[PART 1] Repaint! Xerneas Legendary Pokemon Custom OOAK DOll

안녕! ((Annyeong!)) Welcome to Dollightful! It would seem that Pokemon fever continues. I’ve got a big project for you guys today- literally! We’re tackling one of the three legendary aura trio: Xerneas, the Life Pokémon! I get powerful, spiritual “Tree of Life” vibes from Xerneas’s design and story arc in the games and movie. Reminds

We Got TEETH JEWELRY?!?  (Beauty Trippin)

We Got TEETH JEWELRY?!? (Beauty Trippin)

There’s that girl with that effortless bun, those 80s glasses, and a crab onesie. Plus, she also has a jewel on her tooth. Fashion! *mumbling and screaming* Joslyn: I’m ready, duh! Lily: You got your– Joslyn: I got my glasses on! You like my glasses? You can borrow’em. Lily: Very pervy. J: They’re very, very