Mum, I’m getting a tattoo! Mama, hello. Hostelworld challenged me to get a tattoo… whilst skyping you. You are crazy…
come on, seriously? Is it a joke? Hello. Can you tell this “gentleman”
to stop a second with that tool,
please? Are you getting a tattoo? Yes. I’m getting a tattoo. Look at her face! I’m serious, Bibi. Here in
the hostel, in Rome. Is the tattooist a professional?
Are you using all safety
and hygiene precautions? We found him on the street…
he was walking around… Why didn’t you write
something like
“Dad, i love you?!” I’m afraid “Dad, I love you”
wasn’t among the options… I told him to do it. I’m getting… The tile from our bathroom. It’s so cute. And you said it was ugly! Fabrizio. He is in your hands now. I beg you… Do something nice.

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