank you so much, I’m
sure it’s beautiful. – [Brian] You haven’t
even seen it yet. – I don’t want to, I can’t. (laughing) – Thank you so much. And when we wanna get her
second one done we’ll come back, if you’re into it. – I may not be here
that day, I’m not sure, I think that day I’m off. (laughing) (hip hop music) – [Tana] What’s
up mother (beep)? – What up dirty sluts? (laughing) – Ah! – Oh Jesus.
– It’s that bad? – I’m fine, I’m
really (moaning). – Obviously you’re not okay. – Dude, I’m like, so
far beyond not okay. The only way it
feels okay enough. Oh my God! Ah, like the throbbing. The only way it feels
fine enough to like, not wanna punch
someone in the face is if I’m holding
it like this, kinda. – You’ve gotta understand,
people with like, broken bones aren’t like “Argh, urgh, urgh!” Like, what? – Imari keeps treating me
like I’m being overdramatic. – [Imari] I don’t understand. – Have you ever heard
the expression, like, moaning in pain,
like, I’m like “Ugh!” – Yes, yes.
– Moaning in pain. – You know like, when you’re
getting (beep) too hard and it like, hurts so you’ll
be like, kind of moaning. – Oh, yep, yep, yep. – [Tana] That’s like, kind
of what it feels like. – Who’s gonna be your first
man to see your (beep) bouncy titties. – I haven’t even seen
it yet, first of all. – Are you gonna show
it to your side hoe? – No, I had a (beep)
appointment tonight and I canceled it. I literally said “I think
you don’t wanna (beep) me “because I’m in so much pain.” – Really?
– Yes. – That’s so scary. – I’m gonna show
it to Jake though. – You’re gonna show it to Jake? – Yeah, Jake’s like, excited,
he’s like let me see. – So Jake’s obviously like, the one holding
the interest here. – No, no, not even that, it’s
that like I’m closer to Jake and he knew I was
getting it and like, you know what I mean? – But you are gonna show
your side hoe at some point? – Maybe, I haven’t done
anything with the side– – With the side hoe, you
want him to like, wait. – No, but, oh my God, these
are like, deep questions. – A couple weeks ago in Atlanta,
Tana told me that that she hadn’t slept with Jake and
now hearing that she still hasn’t slept with him, like
I don’t understand why, (laughing) or how. It’s been months now and I
don’t know if they actually like each other or not. Like, they’re a little cutesy
and like, kissy whatever when they’re hanging out,
but behind closed doors I don’t really know if
they have real emotions. – Do you think jake has (beep)? – I hope. I would want him to
(beep) other girls so that I can hook
up with other people. – Not have any crazy
feelings or whatever? – Yeah, and we’re both
very passionate people, you know what I mean? – Like, the other night
(beep) got hot and heavy and then I left. – And you still
didn’t (beep) him? – No, but like, I
was like (beep). (laughing) – God forbid you had sex. – Yeah, but then what,
we’re like, in love? – Then you have it
again and again, duh. – Then I might care. Then I might be like “Ooh.” – I’ve seen Tana fall for
someone really, really hard, so I don’t understand why
she’s not letting that happen with Jake. It either means that
she is a sociopath and she’s literally just
acting like his girlfriend for control over videos
or she is actually waiting to sleep with him
’cause she doesn’t wanna get too emotionally invested. – We have these deep ass talks where we’re both like,
literally we stop making out, we like, pull away
and we’re like “I dunno if we should do this, “like, this is the moment,” and Jake literally will be like, that it’s all 100%
(beep), like real. – Mm-hmm.
– Mm. – Jake and I are both two very
exaggerated, like dramatic, crazy people who love
to play into (beep), who love to like, you
know, make things crazy for our viewers and (beep), so it is weird to decipher what
feels real and what doesn’t. When you’re elevating the
(beep) out of something online but you still really
care about each other, you’re kinda like what’s
real and what’s not? We just keep almost,
almost, almost. – Almost.
– Almosting. – Dude, imagine
like (beep) though, like with this tit. It’d be like rip, rip, rip,
rip, rip, rip, rip, rip. – Dude, the thought of my
boob ever bouncing again is a no go for me, I’m in
so much pain right now. I’m like, handling
this conversation well but I’m literally sitting
here like (panting). It’s almost like
I got a boob job, like if I lift my arm. – Shut the (beep)
up, I know it isn’t. (laughing) – Ow, it hurts so bad
to laugh right now! (hip hop music) Remember when you
were my dog for a day and then Jordan stole you? Yeah! Jordan stole you, you’re
supposed to be for me. – [Jordan] Am I
supposed to react? (laughing) – I mean, no, but you’re
actually crazy over this dog, it’s so annoying. – Yep, admitted. I have to call somebody right
now and it’s for you too, like I want you on this call. – What, like some
Instagram story brand deal that I totally don’t have
to be on the phone for? – Hey, how you doing? – [Jim] Hey, how’s it going? – Good. Just take it, you’re good. – Hi. – Hey Tana, how’s it going? – Good, who are you (laughing)? – Hey, Jim Louderback,
I’m the GM of VidCon. So nice to meet you. I wanted to reach out and just invite you to a featured
creator at VidCon’s 10th anniversary this year. – This has to be a prank, like. – Not a prank at all, you know, yeah, we’ve had a couple
bumps along the way but, you know, you’re such a
big part of our community, you and your fans are such
a big part of our community, we really want you to take part in our celebration this year. – Ew, I actually wanna
start crying right now. I feel like everything that
ever happened was such a miscommunication and it was
just this place that I wanted to be welcomed at so badly. Oh my God, I wanna cry. (sighing) – [Jordan] Thank you Jim! – [Jim] Thank you guys. – Jim, thank you.
– We’re looking forward to seeing you guys
in Anaheim in July, I will see you there. – Okay. – Like, that’s insane. Like, that’s actually crazy. – Dude, I really, really,
really never thought that, I still think it’s a prank, like, I still think
that’s a prank. Like, if literally in
a day you were like “I hired that man to…” Why? Like, why are they doing that? – I think that like, it
proves, kind of, that the message of
TanaCon was received. I knew this was really
important to Tana and to her career and
I knew the opportunity to go back to VidCon
is just an opportunity that we couldn’t miss,
so I put the time in and we got it done. – I wanna throw up. That literally just
made me wanna throw up. I’m scared too though, like I’m definitely scared
of what people are gonna say, ’cause like, they were
wrong and then I was like really, really, really wrong. – Yeah, like, you literally
planned a competing convention to them and now
you’re being asked to be the featured creator, like that’s (beep) insane. – I would’ve never held
TanaCon it wasn’t for what happened at VidCon. It would’ve never happened,
it was completely out of spite and anger, so for
such a big company to put so much behind
them was kind of an honor. – The first time you and I
ever had I meeting you said you wanted to be a
featured creator at VidCon, that’s actually all you wanted. – It’s all I’ve ever
wanted (laughing). Oh my God, I’m so
emotional right now. On the next episode of MTV
No Filter: Tana Turns 21. Like, he called me yesterday
and I literally was like “Jake, this is the one time
I’m not gonna be your bitch, like, hang up the
phone and call Jordan, I don’t even wanna take to you.” – If this was a business
deal, just so you know, I would cancel this immediately and not go through
with it at all. – This is so, so,
so (beep) annoying. I mean that episode
was dope as (beep), like don’t you wanna watch more? Maybe you should
click over there and watch a few more
episodes of MTV’s No Filter.

100 thoughts on “Tana’s Nipple Piercing Does NOT Go Smoothly 😳 | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21 | Episode 3

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    It isn’t that bad. Honestly it stung a little bit. If I acted like that my piercer he would have told me to leave.

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