Stonework: Testing Dimension – Elimination Tattoo | Ink Master: Return of the Masters (Season 10)

Stonework: Testing Dimension – Elimination Tattoo | Ink Master: Return of the Masters (Season 10)

– Okay, artists,
you have six hours to create a stonework tattoo, and your time begins now. – Nice.
– Let’s do it. – Hi, guys.– For this elimination tattoo,
we’re testing dimension,
and all the artists have to
create stonework tattoos. – Gonna be dope. – Think that’ll be fine?
– Yeah. – Biggest thing
in this challenge is showing a lot of different
textures, cracks, beveled edges, and to make
things really jump out and look dimensional
on a 2D surface. – This is pretty important.
I would make a new stencil. – Yeah.♪ ♪– All right. – All right, you ready?
– Yep. [machinery buzzing] – Very, very light
with the shade. – Yeah, I’m going real light
on the face. – Super light.
I mean super light.– The thing that worries me
the most is,
I did this tattoo small
to be able to finish it,but I’m not sure
how to add all the details
and not make it muddy. – You just got to remember
there’s a lot going on. I just want to be able to
read it from across the room. – Okay.♪ ♪– Just never stops.I’m so frustrated right now.I regressed in my tattooing.
I can see it.All of a sudden,
I can’t even draw
what should be something
simple to me.
You have to get
every shadow right. Those dots can kill you.
– Yeah.– I’m focused on
where I’m not.
Missing my kids
and missing my wife
just puts me in a place where my head isn’t
where it’s supposed to be.♪ ♪– Four more hours to go. Just flow with it, bro. Just,
here. Give me some cracks over here. Thin line, thin line.
Just follow the fabric. – All right. Okay.♪ ♪– How’s it going, bro? – I’m just putting blacks
on here. – Yeah.
Then you’re good.– Well, Steve,
you tried to fire again.
It’s like you’re shooting
that gun drunk.
You can’t hit
any of your targets.Your team is crumbling.– [speaks indistinctly]– Roly’s stencil–
this thing’s eyes
are so far off,
it can see its own ears. What do you think of
these eyes?♪ ♪– Really?
Is that really happening? – It’s happening,
unless his coach notices.♪ ♪– So Roly’s is very scratchy. – I know.
Its eyes are [bleep]. – No they’re not.
– Yeah, they are. – They’re, like…
[whistles] Like chameleon eyes.♪ ♪– [groans]
– What happened? – You hit a spot
that was sensitive. [groans] – My canvas
is in a ton of pain. She’s moaning. – [moans] – She’s groaning.
– [groans] – Does that help?
– Yeah. – Really?
– Yeah.– This is making me
a little bit nervous,
’cause I really need to win
tattoo of the day with this. – [groans] – I’ve gotten tattoo of the day in the best competitions
in the world,and here, I haven’t won
anything yet.
I know I am the strongest
competitor here,
and it’s about time I show it.♪ ♪– Don’t forget your
light source, Daniel. – I’m not.Even though I’m inexperienced,I’m not used to somebody
telling me how to tattoo. – Look at how much–
how much shading you’re doing. – Was I not supposed to be
shading at all at the bottom? – Not, like, stripes,
you know what I mean? – That one’s
gonna be like a sticker. I was a troublemaker
through high school. And I was selling drugs
throughout the whole thing.When I was 19, I got caught.After I got out of jail,I had no one to rely on,
and I had to rely on myself. – This is underneath, right?
– Yeah. – So that needs to be darker,
but don’t overdo it.– This is something
I’ve never done.
This statue
is an iconic image.
If I drop the ball
on how intense this thing is, I’m gonna go home.♪ ♪– Two hours to go, guys. Two more hours.♪ ♪– That looks good, bro. Then during critique, they’re
just gonna [bleep] all over it, but right now, it looks good. – I’m really not happy
with Team Steve right now.They gave me a [bleep]
Mayan calendar.
– You don’t want to do
the whole Mayan calendar? – Not the whole Mayan calendar.
What she asked for.There’s a lot of heat
on Team DJ,
but knowing that they probably
can’t get to Josh,everyone shifted their aim
to me and Deanna.
I have no choice but to fight. – You’re a painter,
so put tattooing aside for a little bit, and use your
tools, and just make fun stuff. – All right.I’ve escaped gang violence.I’ve lost loved ones
repeatedly.None of that has stopped me,and I don’t believe that
anything can or ever will.♪ ♪– I put a bunch of black.
It keeps popping it out. – [sighs]– My canvas’s skin
is fire engine red.
The more we work on it,
the less I can see. – Because of that redness, you’re gonna lose those eyes,
man, a lot.– The redder the skin,
the more blood to the surface.
Grays are really thin,
so if my gray goes inand the blood
is pushing it out,
then I really have no structure
or depth to my tattoo. I got to still
tighten up in here. This does not look like stone.I am panicked in my head.♪ ♪– Five, four, three, two, one. That’s it.
Machines down. Time is up. No more ink. – All right, lady,
you ready to check it out? – Yeah.
– All right, man. And we are done.
– Excellent.♪ ♪– Oh, man, that’s [bleep] sick.
Thank you. – Oh, yeah. That is awesome. I really like it a lot. – How did yours went?
I didn’t see it. – [sighs]
It was definitely… Bit off a little bit more
than I should. – Really? – I put the whole background
on my tattoo in, like, 15 minutes. – Anthony seemed to have it
way worse than we got hit. – Really? – I think that Steve realized that some of his guys
might not be as strong, and a better bet is to take out
Anthony’s people.Could get interesting.

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  1. Daniel is a typically a good artist and I'm glad he turned his life around, but I still want to punch him in the face.

  2. Why are your Videos always so short?
    Would appreciate it if you´d include f.e. who won etc. 10minutes shouldn´t be that hard to reach

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