Out of the Box – Ep.2 –  Sky – L’art du Point

Out of the Box – Ep.2 – Sky – L’art du Point

Hi guys, I’m now in Charleroi, Belgium, to visit Sky. Hello, I’m Sky! Thank you for having us here. How long for have you been tattooing? I started tattooing in 1998. I soon discovered dotwork, after 3 years of tattooing. And I haven’t done anything else since. No, it’s cool! How do you work with

Smilin Demons  – Tattoo Art

Smilin Demons – Tattoo Art

Hello, welcome to Smilin Demons Tattoo! Get in. My name is David Stang and I´m from Ludwigshafen Today I´m getting a traditional japanese Tattoo. Many Sakura flowers with a blossom tree and picture elements. I´m a big fan of the japanese art culture. This time he´s making a tabori tattoo, which means it is made

Tattoo techniques DOTWORK – Close up and Real Time process tattooing – Tips and tricks for beginners

Hi guys, I will tell a few tips for working in the technique and style Dotwork. I must say that I do not advise to work in the style of dotwork 1 needle round liner, as well as the 3 round liner, because it is too small dots are barely visible and it would seem

‘Surrealism Tattoos’ The Art of Ink (Season 2) Digital Exclusive | Paramount Network

‘Surrealism Tattoos’ The Art of Ink (Season 2) Digital Exclusive | Paramount Network

(upbeat music) – [David] I just let my subconscious speak for me. Try to lead your viewer into an adventure by creating an image that may take a second to see, but a lifetime to understand. – [John] The strange and absurd stuff, it’s just an appreciation for things that are out of the norm.

Armenian tattoo artist Sam Badalyan

Armenian tattoo artist Sam Badalyan

Tattoos are a means of self-expression. I am very interested in dotwork style, linework style, and watercolour style tattoos. There was one mandala tattoo, which had both dotwork and a watercolour style. It’s best if people get original, unique tattoos, rather than unoriginal imitations. I am an artist, so I decided to choose a profession