‘Surviving Animal Kingdom’ Photo Realism Challenge Highlight | Ink Master: Grudge Match (Season 11)

Ok, artists, you have six hours to tattoo
an animal portrait. And your time starts now. – Come on, guys, let’s go. – I’m gonna put the stencil on while you’re standing
over here. – Doing animal portraits,
working directly off a photo, whatever animal they’re doing,
it all has to line up and be perfect
in comparison to the picture. – Tony, put it on the back?
– Mm-hmm. That’s the only place
she wants it. – Making it this far in a competition like this
is tough. Anything can happen
in these final tattoos. If you’re not at your best
every day, that could be your last. [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ – They’re judging
off of that photo, you know? So just try and do
everything you can to keep as much as you can. – Okay. – I’m not known
as a photo-realism guy, but I do do it,
so I’m gonna do everything I can
to try and coach my guys to get to the end. Just so you guys know,
I got some fancy frou-frou coffee drinks
showing up for you. – My dude.
– ‘Cause I’m number one coach. Remember that. Christian does have
an advantage on me, because he does specialize
in this. – What’s up, Cleen Rock One? – Just coming in to [bleep] see
the legend over here. – Oh, yeah? Historically,
in this competition, the day that people get to do
the [bleep] they want to do, they normally go home. I’m about to rewrite the books
today, though. – Watch an icon in action. – I [bleep] hate both of y’all
right now. I’m trying to show
that nobody in this house can do what I do, because I’m TeeJ mother[bleep]
Poole, God damn it. – Four hours to go, everybody. Four more hours. [dramatic music] – Have you done a lot of fur? – Not in a realism sense. I don’t do portraits, but I’m not gonna let that
scare me. – When you’re doing
realistic fur, work on both strips. – Okay.
– More like… [imitates tattoo machine] – Typically,
I don’t need Christian looking over my shoulder,
analyzing what I’m doing, but today, I welcome the help. – Yeah, that’s perfect. – I’m not gonna back down
from this challenge. I’m gonna take this thing
head on. – What is that, a raccoon? – It does kind of look like
a raccoon right now. – I know.
– [laughs] [dramatic music] – Damn, look at all these
empty rooms, dude. – I know, I love it.
– Wiping them out. – I’m an artist, at the core
of everything that I am. I’ve always been creating
my own work since I was an apprentice
and not copying a photograph. – Lightning Stafford,
we’ve nicknamed you. – [laughs] Lightning.
Oh, yeah, you know me. I’m super nervous about this
tattoo because it’s realism, and you just have to be
more concerned with being exact
than just creating. – Looks great,
but how you feeling on time? – A little pressed, but– – Yeah. – Cool.
This thing is taking forever. And I have
the smallest tattoo. – Really, he peels them off
just as slow as he tattoos. [laughs] – Three hours remain. – [bleep]. – Three hours remain. – I’m doing a tattoo
that I’ve never done before and I don’t know how to do,
so I’m learning as I go. The bottom will hurt
a little bit more. I want to come out of
this competition a stronger tattooer
with a stronger mind-set. I have it in me. I just gotta find it
and pull it out. – You doing all right? – Maybe do some
little intervals. Keep her in the chair
and noodle away. – She’s flopping around
like a fish out of water. It’s not efficient
when you have to take a break every ten minutes. This is top five. I’m so close,
but this is the one challenge that could send me packing. – I have to make
a conscious decision of what part of this lion
I want to look realistic, ’cause there’s no way I can
do it realistic in six hours. – What’d you pick the lion for?
– King of the jungle, man. – Actually, I’m the king
of the [bleep] jungle. A realistic lion means
that you have to make sure that every strand of that mane
is accounted for. And there’s no way
that’s gonna happen. I’m just gonna have to make
an illustrative mane and a high-def, realistic face
and hope that that just carries me on
to the next stage. I’m putting white in. – I’d do just a dot
under the eye. Just a–[clicks tongue]
Just barely. – I’m not gonna give
Team Christian the satisfaction
of seeing me crumble. – One minute. Get those whiskers done
on the other side. ♪ ♪ Twenty seconds. – Five, four, three, two, one. That is it.
Time is up. No more ink. – Got that last one. – I tried.
– I know, you did good. You did the best you could,
that’s all I can ask for. – Came out better
than I could’ve expected. – I like that. – Do you want to know
why I’m so happy today? – ‘Cause you’re going home and you don’t have to listen
to me no more? – ‘Cause I woke up this morning
and realized all of this time that I was listening
to the bull[bleep] coming out of your mouth, it was affecting my mood
every day. How many times
have you come in here and said “you’re going home” or “you’re going
to the bottom,” and someone from your team
went home? – I don’t think
that many times– – A lot of times. – ‘Cause we still got
more people than you, Tiffer. – A lot of times. It’s always the times
that you seem most confident that you end up putting
your foot in your mouth. – This time I mean it.
You’re going home. – The only way I’m going home
is if you drag me out by your hands, and that ain’t
ever gonna [bleep] happen.

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