Sunskin Primus Tattoo Machines | Special Hybrid, Solid, One, Easy | Review, Setup & Unboxing

Hey guys,
it’s Liam from Killer Ink and today I’m going to be showing you the
range of Primus machines from Sunskin. Under its Primus moniker, Sunskin offers
four high-quality rotary machines: Special Hybrid, One, Solid and Easy. So let’s take a look at
what each has to offer… Up first is the Sunskin Primus Special Hybrid. This is a rotary machine that has been designed to perform faster and easier lining, colouring and shading without the need for adjustment,
thanks to its particular softness. The Primus Special Hybrid has been developed
around Sunskin’s patented TI FLEX system which features a motion transmission
made entirely of titanium. The system is comprised of a jointed lever
with two ball bearings and integrated with a special
rubberised connecting rod which requires no lubrication or maintenance. Powering the Sunskin Primus Special Hybrid
is a German-made 4.5 Watt motor. It also features a clip cord connection
and offers a 3.6 mm stroke length and give between 0.5 and 1.5 millimetres. Up next is the Sunskin Primus One which is a well-balanced and
lightweight rotary machine that is perfect for fast and easy execution
of lines, shading, and solid colours. At the heart of the Primus One is the same
high-quality German-made 4.5 Watt motor that helps the rotary run quiet and
with little vibration, even at high speeds. The machine also requires no maintenance of any kind
and offers a 3.4 mm stroke length. Unlike the Special Hybrid, the Primus One comes
equipped with both clip cord and RCA connections offering more choice in terms of
what cables you use with the machine. Following on from the One model
is the Sunskin Primus Solid. The Primus Solid is another well-balanced
and lightweight rotary from Sunskin although this machine is particularly suited
to fast and easy colour packing thanks to a German-made 9 Watt motor within which is the most powerful in the Primus range. As with the Primus One, the Solid version
has both clip cord and RCA connections along with a longer 3.8 mm stroke length. Last but not least is the Sunskin Primus Easy which is ideal for lining,
shading and colour packing. Thanks to Sunskin simplifying the
production and finishing of the rotary the Easy was able to enter the company’s
Primus series at a lower price point. The Sunskin Primus Easy is powered by the same
4.5 Watt, German-made motor as the Primus One rotary and offers a similar 3.4 mm stroke length. It also comes equipped with both
clip cord and RCA connections and features a frame that is built
from a single block of brass. Thanks to demanding and accurate
resistance testing by Sunskin all Primus models guarantee
high reliability and longevity. In addition, every Sunskin Primus tattoo machine is
compatible with cartridge grips from all major brands as well as grips with a backstem
for standard tattoo needles. Both the Sunskin Primus Special Hybrid and
Primus One rotaries are available in two colours: Aluminium Black and Black Brass while the Primus Solid comes in Aluminium Black and the Primus Easy in Brass. All are available to order from Killer Ink
via the link in the description below. So now that you’ve seen the
Sunskin Primus machine range what do you think? Which one will you be picking up? Let us know in the comments below hit that like button and don’t forget
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