Sky Has Questions About 9MAG ‘Sneak Peek’ | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

Sky Has Questions About 9MAG ‘Sneak Peek’ | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

Cheers! Everybody make some mother
[beep] noise! When the Henny in the system,
that low end come out. Yo.
Welcome to Miami. How you doing? That’s my friend, Stephanie. I know. How you doing, baby? Hi. How are you?
It’s a pleasure. What’s up, brother? Peace, man. Ryan, bro. Ryan. Nice to meet you man. It’s a pleasure man. Nice to meet you finally.
It’s a pleasure man. You too bud. I’m nervous.
I’ve already seen you. I haven’t met them. Damn, finally! If you don’t know Till
The End tattoo shop, make sure y’all look that [beep] up,
because it’s the home of Tatu Baby and Loz, two of the best
tattoo artistes in then United States! Loz happens to be another
Mexican fellow tattoo artist and I don’t know much
about the dude, I just know he keeps
giving me his googly eyes. So, I’m a little concerned. You’re about to walk over,
and he’s blushing. You nervous? Of what? I don’t know. I’m good man. He’s blushing. What do you mean? I’m just…
Can I drink my.. I mean, can’t you say “Hi!”
to our friends? Look, I’ve been
making mother(beep) blush all day,
All right? Don’t play because you know,
I’ll snack them if I want to. Yeah, Loz got you. Too much thickness
going on, bro. Hello people! Sky is here, wait for her.
Hi everyone. How you doing baby? Phor! And there she is.
My surprise guest, Sky’s up. For me, she pull up on time. Eh yo, Phor.
Where you at brother? What’s up girl? Good to see you. You think y’all
going to be in Miami and I’m not going to
pull up through this bitch? You know, when my crew
gets socializing with Sky, it tends to go left. You’re not in [beep]
Chicago Mike, [beep] you’re in New York
[beep] You’re not going to do a [beep]
thing either [beep] So much for Christmas cheer.
[laughing] Regardless of all that, I mean
we’re different people now. We’re grown. We’ve matured.
Right? What’s up with you?
I heard you got 10 mag now. It’s not mag. No it’s [beep] 10 mag.
I heard that [beep] is big as
[beep] like the biggest I’ve ever took [beep]. Okay.
Yes. I might get you to invest.
So I opened up a new shop. I heard.
I put certain people in charge, I put Van and Don
in charge of the old shop. And you kicked out
the rest of your friends … I’m just saying.
It is what it is. So who the boss though,
because you know how the angel at the top
of the Christmas tree, and then we got the
[beep] stars. That’s me. No, how do you know. Are you the angel that we put on
top of the Christmas tree? Are you the star that
the god damn leaves grow on? You’ve got to figure this
[beep] out. That’s why I brought them here. I’m the outlet that
keeps the star lit. Of course you are. 100%
you are the outlet. So, whether you guys fall out,
or bring it back together, and it takes some time, y’all will all still figure
it out, and I think that [beep]
is pretty [beep] Thank you though,
I respect that. It’s awesome. It’s [beep]

100 thoughts on “Sky Has Questions About 9MAG ‘Sneak Peek’ | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

  1. I don’t think people should body shame lily it’s nice she loving her body even making money she could’ve got it done a long time ago that shows she not trying to change to fit in with the body trend but it wouldn’t hurt if she worked out either I’m not approving to get it done life u can’t always look for the easy way out but if she got a good personal trainer she could whip her body to shape u will see how good she would look but to be this confident with being out of shape nothing wrong with that it’s just airing ur head up when u could be improving urself that’s all I’m saying😂

  2. All jokes aside though I agree that sky is very obnoxious and does the absolute most and that she really do need to act her age and stop picking fights with ppl. However per usual ppl in the comments showing just how arrogant they are. Like stop bringing that woman's kids up in every situation bc in all honesty even if y'all were to ever see or meet her in person most of y'all probably wouldn't had said none of that to her face. Stop bringing ppl's kids up period. Like the same ppl who's talking about she need to grow up and act her age are the same ones talking about her kids and stuff and that really just shows how weak immature and pathetic you are. Like you're basically showing that you're just as childish and immature as she is.

  3. God rest his soul but sky is like the female version of Rick James. Like she be cool one minute next minute she slapping somebody fighting somebody throwing drinks, then the next minute she's apologizing. Lol

  4. I thought these guys were all about tattooing. I'm very disappointed with all these damn GHETTO mentality… I never like Sky; she's loud, rude & need to stop craving soooo much attention!!! girl set some examples for your grown sons, anyway will not be watching anymore.

  5. 3:15 that's the moment where you should realize that sky is actually really cool despite that she can be loud and obnoxious her actual fans this is the sky that we love because if you paid attention to what she said versus just stuck on the fact that she causes so much chaos when she's around you would actually appreciated her for what she really is worth hit that's why Ryan kissed her on the forehead because she's really not that bad

  6. I laugh at the comments that clown on Lily , everyone use to think she was bad and real af for being herself , NOW everybody big mad 😂 can’t please no one and I’m sure gives no fucks

  7. I'm sorry I don't like to Body shame but I cannot stand lily or her dress in the blue it does not suit her to much belly and she is toxic. I can't believe she's back on the show Sky makes me laugh but I'm sure she is bipolar

  8. What happened to all the black women that were on the show? Black women we need to do better with supporting shows that support us.

  9. Don punched that ceiling because they(production) were talking about when he cheated on snapchat and they brought it up in front of Ashley

  10. I find it weird that Ryan said "he's not Ceas" when Sky fought his employee. Ryan can't even control Lily, Junior or anybody else on his payroll.

  11. Sky it’s always causing drama and tries to be the center of attention with her ghetto self for someone that has no talent cuz she’s not even a tatt artist the only thing she might have going for herself it’s fake titties and hips……and to be honest they’re not all that so sky I suggest u get your money back

  12. Are Rachel and Ryan ever going to break up completely? If Lily grows up and matures then what Tattoo Baby is doing is in her future. She got some growing up to do first though.

  13. Lily is a white girl who loved to say Niger when she get mad she black folks don't understand anti-black racism they continue to hire them and put them on a pedestal this type of s*** will start affecting us very bad and don't ask me telling me Lily is is not White

  14. Sky is annoying as hell is somebody's going to beat the s*** out of her I stopped
    their show because of Sky. Lily just because everybody sleeps with you don't mean they won't you most men like a E-ZPass

  15. Sky was the type of person in school that had Hot Cheetos and tea yelling best friend early in the morning

  16. Lily shut up the best in the world girl you lying than that means every tattoo parlor is the best idiot cause no-one down plays their craft stupid

  17. Tired of people bashing Lily's body. What happened to body positivity? She's natural and beautiful and confident in her own curves, that is whats important. Everybody doesn't want to get plastic surgery. Ya are just projecting your own insecurities!

  18. Sky am sorry your a messy mother u or never there for them so you should be for there for your boys now instead of acting like a damn ghetto ass mother you need to understand their feelings of what happened to them when they were babies they're just paying you back it's call motherfuking Karma and now it bit you in the ass not act like a f**** mother instead of like a a f**** trash mother when you know you're better than that you got to hear you boys out now that they're grown common sense now that old enough to hear you hopefully you make good choices this time everybody makes mistakes I understand that but you shouldn't throw them away again🙌

  19. Y’all need to edit better you blurred out Lilly’s face when she clearly walked in with Charmaine and her boyfriend then acted like they didn’t walk in together like a min ago smh

  20. I love the reunion of these 3 beautiful latinas! Lily, Tatu Baby, and Stephanie is a triple threat. Lily is amazing for giving them a shoutout. I’m still geeking over this reunion, I love them

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