someone copied my tattoo…

someone copied my tattoo…

Roll the intro Gave me Curtis connor Alright YouTube we’re doing it. Wow finally it was weird standing I’m usually sitting down for videos and it’s a lot more relaxed, but now I feel like feel like something. I’m ready for anything See? So, some things have happened and they have made me pretty upset And I wanted to discuss them because I am just worried it’s about tattoos in the past like two weeks I’ve had two separate people Get the exact same tattoo as me and that makes me pretty mad I don’t want to just make this video about like move on something that happened to me And I’m mad about I want to maybe like Explain this to people who maybe don’t understand like tattoos are really like personal like they’re a huge thing just do like they’re on your skin forever and Sometimes gives meaning like a whole lot, so when you see someone’s tattoo that you really like it’s theirs and they thought of it They want to be artists the artists drew it for them It went sat down for a few hours to get it done It paid the money for it and everything and then they see a photo of someone get the exact same thing It sucks. You know. It doesn’t make you feel very good usually obviously people aren’t doing it to be beamed They’re not like they don’t see at a theater like I’m going to steal that from that person and make the Very sad of course that’s not the tent but you kind of have to think How the person feels if they see that like that was someone got to think that same one of that? My fire first Tattoo, and that’s that’s alright. I guess it’s not as bad. I guess good That’s a popular song and it means a lot to a lot of people but it was like a week after I got mine, and I was like okay that um But the one that really like kind of pushed me to make this video. I’m not going to name the first thing you’d be like No I’m asking on the tattoo that was taken solon. Copy what everyone whatever word you want to use um someone copied that one It’s the exact same literally, it’s like they picked it off my skin and put it on their arm in the same exact spot and those people who know me that it sucks, especially that word and like I’m a Boy, he did hey, Dad anyways yeah with someone so that one it stuck especially because it’s like a it’s a funny thing and I I Make jokes you know that’s what I do That’s the only thing I have going for me so like there’s no more Just like coffee that it sucks because there’s two things. I hate more than anything someone’s stealing a Joke and someone’s stealing a tattoo and the person who did that did both of those things? Simultaneous, so this video is just going to be like oh heads up if you ever want to text you if you ever see someone Visits at dude you’re like that’s sick. I really want that one reach out to them be like hey Is it cool if I get to set do 7 times out of 10 will say yes because you asked them first? That’s cool and if there’s but if it’s someone like Justin Bieber um And you there’s no real way to ask them if you just don’t get the tattoo You ever see just have to band it out there um Hey Get out of here Curiously to text you bandit Stallman f off Alright, thanks for watching Don’t feel people tattoos like the video leave a comment. If you want subscribe do all that I can do stuff you know just youtube YouTube the Band you do You too should have a Youtube channel, but install it YouTube I Guess just be you do You to use do you do?

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  1. I got my first tattoo with my sister which had a lot of sentiment to it because she practically raised me and I was moving for school, so it meant a lot to have a piece of her with me. After sharing that I had gotten a tattoo a girl I went to high school with and I had a full conversation about the meaning and design, but a week later she copied the tattoo exactly. Placement aswell. She then proceeded to post about the tattoo that she had gotten, so when I saw her post, I called her out with screenshots of our conversation but she denied the entire thing saying it was her original idea along with the meaning. I was honestly livid and I just don’t see why people do this. Y’all please just don’t copy tattoos especially if you KNOW it has a sentimental value to it like ffs

  2. I got a large upper back piece of an elk and peonies, it represents my great grandma when I would visit her it was the first time I ever saw deer or an elk grazing in her yard. Some one I know got an elk and peonies on a different part of them a month after I got mine. I was actually heart broken. It didn't look like mine a lot but the hole concept was taken.

  3. No, this opinion is bullshit. People are free to get whatever tattooed on them, and being mad about it is overly self righteous and pretentious as well, honestly.

    If you feel less unique because somebody has the same ink on them as you, if you feel as if your tattoo has now lost it's meaning for you because you're no longer the only one with it, and/or if you find that it is your right to take ownership over an idea, and that that right trumps other peoples' freedom to express themselves, then I believe you need a re-evaluation of your values. Nobody is 'stealing' your tattoo, it still very much stays under your skin – get over yourself.

  4. I feel you there is this girl I know who copies everything I do and it's fucking the worse feeling

  5. HI Kurtis! I recently found a triangle tattoo on google and feel in love with it. I thought that because it was simply a triangle tattoo and a lot of people have it it wasn't stealing… is it tho?

  6. Wow shit I recently started watching Kurtis and just now I was getting into researching "cozykitsune" tattoo drama. Full circle.

  7. I read this title a whole year later and I was thinking they got the yeeyee tattoo lmao and I was like….?????

  8. you should watch treacle tatts vid on her tattoo being copied (I think it’s called ‘how to do tattoo inspiration’) and her tattoo copying FAQ because she talks about tattoo copying a lot!!!

  9. Your ridiculous man if someone likes it they can get it it’s not up to you if they get it or not u creep

  10. tbh it pisses me off more that the tattoo artist didn’t try and make a different design in tattoo “stealing” situations because to be a good tattoo artist the client could bring in a photo of a tattoo and they could elaborate on the design or change it slightly so it’s unique to the person. thats a true tattoo artist who knows how to tattoo and be original GGRR

  11. “Tattoos are really personal and are like a huge thing to do they’re on your skin forever” a year later gets a tattoo of yee yee on his thigh

  12. Holy crap. . this is important.
    that’s why forearm tattoos should really not be a consideration because that would just be embarrassing and I’d be personally hurt & offended knowing someone copied one of mine. Sorry you dealt w/ that

  13. You look like a really sleep deprived distant relative of both Shawn Mendes and Harry Styles

    Don’t get the wrong idea I’m all for it

  14. I understand what the deal is but at the same time, this is almost pointless. There's literally so many people that are tattoo collectors.
    It's not THAT big of a deal.

  15. Hello my guy just wanted to tell you the company ink box has the same arm tattoo that you have for sale just wanted to let you know ❤


  17. it’s not just disrespectful to the person that has that tattoo but also to the artist. They thought about it and designed it to fit the person they made it for. if you see a tattoo and you think it’s sick, go to your tattoo artist, tell them your idea and give them a reference picture, you’ll get something unique just for you and you won’t have to worry about hurting other people or artists 🙂

  18. I actually looooved the old intro like this. The little intro song was unique because no other YouTube really does that.

  19. I guess some people don't give a crap about being original … cause clearly you having the original on you doesn't bother them.

  20. I don’t get why people care so much. If someone finds joy and finds your design absolutely perfect for them and exactly what they envisioned – then why does it matter. ‘’Stealing tattoo’’ attitude is dumb – don’t post a close up (perfect reference photos) for ‘thieves’ to steal on social media – it’s literally in the thumbnail of your Tattoo talk video and probably on other social media’s if you have them.

  21. I just recently saw an Inkbox ad on Instagram where one of the people had the four arms/forearm tattoo and instantly thought of you. I dont know if it was you or someone else though because it didnt show the person's face, just their arm. Regardless, great videos and that my fave tattoo of yours

  22. I think sometimes (unfortunately) tattoo artists are searching for inspiration and find some really cool tattoos (a lot of times with personal meaning for the wearer) and then "sell" it as their original idea to the customer. And the customer maybe has no idea where the tattoo is actually from. Of course there are also people who come with the (stolen) idea to the tattoo artist. 🙂

  23. That's so weird especially because it's so specific. I've showed references when I got my first tattoo of what I was looking for but by no means they directly copied it, they sketched something up that fit me so it was meaningful to ME. 🙁

  24. I actually thought it's cool when someone gets your tattoo, it means they are inspired by you or simply findy our tattoos very cool and would like to have the same. Isn't that an idea?

  25. 12/10 times no one can get my tattoos lol people need to realize the difference between tattoo copying and tattoo inspiration. Srsly gets me, no art should essentially be stolen, let alone permanently unable to change it because someone took the uniqueness away from you. Glad you spoke out about it! Peeps needa know

  26. oh wow, i mean i’m fourteen and have never gotten any tattoo, but I didn’t know tattoo stealing was a thing.

  27. The studios in my city wont copy a picture of a tattoo if someone shows it to them and i think thats pretty cool

  28. So if I want the logo from a video game as a tattoo but someone else has it that means I can't have it too? I don't get it, I really want it but if someone else has it then that's bad? Please help

  29. I guess they wanted that Tat-too insert blaring ear piercing Kurtis has made a pun noise (you right tho…that sucks)

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