Spit Shading Alternative Tattoo flash Tutorial

Spit Shading Alternative Tattoo flash Tutorial

In this video I am going to show you a nice alternative to spit shading using a water brush pen. There are many different brands you can purchase with different size tips. The one I am currently using is made by Derwent, size 2 medium. I will add a link to the description down below where you can purchase it. You simply fill the handle with water and screw the top on. Then the water is absorbed through the brush bristles on the cap. You can use it the exactly same way as you would use a water brush for spit shading. I can imagine a lot of people might prefer this technique because you don’t have to put a paint brush in your mouth. And you might actually find this technique easier. This pen works really good with watercolour inks. You can either wet the area first before adding the ink or put the ink down then fade it out using the brush pen. If you find you need me water on the brush give the handle a slight squeeze. This adds more water to the bristles. If you find the brush has picked up some ink you can use a paper towel to clean it off. Also give the brush a little squeeze whilst doing it. Try and not let to much ink build up on the brush otherwise it will start leaving a faint tone of colour when you are trying to use it and will make it a lot more difficult when you are trying to get clean fades. If you found this video helpful why not share it with a friend and subscribe to see more video like this.

19 thoughts on “Spit Shading Alternative Tattoo flash Tutorial

  1. Your videos have always been a great help man!! Glad I bought some work from you as well!! I need to actually get into painting more, I stick to dotwork at the moment.

    If I email you, would you possibly be interested in doing a split piece of work?!


  2. hi,
    i want to try this tattoo drawing stuff and i have a question..
    the drawing itself, ( what you are coloring in ) wich type is this, also drawn with watercolor or ..?
    because when you fill it in ( like with red ) it doesn't fade, so i doubt it if it's watercolor..

  3. hello,
    i want to start with drawing tattoo's
    can you say what i need , wich tools to draw with ?

  4. HI
    Could you recommend what kind the watercolor paper is better for waterbrush?

    I have tried Arches and .CANSON CA GRAIN. I prefer Arches because that is more colorful.

    Do you have any idea about the watercolor paper

  5. Thank you so much for this video! I am just starting and had tremendous difficulties in coloring my flash sheet. I am def gonna try this!

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