Small Brains & Goldfish Tattoo Face-Off | Grudge Match

Daddy’s home. – Hey-oh!
– Oh, there he is. He does not disappoint,
does he? – Was that an actual flag
that he just shrunk and– – Brilliant.
– Oh, here we go. – Jimmy Snaz. – Hey, what’s up, nature-scape? – Oh!– Ready to go head to head
with someone
with three years
of experience?
– I’m so terrified. – Dude, she’s still pissed.– Hope you’ve been practicing.– I know exactly what
I did wrong, whereas I’m not sure
if you knew even why you went down there,
or if you even admit that you should’ve been
down there. – I didn’t go home.
You did. – You said on my best day,
I couldn’t do a tattoo as good
as you did on that day. You’re right. I would do it
way better than that. Because what happened
on my best day? I beat all of you guys. – I didn’t realize she
was so feisty. – I’ve heard enough of it,
and just want to get in there. – Let’s get in there.
– Let’s go. – Ah, you got a lucky shot.
That’s it. – I got lucky? You got lucky.
You stayed. – I don’t know.
I wouldn’t call that luck. – Whoo, hey, guys. – What’s up, what’s up?
– Hey. – Got some baggage
brought with you. – Yeah, and Jimmy brought
his pants. – Well, the pants
don’t disappoint, first and foremost. – This is gonna be so fun. I’m trying not to take any
emotional attachments. I’m gonna leave my heart
out of this, and I’m gonna judge
the best tattoos possible. – I appreciate that, Cleen.
– I expect nothing less. – Whole different day,
whole different time. – Yeah, there’s no teams
anymore, guys. – No teams, no coaches. – Just me and you.
– Yeah. This needs to be squashed. We want to make the playing
field as even as possible. So we’re gonna give you guys
a 90-minute face-off tattoo where we determine
what it’s gonna be. – Great.
– Ah, sick. – But whoever wins
today’s face-off is going to have
an advantage, because that person
gets to choose either the style
or the subject of tomorrow’s six-hour
grudge match tattoo. – I got it. – Winner of the grudge match settles the score and ends this
once and for all. – All right, then.
– What have we got? – What should we have them do
for this face-off? – Well, let’s go back to this
original grudge. How did this whole thing start?
Nature-scapes, right? – Nature scape, yes.
– They had some problems with some wonky-ass
animals, right? – Yeah.
– Let’s do a fish. – Goldfish.
– Goldfish. – I like goldfish.
– Color. – Is that gonna give Jimmy the advantage
over Angel, though, ’cause he’s more
of a color artist than she is? – But– – It doesn’t have to be color.
That’s not fair. He does color, she doesn’t.
– Okay, okay, okay. So– – All right, all right, yeah.
– Let them choose. – Calm down.
– As a black-and-gray artist, it is–
– You’re too tall. Shrink a little
when you’re talking to me. – As a black-and-gray artist, it is a disadvantage
being assigned color. – Okay, right, I get it now. – God! – Okay, so, 90 minutes, any kind of goldfish,
any color. – I’m ready, you?
– Yeah. – Ding, ding,
mother[bleep] ding. – Angel’s [inaudible].
Holy shit. – Let’s get it.
– Good luck, guys. – Yeah, get to work.
– See you in a bit. – All right. – You excited
for this goldfish, Jimmy? – Yeah. How often do you do
90-minute tattoos? – Oh, never. If you–
– Well, I wouldn’t want you to bite off
more than you can chew. I’m cool with that.
– Just don’t do a cracker. You might lose.[dramatic music]announcer:
In our second grudge,
season ten’s Jason Elliott
the vulnerable Sparks.– I just came
to [bleep] prove you wrong. – Prove me wrong about what?
– You said I was too sensitive. – You’re like the bitch
of season ten. – [laughs] I like this dude.announcer:
And now, Sparks is back
to prove his worth.– Your biggest mistake was
assuming that I can’t draw. – Oh, I mean, I know you can,
but not well.♪ ♪– Jason and Sparks battling it
out. On my season,
when I was a coach, Sparks was on my team. Jason–he liked to get
into everyone’s head. He liked, always liked
to play the game. – I think
it’s personal bullshit. We’re here to tattoo,
not be best friends. – You got a weak personality
that caves easy, so when they give you advice, all you do is
just [bleep] turn inward. – I don’t think my tattoo’s
the worst of the day. – You were due from the start.
It was already a sinking ship. – Sparks wants to come back
and prove himself. – Put up or shut up, dude. If you’ve got a beef,
we’ll settle it. Let’s go.[rock music]– I wasn’t
really expecting Jason
to attack my characterand come after me
the way he did.
I just want to
put his dick in the dirt.I want to prove to everybody,my old coach,my old competitors,“Hey, I do bad-ass tattoos, and I want to prove it
to the world.”♪ ♪♪ ♪– My main focus
going into the competition
was to scope out
everybody that was there,find out their strengths
and weaknesses,
and play the game
that way. – Wack. Actually, that’s pretty good.
It’s not bad. – It’s not bad.
In a competition,
the biggest part
is having mental strength,
and Sparks just didn’t show up
with any. All right, I’m gonna
go ahead and make one.So if he’s gonna call me out
for a grudge match,
he better make sure
that this time, he comes
with a lot thicker skin.[dramatic music]Oh, shit. This is nostalgic. – There he is.
– He looks like a picnic spread. – I think we’re about to [bleep]
some shit up in here. – You can just look at Jason
and tell that he has something that he wants to put
in your back. – What?
– Like a knife. Like–I mean, he’s always
thinking about the– – He looks
like he’s going to a picnic. – When the [bleep] is
Mr. Sensitive getting in here? I ain’t got all day
for this shit. – Well, if it isn’t
the heartless wonder. – Oh, look at that. Mr. Shipwreck.
– Man. Did you find a soul, or you still using baby tears
in your rinse cup? – What does that even mean?
– He practiced that one. – Does that work? – I just came to [bleep] prove
you wrong. You said I was too sensitive. – Bro, listen, you’re like
the bitch of season ten. – [laughs]
I like this dude. – I wasn’t a bitch.
I just had [bleep] outsider stress,
and I let it get to me. – I give no [bleep]s
about that. You’re either gonna do
a good tattoo, or you take your ass home,
and that’s what happened. You took your ass home. You were a sinking ship
from the beginning. – Look, man, I get it. The easiest way I can do this is just put up and shut up,
and then earn your respect. – Sparks seems pretty calm.Almost seems like Jason’snot getting into his head
this time, you know?
Put all that aside and just–
– I don’t know. – Nah, looks like he was
getting in his head pretty good.
– I’m gonna say that as well. Let’s go find out.
– All right, let’s just– let’s do this. – I just hope you left that
sympathetic shit at home and just brought skill. – That’s what the [bleep]
I came here to do, man. I just have to beat your ass. – Enough
with the mouth running. What’s going on
between you guys? – He’s a sensitive bitch. I can’t have a bitch
representing Texas. This can’t happen.
We’re not a bitch state. – No, that’s true.
We’re a state with heart, and you have none. – I’m happy you’re back,
Sparks, and I know you’re
a solid tattooer. Jason–he gets in your head
like some fly, you know,
and you’re just like, ugh! – Did you [bleep] with him?
– Yeah, I [bleep]ed with him. I thought he was weak. I mean, he was weak,
’cause his ass went home. – That’s why I’m back here, to just shut you
the [bleep] up. – So here’s
what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna give you guys
an even playing field with a 90-minute
face-off tattoo. We get to choose what you guys
are gonna do. – Tight.
– [scoffs] – This dude does big shit
all day. I know he’s nervous. – I’m ready to do any tattoo. I just–I just want to see this guy do a good tattoo. Let’s–just one. – Hopefully, you guys
come out swinging, because whoever wins
this face-off tattoo gets the advantage
of choosing either the style or the subject matter of tomorrow’s six-hour
grudge match tattoo. – The winner of that grudge
match tattoo ends all this,
shuts the traps. – So what do you want me
to pick? – I like that. I like that.
Confidence. Yeah. – Hey, that’s confidence.
Confidence. – I know he’s nervous,
so we’re good. – Sounds like we got a grudge. I like it.
What are we gonna do? – This all started
over, you know, mental warfare. Let’s do little brains.
– So– – So, 90-minute brain tattoos. – 90 minute brain tattoos. – I’m into that.
Any style you want. – Got it.
– Use them brains. Don’t come with half of one…
Use your brains. – Today.
– Oh, man. – Do you hear that, man? They want you to do
a clean, good tattoo. How you feeling about that?
– Small. Are you gonna be able
to do something small? – I think maybe
you should just do a brain and a question mark, because you’re probably
clueless. – What?[dramatic music]♪ ♪– All right, Angel and Jimmy. You guys have 90 minutes to tattoo a goldfish
in any style. Hopefully, neither of you flop. Your face-off starts now. – Stencil time. – Ready to party, Angel?
– Oh, yeah. – Me and Angel–we couldn’t be
more polar opposite.She does
black-and-gray realism,
I do
solid traditional tattoos.
My experience is what’s gonna
allow me to excel
in this 90-minute challenge,’cause I know what
I can get done in 90 minutes.
I work in a street shop.It’s bangers, bangers,
bangers, all day. Just try to keep it cohesive.I don’t have a lot of room for
error in a traditional tattoo.
Everything has to be
intentional and on point.
You only get one shot
to make every line count.♪ ♪– When they said goldfish,
I was like, “Man, you’ve got
to make these cool somehow.”I know
Jimmy’s gonna come through
on this tattoo,so I have to do something that’s impressive
and technical. Hopefully gonna
have time to finesse it.There’s lots of little folds
and creases in my fish,
and every fin
has texture in it.
These tiny little lines are
hard to do without shaking.
If I pull it off, it’s gonna be
really impressive.♪ ♪– Swimming along at 60 minutes. We got 60 minutes, guys. – How you doing, Angel?
– I’m sweating, dude. – Sweating?
– Yeah. – You ain’t seen nothing yet.♪ ♪– All right, guys.
Ready for this? Jason, gonna use
your head on this tattoo? – I’m gonna whoop his ass. – Sparks, ready to turn
sparks to flame? – Hell, yeah, dude. – Your 90 minute face-off
tattoos of brains starts right now.[energetic music]– Perfect. – What do you think?
– Sweet. – Rodeo started.– I don’t know what Sparks
is thinking, calling me out.
I almost made it to the finale.He didn’t even get
a participation award.
– So make sure
it’s your best tattoo ever. – Always got to make sure it’s
your best tattoo. I’ve got a lot of elements
in this tattoo.I’ve got the light bulb,
I got the face,
I got the brain, and I’ve got
a little activity
outside the brain.I just want to get in there and do, like,
really subtle grays where the brain is actually
behind in the bulb. Maybe I’m pushing the limits
a little bit for 90 minutes,but no matter what,
I’m gonna whoop Sparks’ ass.
Just keep
it simple, and legible. – You’ve only got 60 minutes
left on your face-off tattoo.♪ ♪– My design’s basically
a brain
in the shape of a heart.I think with my heart.It also hasan all-seeing eye
in the center,
because I see through
this mental warfare bullshitthat Jason’s
just tossing around.
– What made you come back? – I just didn’t get to prove what I wanted to last time. I let emotion get in control instead of just kicking back
and doing fun tattoos. This guy has no idea
what’s coming for him.I have a clear head,so I’m coming full force
this time. Somebody’s got
to put Jason in his place.

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