– What’s up, crazies? It’s your girl LaToya Forever back at it with another story time video. Y’all love my story times, so I’m gonna keep giving it to ya. (grunting)
(laughing) Anyways, in today’s story time, I’m gonna tell you a story about
when I got my first tattoo. Yes, honey, I have two tattoos. I’m tatted up, so I’m not gonna
tell you about number two. I’m gonna tell you about number one. Okay, Boo Boo? Anyways, let me go ahead and
give you a brief description of 18 year old LaToya Forever, so you can envision in your
minds, okay, how ghetto she was. Ghetto and ratchet, okay? And insecure, and stupid, and dumb, and just over the top dramatic bish. That was me then, and it still is me now. Y’all, I was so stupid that
I would go tanning, okay? Every time I walked up
into the tanning salon, the white girls would look at me like, “Oh my God, like what is she doing here? “Like is that a black girl
or is she like real tan? “I didn’t know that black girls tan. “Is that like a new thing like
where black girls go tanning? “And why is she in here? “Like, oh my God! (giggles)
(gasps) “Oh my God, she walking here. “She gonna kick your ass!” “Girl, I can hear you.” And every time I would
walk up in that salon, I would have to explain myself, “Look here, Caucasian ladies,
I know I’m black okay? “I know I’m glowed up. “I know my melanin is poppin’, okay? “I know, but the thing about it is, “I have dark marks on my legs. “I look like the 104th dalmatian. “I have polka dots all over my legs, “and I came to this conclusion right? “The darker I get, will make
my dark marks less visible.” “Oh my God, that’s the
smartest thing ever.” (chuckling) “You, black girl, are
so (squeaking) smart. “Go right ahead. “Bed number two.”
(chuckles) Yes y’all, I had scars,
for days, on my legs. Dark marks, okay? I don’t know if it’s a LaToya
thing, or a black thing, but I feel like whenever
I scar or get a bruise, it takes 28 flippin thousand
years to disappear, Boo. Can I live my life? I’m not kidding you all. Four months ago, I got burned and why? Why? Why is it still visible? You know, I use Bio oil,
I use fading creams, and stuff, and it’s still there, you know? Looks like big dirty mole
with hair growing out of it. Like, it just won’t go away. It’s gotten to the point
where I call her Crispy. This is Crispy here, okay? That’s her name. Crispy. The marks. The marks? The marks? Thumbs up if you have that same issue. Black girl problems. You know what? I have tried everything
underneath the sun. I might have went to Home Depot and asked the paint department
if they had a solution to my problem. “You know what bitch, do
you have permanent paint “you can paint me? “You know, one color of melanin shit, “because my dark marks are bad.” Anyways, it got to the point where I took my mom’s credit card, and started ordering a bunch
of things from the internet. Fading creams, more tanning lotions, you know, bleaching creams from Jamaica. (singing in Jamaican) Nothing worked. Nothing worked for your girl. You guys, I thought I was the
ugliest person in the world. These stupid yellow legs
with these black marks on it. I just could not deal! Anyways you guys, there were five scars
that I absolutely hated on the side of my leg, and one day I decided to Google, “How the hell do I remove scars?” And I came across a forum of girls that covered up their scars
getting tattoos y’all. They were getting tatted
up to cover up their scars! Yes Lawd! And I was like yes bish. I’m trying to get tatted up my damn self, and cover up these ugly ass scars Boo. One girl was like, “Yes girl,
I got my appendix removed. “I got a tattoo of Jesus,
because What Would Jesus Do? “You know what I’m saying?” Another girl had a tat of Hello Kitty because she loved pussy cats.
(chuckles) Another girl had a tattoo
of Connect the Dots. She connected the dots of her scars. Like, I thought that was so clever. That was some…You know,
girl you are clever. If you are watching this, girl you clever. Yo that tattoo was lit! After reading all of the
girls stories in the forum, I sat at the computer, and I’m like, ” Yo, I need a tat bro. “I need a tat that has meaning, you know.” I just don’t want to get
something on my skin, and have it there for the rest of my life. I need a tat that has
some kind of meaning. You know what I’m sayin? Hmm. Yo, I should get a
tattoo of a heart, right, with my mama’s name right in the middle. Because she carried me in
her stomach for nine months at 16 years old. She didn’t have to do that for me. Oh my God, I love my mama so much. Shoot! Hold up, I got it. I should do the Connect the Dot idea, but instead of doing lines, I should do ramen noodles because I love me some chicken
ramen noodles, you know. I grew up in the hood. We didn’t have no money. You know what I’m sayin’. Ramen noodles was life. I had ramen noodles, ramen noodles was everyday
for dinner for me. You know what I’m sayin’? Y’all! I got it! I’m gonna put a deep quote on my leg. (gasps)
“You only live once.” Yo, that’s deep! “YOLO.” ♪ Now she want a photo ♪ ♪ You only live once, that’s
the motto nigga YOLO ♪ ♪ We ’bout it everyday, everyday ♪ Yo, I wonder if that entire
song can fit on my leg. No I can’t do that. It finally hit me, six
months later of sitting in that computer chair. Literally you guys, I
didn’t move, for six months trying to come up with the idea. Okay, I’m slow, okay. (gasps)
It hit me! No but for real, it hit me. I was with my cousins
Anna, Addy, and Sasha. We were chillin, and my cousin Addy, she always rocked this gold
chain with a cross on it, and I was like, “Yo I got it! “I got it. “I’m gonna get a cross on my leg. “Oh my God, I got it.” They were like, “Why are you
gonna get a cross LaToya?” I said, ” I’m gonna get a cross
for my great-grandfather.” So our great-grandfather, he passed away around the time I thought of the idea, and I’m like, “Yo, I’m gonna
get a tattoo of a cross “to remember my great-grandfather by,” and they’re like, “Latoya,
that’s an amazing idea.” Me and my great-grandfather,
we were so close. Like, I would chill on the
couch at my grandparents house because they took care of
my great-grandfather, Chalo, while he was getting old. He was 99. He lived a long, healthy life. And I would listen to all
his stories about Trinidad, and the Nylon Pool, and you know, him being a police officer. Like, I know all of his stories because he would share them with me. The same story, about the
same time, in the same seat, every single day, so yeah. Anyways I thought, why not get, I’m getting emotional.
(chuckles) And then I was like,
yo, why not get a cross to remember my great-grandfather, Chalo, which is my dad’s, mom’s, father. Yes.
(claps) Rest in peace Chalo. You are missed. I love you. Anyways that same day, my cousins and I, we head downtown Toronto,
to the tattoo parlor, to get your girl tatted up. I walk in like I was, “What’s game everybody? “You know what I’m sayin’?” My cousins were like, “What
is wrong with this girl?” I’m like.
(claps) I’m excited about life. I love life. And then Anna was like, “Oh my God, I think she had a shot.” And then my cousin was like, “Oh my God, LaToya, did you drink?” I’m like, “Girl, don’t tell nobody!” Walk in and this
grizzly-bear looking dude, he had like hair all over
his face, head sweat. I called him Grizzly Bear
with tattoos all over his face and body, like, “Damn
homie, what the hell? “What you been through? “Why you have tattoos
on your damn face, shit. “What the hell is wrong with you cuz? “You’ve been through it. “You got– “Oh God, you got a teardrop on that shit? “Oh my God, you killed somebody? “Oh my God!” So Grizzly Bear was like,
“How can I help you?” And I was like, “Yeah I want a tattoo.” He’s like, “Okay of what?” And I was like, “I want
a cross tattoo on my leg “to remember my great- grandfather by.” – “Oh for (squeaks) sakes. “This is my seventh (squeaks)
cross tattoo of the day. (squeaks) “Sit Down. “Sit Down” “Oh my God, your seventh? “Oh my Gosh, I wonder if I
should get ‘Seven Heaven’ “underneath the cross because
seven is my favorite number, “my birthday is on February 7th. “I mean, seven, come on.” He was like, “Sit down.” I sat down, and I was
waiting for Grizzly Man. I call him Grizzly Man
because I forget his name. I forgot it, okay? I don’t know the damn name. All I remember is, he was big and hairy, and he had Bugs Bunny on his damn face. I asked him, I was like, “Oh
my God, is that Bugs Bunny?” And he was like, “I love Bugs Bunny.” (laughing) Weirdo! I was sitting down in the
chair, and I was like, “Okay, listen here Grizzly Man. “So you see these five scars on my legs? “I need the cross to be big enough “to cover up all of my scars.” And he was like, “You want
a freakin’, big ol’ tattoo “to cover up those itty bitty, “little ass scars of yours?” I was like, “Hell yeah, YOLO! “Yo! “YOLO! “Yo I should get YOLO on my other leg!” He was like, “How about you get YOLO “on your freakin’ forehead. “You need to cover that up.
(laughing) “Big ass forehead” “But you’ve got Bugs Bunny on your face.” “Oh I love Bugs Bunny!” So anyways, Grizzly Bear, he-
(laughing) He finished the sketch. Now the cross was big, because
my scars were spaced out, as I said, but it was a
beautiful sketch of the cross. I absolutely loved it. My cousins loved it. It was a cross with a
rose wrapped around it. It was breathtaking, at the time. You know what I’m saying? I loved it at the time. He was like, “Alright, it’s
time to tat you up now. “Alright, give me your leg.” He pulled my leg, and then
he started like stabbing me with a freakin’ pin, okay? Just imagine someone
stabbing you with a needle in the same spot about
100 times, just over. It hurt like a bitch. Like, can I get a break please? What the heck is wrong with you, taking all your anger out on me? Shit. With your Bugs Bunny on your face. It took him about 30 minutes
to complete my tattoo. It felt like 10 hours,
you know what I’m saying, stabbing me in the damn leg. That shit hurt. You know what I’m saying? It hurt. I know y’all been dying like, “Girl, where is your damn tattoo? “Can we see your tattoo?” I mean listen, if you die waiting, I can get your face right
here, to cover up this scar. Just kidding! Anyways, this is my tattoo. Can you see it? Why do I have dust on me bro? Alright, there’s my tattoo. I don’t know if you guys can see it. But you see, there’s the cross there. With the rose wrapped around the cross, for my great-grandfather, Chalo. Rest in peace. I shaved my legs for this video you guys, well, one of them. The tattoo is massive. It’s huge, and I actually
thought about getting it removed, but the main, okay, the second main
reason why I got the tattoo was for my great-grandfather,
who passed away. I’m feeling too bad getting it removed. My great-grandfather is
probably up in Heaven laughing at the tattoo with all
of his angel homies like. (chuckles) Like, “Yo bro, bro, bro. “That’s your great-grand niece yo.” “Yo, she aint mine. “I don’t claim her. “Trust me, I don’t claim her. “I do not claim her. “She crazy, okay? “She is crazy. “Yeah, she crazy.” And you know what’s funny? My second tattoo isn’t any better. I got my birthday in a, Ramen noodles.
(laughter) I was gonna say–
(laughter) I got my birthday in roman
numerals on my shoulder. Like, as if, I would forget my birthday. (laughing)
Like what was I thinking? But it is cute. I like this tattoo This tattoo is real cute girl. Comment below if you have a tattoo, and if you do, what is it? Tell me your story. What is the meaning behind it? And if you don’t have a
tattoo, but you want one, let us know what you want girl. Have a wonderful time in the world. Love you, and I’ll see
you in the next video! Bye!
(kisses) ♪ We should get a little closer ♪ ♪ How many times do I got to say ♪ ♪ How many times ♪ ♪ How many times ♪ ♪ We should get a little closer ♪ ♪ Let’s use all the time
that we have here today ♪ ♪ Baby, I want all of you ♪


  1. Latoya your so funny and pretty I love you and channel keep up the great work! β€οΈπŸ’•πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’›

  2. Have you tried 100% cocoa butter for scars/dark spots? It works like a charm for me. I put it on before I go to bed for about one month and the scar completely disappears. At least you don't keloid tho. Some black ppl keloid w/ the slightest injury.

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  5. I'm white and when I get scars they turn white but when you get scars because you're black it gets Blacker mine got whiter

  6. I have one that says "stay strong" on the inside of my arm for my mental health/just life's battles, and I also have one on my ribcage that says "in order to be irreplaceable one must always be different" for my grandpa because he always taught me to love myself no matter how different i am

  7. I want a lot of tattoos but the top five I want is a quote on my neck, a wolf on my back, a clock on my thigh, a heartbeat on my wrist, and a moon with roses on my other wrist

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    #Caribbean girls where ya atttttt

  9. I have scars on my legs and they faded but then I got more mosquito bites and now my legs are scarred up but I learn to love them so now I wear dresses with black tights or without it’s because my gay friend has them too so laytoya you embrace your scars girl that’s what makes you unique

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  13. My tattoo is a scripture "pray continuously." The "t" is a cross and there are flowers beside it. I usually stray away from praying so that why I got it to remind e in good and tough times. It helped me in a situation when I wasn't going to ask for help but I looked at that tattoo and I did

  14. If u want to get rid of black marks or bruises use vaseline and if that doesn't work that means.something ain't right with u

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  17. i got my first tattoo when i first turned 14 three days after my birthday now like my sisters my brothers my mom my aunts my uncles my cousins alllll got tattoos so around the age of 10 or 9 i wanted a tattoo cuh everyone around me had tattoos but at the time i thought of the idea i was not at a legal age to get it so i waited and waited and i turned 14 on september 19th four days after my birthday i ended up gettinΒ my dads name on my right wrist in honor of him because he got killed when i was 2 years old so i got his name for my first tattoo even though it is not done completely i still love it like crazy people said i will regret it but i will NEVER regret this tattoo im going to be turning 15 in september and im planning on getting five more 2 months into the school year eeeeek im so excited

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