taking Morgan Adams to LA’s 1-Star Hospital FOR HER 8 RINGWORMS

taking Morgan Adams to LA’s 1-Star Hospital FOR HER 8 RINGWORMS

100 thoughts on “taking Morgan Adams to LA’s 1-Star Hospital FOR HER 8 RINGWORMS

  1. 1. i ended up finding out Gabe was quitting his job in two weeks so the little quick seconds of his face are fine
    2. i am going back to the dentist this fucking week
    3. how funny would it be if Morgan had 7 ring worms instead of 8 and we could’ve made a 7 rings joke

  2. WAIT, that clinic does plastic surgery too? Do you get it from the Drunk Dr. or the High Dr.? asking for a friend.

  3. As the blood pressure cuff is in the wrong spot😂 that’s why her blood pressure is shit😂😂😂

  4. Bong appetite is the best show ever they get high and eat infused foods to get more high and the winner gits a bong

  5. Omg why are Tanas bottom teeth so gross!!! Girl you got so much money, get them clean!!!! 😭😷😷😷😷😷😷 it’s all tart!

  6. Tana Mongeau got ringworm so I got ringworm so we could have ringworm at the same time turns out she treated it at a one star hotel lmao jkkk

  7. So 30 + 30 is obviously not 110 sooo did they really just charge her an extra $50 for the visit and not tell her… 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  8. My question is how do so many people get ring worm in California or if at all. I know of nobody even myself in Arizona that don’t get ring worm

  9. Sis we love you, but why do you think that asking yourself why you think everything is a personality trait is a personality trait? 🤔

  10. Bro no joke I swear on my life when I was like 7 and I went to the doctor cause of a huge allergic reaction and these doctors had the nerve to RESEARCH the allergies to figure out what it was and lyteraly it wasn’t that rare google said so like what was the point in paying 60 bucks when I could have literally went on google and found out for free ??

  11. you know what’s funny? i happen to know the doctor & the medical assistant & i can tell y’all rn that the doctor DOES NOT get high or smoke weed on the job. he literally stays there all night (its a 24 hour urgent care clinic), Gabriel has to go wake the doctor up when patients are in the rooms. funny how you only assume he was high bc he was wearing a rasta hat. he probably could barely open his eyes bc be was ASLEEP.

    “he doesn’t know shit” i bet he knows way more than you. gtfo.

  12. I went to the doctor and got my blood pressure taken and it was fucking high and so was I and the doctor looked into my eyes and went oh okay

  13. The ringworm cream that Morgan had in her bag, I have a slightly higher prescription strength of that medicine for eczema. 😂

  14. Tana Mongeau and Morgan Adams are The most iconic duo Ever.❤️You Should Do More Often Videos With Her❤️.

  15. My doctor actually did leave the room and Google what I had to figure it out, so that's a legitimate thought.

  16. Wash yourselves regularly and lose all threat of ringworm. Just wash yourselves right and often. Dirty bitches.

  17. Your wedding was fake, your whole life is fake. It’s honestly so sad that you and your dumb”husband” have to make money like that. Just stop

  18. Tana: “Do you get a lot of people like on crack?”

    Gabe: “Um, not patients.

    So only doctors? Yeah, I believe it..

  19. I'm unfortunately susceptible to ringworm as well and it's soooooo annoying! It takes so long to get rid of and omg so itchy! I once had one on the top of my entire hand it like was just one giant ass ringworm it was NAST!

  20. Those look like dry skin patches. I get those and I went to the doctor cause I thought it was ringworm but it was actually just dry skin patches. They look circular and empty like that.

  21. Ketoconazole is absolutely perfect cream for ringworm. It's an antifungal of azole group. Destroys the cell wall synthesis of dermetophytes.

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