– [Voiceover] Hey,
what’s going on everyone? So I have a problem
with Beyonce. Find out why in Vlog 14. ♪ What you won’t do ♪ What you won’t do ♪ Do for love ♪ Do for love ♪ You tried everything ♪ But you don’t give up ♪ What you won’t do ♪ Do for love ♪ You tried everything ♪ But you don’t give up – Good morning,
Huntys and Huncles. Guess where I’m at? I’m at Auntie Nora’s house. – [Nora] Hey! (LaToya laughs) – I was like, okay, is
she going to respond? She just made us
some breakfast-lunch. And so she made roast chicken. What is this? Just like a salad? Like with a cabbage and a bunch
of vegetable stuff in there. And fries. Oh my gosh, handsome. (Zayn cries) Why’re you crying? He wants to eat again. He’s so greedy. Hi, Mahlia. Mahlia, how are you, baby? (Zayn cries loudly) – [Nora] Say hi! – You’re good? Alright, I had to
pick Mr. Ollie up because he’s a crybaby,
he’s a crybaby. You’re just like Samia. He’s knocked out. I just picked him up Oh, now you’re
up, now you’re up. Just kidding. Okay, let me shut up. Nora, let’s go to the
mall or something. Let’s get out of the house. Let’s go out and do something. – [Nora] Yeah, let’s do it. – It’s a nice day. – The other day it was
like nice and hot, and then two minutes later
it started snowing. – I know. Oh yeah, it was
snowing yesterday. I’m like, what the hell? (upbeat hip hop music) Alright y’all, we’re in the car. We’re waiting for Mariah. We’re picking her
up from school. Let me take off my seatbelt,
because I’m just, God. I’ve just been locked up in
the car all freaking day. – It’s so hot today. – It is broiling hot. Are we really taking all of
our crazy kids to the mall? – What are we gonna do? – Thank God Samia isn’t
here, because she would have like ransacked the entire place. – Yeah. – Mahlia’s knocked out. Zayn’s sleeping a lot. So yeah, what happened to that? (LaToya laughs) – Who? – That dude that
you were talking to? – Oh my god. – Are you guy’s still talking? – Do you really wanna
know about this idiot? – Yeah, so Nora was talking
to some guy for a few months and now they’re not
talking anymore. So what the heck happened? – Remember how I told you that
this guy was so nice to me, and, like, he takes
me out whatever? – So how was he so nice to you? What did he do? – It was just the way he talks. He’s, he’s older. The way he talks
is just so mature. Like, he’s got his own
business going on– – Smooth talker. – Yeah, I was talking to
him for like three months. Tell me why I gotta find out that this nigga
have a girlfriend for two damn years. – That’s ridiculous,
first of all. But I feel like these girls
make these dudes so spoiled into thinking that they can do and
treat women however they want. – Yeah, ’cause this girl, she’s a mutual
friend of my friend. – And it makes it hard for
people like you to find a man. – That’s how she found out. And then after, she’s like
I want to talk to her, I want to ask her
some questions. I’m like, whatever, I’m
not gonna lie to you. I’m gonna tell you the truth. – Yeah – And then I was on
the phone with her. She’s crying to me, saying,
“I’m so done with him, “I was with him for two
years, and he’s obviously been “doing this for a while, and
now I have, like, the proof, “da-da-da.” I’m like, “Well, then its
time for you to move on, “you can’t let a man
treat you like that.” Tell me why this girl
now she’s back with him? – Of course she’s with him,
yeah, of course she is. – So what do you expect? – Because she’s insecure. She has no self-esteem, and its because of these
girls who have no self esteem, it makes it hard for beautiful,
educated, confident women like you, to find a man. – It’s so true. – Because they think that
they can do anything, and walk all over women, because
of these insecure girls. – “Oh, I love him.” Girl, I don’t give a shit
how much he’ll love you. You cheat on me,
you disrespect me– – Yeah, I’m out the door. – Yeah, how many times, two
years, this nigga’s doing this continuously, and
you still gonna keep him? – How can you lay down
with a man, again, after he cheated on you? It’s so wrong. – There’s no way I’m going
to stick around and you treating me like shit. You cheating on me,
then all kind of shit. Because I love you? Fuck love, yo. I’m done with niggas. – I think that’s the
ultimate disrespect. To disrespect your woman, and
to go out there, and lay down with the next woman. Or man, because men
be doing that too. – The way he talks,
was like so legit. Like that’s how you know
he’s a real shit talker. – Like he’s a real deal, yeah. Can’t trust nobody, right? That’s why you just
have to take your time and get to know people. You know? You’ve got to take
your time with people. – I guess I was just bored. I don’t even give a shit. It was just–
– [LaToya] Yeah. – For me it was just,
like, a shocking– – Clearly you were
bored, because he’s
ugly inside and out. I’m sorry.
(Nora laughs) – Yeah, I don’t know what
I was thinking, oh my God. One time I bump into him
at the club, I was ready to kick his balls, I swear to God. – I hope you did, so
you were ready to. So you didn’t do it? I wish I were there, ’cause
I would have done it. – My girls hold me, no,
my girls hold me back they were like,
“Yo, don’t do it.” I’m like, “Yo, I’m, I’m like,
seriously, with my heel, “destroying his balls” – I would have egged
you on to do it. I bet you would have. – You know, yeah, I
wish you were there. – I probably would’ve. (both laugh) – You would have done it from
the back, I would have done it from the front.
– [LaToya] The back, dog. He wouldn’t know what hit him. But yeah, let’s turn
up and go to the mall. (LaToya laughs) – I’m so down, girl. – Find some cute outfits
for you this summer. – You know, yeah, I’m so ready. – But yeah, we’re this girl? Hi, Mariah! – Hi, Aunt ‘Toya. – I miss you, baby. You’re so pretty. – Who did your hair for you? – Mommy. – It’s pretty. – [Mariah] Thank you. – [Nora] Okay. – Good. – Yeah, let’s do this. So what are we doing? – I don’t think we can go to
no mall, honestly, with all these kids. – Yeah, I know – Holy crow. – [Nora] Malia already slept. I need to take her stroller. – Zayn’s up. Rock him for me, Mariah, Please? ♪ Hush little baby,
don’t say a word ♪ Mama’s gonna buy
you a mockingbird ♪ And if that
mockingbird don’t sing ♪ Mama going to buy
you a diamond ring (LaToya and Nora laugh) – You look so pretty
with your make up. – Say it again? – You look so pretty
with your make up. – One more time? – You look so pretty
with your make up. – And one more time. – You look so pretty
with your make up. – Okay, so what about
without my make up? – Ugh. – Kids are honest, so they’ll
just be real with you. How do I look without
my make up, Mariah? – Still pretty. – But not as pretty, right? – Mmhmm. (LaToya and Nora laugh) – So anyways, what did
you learn in school? You didn’t tell me. – We learned about
the Big Bad Wolf. The true story. – So you learned
about the devil? – No, the Big Bad Wolf. The true story and
the fake story. The Big Bad Wolf sneezed and
blew all three houses down. – Okay, and what’s
the fake story? – So, um, it’s Little Red
Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf lays down, eats Grandma. First eats Grandma,
then lays down to pretend to be the Grandma. Then Little Red
Riding Hood ran away, And then, the Big Bad Wolf, he blew all the other
little pigs’ house down – Oh, wow. Mariah, you’re so smart. You have got to educate
Auntie LaToya and Mommy. – So can you, do you want
to give advice for people? Is there anything that
you want to talk about? – Yeah, do you want to give
some advice to kids out there, or anybody out
there in the world? – Yeah, people use
drugs, and it’s not nice. ‘Cause they’re gonna die. – [LaToya] Yeah. – And old people too. – Yeah, and they can hurt
other people, like, if they’re under the influence
of drugs and alcohol, that’s what’s not right. – When we go somewhere, when
I go somewhere with Mommy we smell people smoking. (LaToya Laughs) – [Nora] Yeah, and they
smells nice, right? – Yep. – Anyways, we’re about to
go and get some slushies, because I’m feeling for a
slushy on this beautiful day. And we’re not going
to the mall anymore. I don’t wanna go to no damned
original damned slushy. I want to go to 7/11. Do they have one around here? – There’s no 7/11 in the hood. (LaToya laughs) – Mom, can I have
all the colors? – There’s no eleven
eleven in the hood. Bruh, so we’re rolling
through the hood and look. – [Mariah] Hollywood!? All we’re trying to,
right, Hollywood. – [Nora] Oh my God, is
that a person on the floor? – Oh my god. Oh, yeah, it is. (Nora gasps) Gunshots, yo. Someone’s on the floor, man. – [Nora] Maybe a gun,
or maybe a car accident? – [Latoya] Oh, no, no, no,
it has to be a gunshot. Has to be a gun shot,
has to be a gunshot. Oh, my god. – [Nora] That’s so scary. – We were driving
down Jane Street. We’re trying to go to
7/11, just to get a slushy, and it’s blocked off with
caution, caution, caution tape. And we just saw a body on the
floor, with a bunch of like, cops and all that. – [Nora] Lets see on the news. – I have got to get out of here. Oh my god, what’s going on here? – [Nora] Oh my god, did
she just crash his car? – Yeah, she bumped into his car. Now they crashed into. (Nora laughs) Oh my god! All I wanted was a slushy. That’s all I wanted. Lets cause drama. (honks car horn) – [Nora] He’s getting mad. (LaToya honks car
horn rhythmically) Oh my god, watch somebody
get out of the car. (LaToya and Nora laugh) – So I don’t think that we
can get a slushy because the road’s blocked off. Are you upset? I don’t want you to be mad. – No. Can I just tell you
something, guys? – [LaToya] Yeah – In Hollywood, there’s
butlers and they buy you stuff, whatever you want. – Butlers? – Yeah. – Butlers buy you stuff? – Yeah. There’s two butlers. – Okay, what kind of
butlers are there? – There’s two. – [LaToya] Okay, one being what? – People, it’s just people. – Who told you
about the butlers? – I just know. – Oh, you just know? – Yeah. – You’re just smart like that? – What about your mom? Your mom needs a butler. – She– – She’s been used and abused
by all the other ones. – I told you there was two. – Bye guys. It was great seeing
you, I love you. – [Nora] Bye girl, I love you. – Hi, boo.
(baby cries) Hi babe, what’s up? – What up everyone? – Happy birthday, Auntie Jillian – [Adam] Happy birthday. – Say happy birthday,
Auntie Jillian. Happy Birthday, woo hoo. Say, “See you there,
Huntys and Huncles.” Alright Huntys and Huncles Rap Imperial, my fav. ♪ Happy Birthday, to you ♪ Auntie Jillian is 21 today. So proud of you, you look
so good, you look succeeding – Don’t lie, I’m not 21, I’m 25. (LaToya and Jillian laugh) – Samia is over here,
eating all the sweets. She begged me for
everything here. Browny, she wants this cake, that Jello thing. She gets whatever she
wants, because of you. – Well that’s good. When she stays up late
tonight, you’ll know it’s the brownies… – I have to, no, no, no. You’ll be up with her. Because the reason
why she’s so spoiled– – [Jillian] It’s my birthday. – And you’re spending
it with Samia. – And I can’t wait for Zayn
to come off that booby. – Oh my god, look at her. She’s dipping her watermelon
candy in this here. It’s so funny. Hi Zecko. – Hello. – [LaToya] What’s up? – Shrimp, salad. – [LaToya] Oh, Daddy,
what’s on your plate? – Alright, so I got grilled pineapple, Calamari, spinach. – [LaToya] You’re
eating all of that? Something else should
be on that plate, hey. Hi, Milan – Hey. – [LaToya] What’s up, baby? – Nothing. – [LaToya] Merrick. All my cousins are so beautiful. – So what’s up guys? I’m here with Milan. – Hey. – So, don’t try to be innocent, we both know what’s
happening today. (Milan laughs) We’re about to prank. – Prank my mom on her birthday. – On her birthday. Sorry Jillian. – It has to be done. – It has to be done. – Birthday surprise, you know. – Exactly. – Alright, so Mommy
wants a brownie. Can Mommy have one of these? Can Mommy have that? (Samia whines)
Why can’t mommy have that? Okay, one Jello, get it. Great. Mmm, she said hi. Aw, you’re such a nice girl. (family begins to
sing “Happy Birthday”) – No, it’s not real unless
you do it again for the vlog. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ Happy birthday
dear Auntie Jillian ♪ Auntie my special
auntie we love you ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (family applauds) – Thank you so much I’ve got to go with 20’s. – [Zecko] Make a wish. – [Jillian] Samia, Samia blow. – [LaToya] You
can’t blow it out? (family applauds) – Hi Samia, hi Auntie Jillian. – Hello – You know what, y’all
always leave me out. Me and Zayn feel left out. – How do we leave you out? – Because you don’t
spoil me or Zayn. – You are the most spoiled, out of any baby I’ve
ever known in my life. – Samia took my place. – No. – Look it up in the
dictionary, and you’ll see a picture of her under spoiled. – Just like this. Grandma and Zayn. Grandma’s feeding Zayn. So everyone thinks that Zayn
looks exactly like my dad. – Yeah. – [LaToya] He looks like my dad? – Yeah, he does. – [LaToya] So Ethan, you think
that he looks like Samia? – Yeah, a little bit. – [LaToya] Wait, so the kids
at your school want me to go to their prom? – Yeah. No, their grad. – [LaToya] Oh, their grad. So they want me
to go to the grad? – Yeah. – [LaToya] So who’s your date? – No, I’m not graduating. – [LaToya] Oh, when
are you graduating? – Two years. – [LaToya] In two years? – Yeah. – [LaToya] Ooooh (Upbeat music) – [Adam] Alright, so we’re
doing a little prank today. Zecko is going to act as if
he’s giving a tattoo on Milan, Jillian is gonna come by,
and hopefully she freaks out. (Milan laughs) Do you think she’s
going to freak out? – Yeah, it looks so legit too. There’s everything. This is so scary right now. – It’s not real. You’re not going
to get tattooed. – [Adam] A little birthday
prank for Jillian. You’re so evil, Milan. – This is all you, Adam. (all laugh) – Is it all me? – It’s all you. – [Zecko] War is about to start. (Zecko and Milan laugh) – This guy even
brought the razor? – [Milan] I know! – [Zecko] Everything. – [Adam] You are too
excited for this. – You know why? Because the other day– – Hold on, show them your hand. – [Milan] That’s sick. – Did it partly myself. Most of it myself. Most all of it myself. – [Adam] Oh, the tripod. – Oh, or, like, even put
it through that glass so that she won’t,
like, directly. – Oh yeah. – [Adam] We should put a
tattoo on Zayn’s eye right here A teardrop. – Come on, let’s
get him a teardrop. A little Carter III…. – He doesn’t need any. He’s got permanent tears
all the time if he’s being put down. – [Adam] So, after the
prank, are we, like, actually giving her something? Like you got a card here? – Yeah, I got her a card. I got the wrong envelope, so
the envelope is not closing. – [Adam] That
looks real already, – [Milan] I know. – Oh wow. – Where is she? She said she was on her
way seven minutes ago. (LaToya and Milan laugh) (tattoo needle buzzes loudly) – Hey, hey Auntie Jillian. – [Jillian] Hi. – Okay, so I have
something to tell you. (Milan fakes pain) Okay, but listen. So earlier, Milan got a tattoo. And the man messed it up, – Wait, wait, wait. – So the tattoo
artist messed it up, so I told Zecko to come
over to help fix it. – Wait, wait, wait – And since its your birthday,
so you won’t be as mad. – You are an idiot. – Don’t touch it. – Milan, you’re
the biggest fool. You are getting a– – It’s of your name. It was for your birthday. – Of my name? Don’t do me no favors. I hope that LaToya, that
you have an extra piece of something for her
to sleep on tonight. Milan, you think that
just because your 17, that you’re grown and that
you can just get a tattoo? – It’s of your name. – I don’t care, my
name ain’t Jillian. – [LaToya] Listen. – And Zecko. Wait, hold on, hold on. You’re vlogging this? – I know, because, listen. And Miles should be
getting in trouble too, because Miles is the one
who signed the papers. – Miles signed the papers? – Yeah. – Alright, well I’ll make
him get out of my house since all y’all are big
enough to sign papers, and do whatever. And Zecko. – [LaToya] He’s helping her. – No, there’s just no way. Look what… Give me that shit. – No, no, no – Give it to me. – Careful, it’s sterile. – You know what? You’re scare of needles. (Milan yells) – Zecko, let her go. Go on, show your
father the tattoo, And your a fool,
LaToya, for allowing. – I’m trying to help Milan. The man freaking messed it up – I don’t care. This is going to affect you
for the rest of your life. – Don’t touch it. – Since when are you
not afraid of needles? (tattoo needle buzzes) Alright, I’m done. You do what you want. It’s your life, just
don’t come home. – Okay, we’re pranking you. (LaToya laughs) – You’re not. I swear to God. At first I thought,
is this a prank? – It isn’t, it’s real. – I know she’s
afraid of needles. – You didn’t hear
her making noise? – Just a little birthday
prank to scare you. – You’re an idiot. She was about to sleep
right here in the corner, and you were almost
gonna get a kick. – But it’s real. – But it’s real. – Do you want one? – You’re a great
artist, so I was like, “Milan is so gullible.” – [Jillian] I didn’t
know she’d be so dumb. – [LaToya] Did we get your mom? Did we get her? – I think so. I think we got her. – I know that when
I heard the needles. You won’t even go
for a blood test. – So if you know, then
why were you freaking out? If you know? – At first I thought, let
me see what she’s doing, because you know what they say. But… – People are always like,
“I knew it, I knew it.” – You still think
its fake, right? – I know it’s fake. – Oh, okay. (needle continues buzzing) – Oh my god, could
you, like, not actually tattoo my cousin, before
I punch you in the face? No, but for real, Happy
Birthday from all of us. – Aw, thank you. I should know to say thank you. I should hit her upside
the head with this. – The card is so big it can’t
even fit into the envelope. I got the wrong envelope. – She does that all the time. You always get the wrong one. – [LaToya] Thank you so much
for watching today’s vlog Hunty’s and Huncles. Don’t forget to subscribe,
and I’ll see y’all on Monday. Hey! ♪ No it doesn’t really matter ♪ Matter no no ♪ No it doesn’t really matter ♪ Not it doesn’t really matter ♪ It doesn’t really matter ♪ No it doesn’t really matter no ♪ No it doesn’t really matter ♪ No it doesn’t really matter ♪ It doesn’t really matter no ♪ No it doesn’t
really matter no no ♪ It doesn’t really ♪ No no no no no no no no ♪ No it doesn’t really matter no ♪ No it doesn’t really matter no ♪ It doesn’t really matter no ♪ Walk away yeah yeah ♪

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