Sons Prank Parents With Tattoos

Sons Prank Parents With Tattoos

– My name is Sebastian Gonzalez and I’m gonna be surprising
my mom with a tattoo. – Honestly, we could get any number of reactions from my family. – Something about
tattoos just speak to me. It’s dope, but they
wouldn’t let me get one so. – None of my family has
ever gotten a tattoo. – I don’t think my mom
is gonna be too happy. – I ended up choosing a
Koi fish, just because it fits in with the whole
zen vibe of my family. – I’ll be getting a dragon tattoo. My mom’s pretty smart but
also I really dig dragons. – A little bit nervous
but at the same time, I think this is gonna be great. – He was such a good kid. He just was always very, just listen. (laughs) – Very proud of you. You know, I just. – Thanks ma. I’d never wanna do anything that would take away from that
pride that you have in me. – Well I want to give him his space, but I would hope that
he was honest with me. – Yeah. – Do you remember when I was
like talking to the two of you about Tom’s birthday, like
the weekend before last? – Yes. – And I got a little bit
heavily under the influence. Well, there’s like one other thing I ended up doing that night. – (sighs) The real reason why I brought you here wasn’t for really any of this. – What? – Just. – You’re (bleep) me. Sebastian. When did you get that? – I got it like a couple of weeks ago. – You’re dad is gonna kill you, dude. – No ma, no. – Alright so. – Oh my gosh! It’s beautiful. – I got a Koi fish. – Was it painful? – I don’t really remember. – No, well good. – I wanted a tattoo and you
said you like personal space. I do what I want. – What is it? – It’s like a dragon with
smokes and stuff like that. – It looks like scribbles to me Sebastian. – Come on mom now you’re just being mean. – Oh my God. – I love the Koi fish.
It’s kind of tied in with Papa Ross, my dad. He had a beautiful Koi pond. And who actually had a heart attack right next to his Koi pond. And it was the most
peaceful way for him to go. It was a blessing. – Do you even know, like
when you got the tattoo, like what does it mean to you? – It means strength, resilience, and that I really like
Lord of the Rings so yeah. – I don’t know why I thought, you know, that you had gotten in
trouble with the law or you decided to go sleep with a hooker. And I was like oh no. So a tattoo is mild. – Oh ok. – I’ve gone through this with him before. I got a tattoo when I was 18, but now I’m 44 years old. I wanna get it off. I’m disappointed. At
least talk to me about it. – (sighs) – And especially that color. – (laughs) wow mom. – I’ve considered tattoos myself. – What would you get for a tattoo? – Maybe an octopus. Thank God it wasn’t a prostitute. – Oh more? Like what else can you tell me? – (sighs) – Oh great. – Calm down. Alright, the tattoo’s fake mom. – (laughs) Let me see. – The tattoo’s fake mom, like you can scrape it off just barely. – (laughs) Thank God you didn’t get it. – I just want to give you
one last look of the tattoo. – Yes. – Cause it’s actually gonna wash off. (laughs) It’s not a real tattoo. – Really? – You don’t understand how
much it was gonna cost us to get that lasered off. – Who said I was gonna get it lasered off? – I’m shaking I’m so happy! (laughs) – It’s a beautiful tattoo though. – You didn’t want to go for something a little more masculine? – (laughs) – I want to give you
your personal space, but like something like that is big. Tagging yourself and doing
that is not what makes you. You is what makes you. – Don’t get an octopus tattoo. Cause I think the octopus
would be a little. – Scary? – Scary.

100 thoughts on “Sons Prank Parents With Tattoos

  1. The guy that has the white mom looks like the type of mom that would tell his son to have sex with his sister's

  2. I decided to do an inkbox tattoo because I am not ready to commit… plus I don't think my parents would very much like it

  3. Sebastian mom• what does it mean to you?
    Sebastian•it means strength,resilience, and that i really like Lord of the Rings

    Bro i’m doneee😂

  4. If I did that my mom would beat me with a wooden board and yell, YOU ARE A HORRIBLE DISGRACE TO OUR FAMILY

  5. She said her dad had a heart attach by a koi pond then she said it was a peaceful way today for him 😐😐😂😂🤣🤣

  6. Im thankful my mom doesnt mind my tattoos she always asks do you like it and i say yes cuz all my tattoos have meaning and she says thats all that matters only place she will not allow me to tattoo is my face (which i dont want to) recently started my hands and i showed her she didnt even bat an eye just said thats cool make sure you take care of it

  7. What they should've done is put a giant tattoo in the middle of their foreheads, that would've really caused a reaction.

  8. Loll they should do one where they tell their parents that the tattoo is fake but it is actually real 😂

  9. He's mother is saying it's beatuful and hits him on his back that means on thing he's getting he's ass wiped

  10. The mum who was so against a tattoo and was worried about how they were going to have their sons tattoo laserred off….wtf…its his body not theirs…pathetic parents…..but the fish mum was as she should be…understanding of what son wanted. GO COY MUM.

  11. I have a tatoo my mom said "anything to do with you body its up to you" so im thinking that she doesnt care if a get a tat but she really means idk what deodrent i put on xD p.s i have a shark tatoo

  12. Even if his tattoo was real and that mom was like "do you know how much it would cost us to get it lasered off?!" Well no- he paid for it! Like I understand but it's his body and he isn't a baby -.-.

  13. Its weird if an asian was disagree with tatto stuff..borneO,NZ,AUSTRALIA,JAPAN.china ,thailand was the people with tatto

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