Sunskin Stilo Tattoo Machine | Review, Setup & Unboxing

Sunskin Stilo Tattoo Machine | Review, Setup & Unboxing

Hey guys,
Liam from Killer Ink here and today I’m going to be showing you
the Sunskin Stilo. The Sunskin Stilo is a high-quality, all-round tattoo pen
that can be used for lining, shading and colour packing. So let’s see what it has to offer… As you can see, the Stilo comes with
a 1.9 meter-long angled RCA cord and three interchangeable,
autoclavable grips: two aluminium and one steel. The grips have different sizes and shapes which allows you to choose one
that best suits your tattooing style. The machine itself is made
from a solid aluminium alloy keeping the weight down to just 130 grams. The titanium mechanism within in combination with the 6.3 Watt
German-made motor gives you plenty of power and a
nice and soft, yet accurate, hit. This rotary is compatible with
all major cartridge brands and offers needle depth adjustment up to 4.3 millimetres. The pen also has a 4 millimetre stroke length
and is great for a range of tattooing styles whether it be lining, shading
or colour packing. Sunskin’s Stilo pen is a very comfortable
machine to work with thanks to its little vibration
and silent operation. We recommend you to run your machine between
5 and 13 volts for optimal performance. Made in Italy, the Sunskin Stilo
is a brilliant pen-style rotary from a company that has over 20 years’ experience
in the manufacture of high-quality tattoo machines. This machine is available in two colours: Satin Grey and Pearly Pink You can order yours from Killer Ink
via the link in the description below. So what do you think of the Sunskin Stilo? Will you be trying out this
pen-style tattoo machine? Let us know in the comments below hit that like button and don’t forget to subscribe
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3 thoughts on “Sunskin Stilo Tattoo Machine | Review, Setup & Unboxing

  1. For one people are taking it way to far just saying I got the Spectrum Zion i have a Cheyenne hawk pen and then I got a hummingbird bronc V7 and in my opinion the hummingbird bronc V7 is the same tattoo machine in my opinion but the V7 hits harder and lines better then both of the Spectrum Zion and the Cheyenne hawk pen just saying it's a waste of money I mean I keep it real the bronc V7 has a swiss motor and cost 230$ and it's my go to tattoo machine… I own my own shop black river tattoo I have been tattooing for about 15 years off and on now I no the game man I ain't no hater at all I just see a lot of bullshit in the tattoo industry I am gonna keep it real I will not ever order a USA tattoo equipment no more waste of money when China sells the same if not better just my opinion I have a critical power supply went to the bronc and again feels better to me and you no as well as anyone China makes are TVs are cell phones and all the parts for our cars that are supposedly made in the USA you no they can definitely make a good power supply just say keeping it real people think that a 800$ tattoo pen is going to make them tattoo better bullshit I have a dragon halk mask and I can put some nice work down man and it was 60 dollars just a lot of bullshit in the tattoo game I love me some good ink like silverback eternal star bright I like bloodline is one of my favorites in the colors my opinion but ya sorry for this being so long I just keep it real man is all like the wand from bishop bullshit I used it they all are the same and dose the same job at the end of the day. and I can guarantee your gonna say well it will last longer it will make the job easier that's bullshit and you no it just like I do its about money man and that's messed up like I said and tell people order good stuff not theys kits for 40 bullshit ink shit I did that 15 years ago when I came home from prison and I didn't no no better but hummingbird bronc ther equipment machines respect to that company they care about their customers and they make the best in my opinion check them out for your self man…

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