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  1. Great idea as long as you ask the restaurant before sticking your stickers. My partner and I use metal straws and are usually pretty good at asking servers to leave their straws, but obviously we can't be 100% effective. Can they be recycled? What materials are they usually made of?

  2. yesssss!!! i love it. since few months I scream at my friends each time they drink with a straw. i'll print it now and place around

  3. Right direction! ❤ I was using a lot of single-use cups, bottles, straws, bleached chopsticks when I was in Taiwan. Only after that, I started to point more attention to this problem.

  4. Makes a ton of sense but I'm sure restaurant owners don't want people defacing their menus with stickers. Assuming people are doing this in the way you describe by going around and putting stickers in the menus brought to their table only a small percentage of menus in a given restaurant will have the message. Then it might give other people the idea that this is a good medium for other messages so they'll put stickers for their causes in menus. I get the crowd sourcing aspect but why not take it to the next level – have a "skip the straw" movement with a website that simply explains the pollution and costs of straws and have people go to restaurant owners with a kit that includes stickers for their menus and a larger sticker for the place of business to show that they are part of this movement? Give the restaurant owners the choice to opt in and offer them all the resources (stickers) they need at no cost.
    The added bonus is that even if only a fraction of restaurants participate it will get enough exposure that people will remember to ask for no straw when they are in other restaurants.

  5. Or, maybe take a look at waste management, and see why so much litter is getting into waterways? Maybe actually enforce litter laws?

  6. @davehakkens you could also put the sticker on your credit card, so it can remind you every time you buy a drink.

  7. Very good idea!
    Can I download and edit the art to write in portuguese?
    "Diga não ao canudinho"

  8. nice idea but i am making mine to say Save The Planet across the top and Drink Without The Straw on the bottom

  9. Ever heard of EcoBrotbox Steel straws…? You can wash them and use them again and again…
    Well you covered it quite well as usual. Great video again!

  10. Drinking tea from a straw helps prevent teeth staining. Since I only use them at home a single straw lasts months.

  11. Thanks for giving the kit for free, this would make killer t-shirts! Will spread the word in #dubai

  12. I would encourage this only if the restaurant is ok with you putting the sticker. Next thing you know, stickers about becoming vegan are going to pop up everywhere, and then the trash/graffiti stickers will follow too, like the ones on street lamps and bar bathrooms.

    Other than that, I'm all for the strawless drinks

  13. Thank you for posting this. Thank you for showing us that we are human in the end, we will forget. And thank you for making a really good solution,

  14. That turtle clip is a strong one. Symbolizes how much suffering we create, without even realizing, by little things done for convenience.

  15. I work outside everyday and I would never put a straw in a Togo cup. The straw lets hot air in and melts the ice. The straw also lets bugs and dirt in. What would be a good way to hold a good bit of a cold drink for a day in the sun with out leaving a footprint that can’t be erased. ?

  16. nice. something really easy and simple. Metal straws are awesome for home and you can have one in your bag if its that dire

  17. Lost me at the stickers. Wasn't this about being good for the environment? So you decide to have people print all these stickers wasting trees and the plastic from ink cartridges etc. And who is gonna even read the damn sticker if it even stays on the menu more than one table before the staff take it off? I started out being on board but now I'm going to use 5 straws per drink to make up for this stupid idea.

  18. If you don't talk to the restaurant owner before doing this, you risk alienating people from the actual cause, vandalizing personal property, and most likely causing a bunch of menus to be thrown in the trash. Good plan!

  19. Awesome, but how can you prove they're effective? If not, aren't you wasting a lot of paper…? How do you know people don't just ignore them on menus?

  20. should be translated on another languages! Dave plz Start topic on Forum! on traslating our posters.

  21. What do you think about cellophane? Pretty nice plastic-like material and fully biodegradable.

  22. Weird in Australia stores have straws off to the side of the counter for you to grab if you want them even most cocktail bars serve without them…….

  23. I bought a fancy straw for $5 Australian dollars and it was a great spend I have used it for about the latest two months and I haven’t used a straw since

  24. I think it would be better if restaurant managers just put that kind of a sign on a wall in their restaurants (next to a "no smoking" sign, for example). The employees should be aware too in order not to give a straw when it's not wanted / needed!

  25. Plastics don't biodegrade..they just break up into smaller and smaller..hundreds of years is when they become plastic dust and I haven't heard of any studies of if plants are sucking them up with the water and putting them in tomatoes and the like. They are made from heated and pressurized methane gas. We are pretty much bringing gas up out of the earths crust, solidifying it and leaving it on the surface forever. Also if you watch the documentaries..all the wildlife in the oceans and even the birds are eating it because they think it's plankton..they are cutting open island birds and they are full of red soda caps. It's sad that we started mass producting this stuff in the 1960s and in 40 years we've managed to irreversibly pollute our oceans with it.

  26. the only case when the straw is really more comfy, is in drinks.with huge icecubes, like few of them but monolitic, it makes better drinking between them.

    boycott huge ice blocks

  27. humans are the principale problem … 97 % of people really don't care about pollution and save the planet …
    Try to change the production , ask to big compagny to stop plastic and change with hemp or corn …

    human change when it s too late … or with war and destruction … they never change if it s not brutal … (i mean the all population , just 2 or 3 % of people see it before , but the others don't care , because change rules of life make fear of futur and give a sensation of instability )

    very a few people have seen this video , remember the turtle when they ask for a drink … save the planet is a lost cause … it s allready to late … we have distroy and polluate all the planet …

  28. Excellent video!
    Did you ask for permission while putting the stickers on menus?
    Could you make the spanish version of the stickers?
    That would be: intenta pedir sin sorbete.
    Otherwise I'll stick some of those around Buenos Aires

  29. Thanks for sharing this! Currently I am setting up an cafe in Asia and I will first try the bamboo straws or one of the other sustainable straws and otherwise I will simply place the little drawing on every menu!

  30. Guys he is just trying to make a little bit of change, of course the straw problem is super huge and can’t be solved by this, but reducing straw by straw in small ways does make a difference

  31. Great story as always ! I'm happy each time I see that there's a new video online. And about that topic there's really great news: Neuchâtel is the first city in Switzerland to prohibit plastic straws. That's a big step I think. I hope soon other cities or even the whole country is going to follow 🙂

  32. Hi All, I just found the web:
    They have a (not so cool) map of restaurants without straws !!!
    Looks like is a movement based in USA, but we can add points around the world.

  33. There's a disability access issue in play with efforts involving plastic straws though, and although this is much better than some other attempts to address the disposable straw issue, it still adds stigma for people who don't have other good options due to disability, and could result in the option being taken away by business owners if they don't have enough people using them. Maybe a Precious Plastic initiative would be a better way to address the issue with respect for accessibility needs?

  34. https://www.today.com/food/mcdonald-s-stop-using-plastic-straws-select-us-markets-t131126

    Is that your influence?

  35. Bro… Plastic Straw is Banned in my City. This is really a miracle.
    City:Pune State:Maharashtra
    So many businesses started using paper expect few. I myself take lot of efforts in reminding the vendor not put it. Very nice video. Love it
    BTW today few mins before I got excited to send a voice message but I couldn't find a way. Whatsapp or Hangout or messenger
    I know I can write but like communicating with voice. 😂

  36. I am all about skipping the straw, and hate the amount of suffering that all plastic waste causes. But, this is something to keep in mind when trying to change things… https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2018/07/11/627773979/why-people-with-disabilities-want-bans-on-plastic-straws-to-be-more-flexible

  37. Yours ideas are amazing, I want to share mine I grew hemp and marijuana this year to make oil for my grandma to replace her pain medication, had a lot of stems from the harvest, found out they also make for great straws that can even be bent and because cannabis grows so fast I literally have a unlimited straw supply, great for drinking straight from a coconut or shakes 😉 wish it gets legalized in my country, its amazing what such plant can provide to humanity

  38. Кога, глупавите хора ще осъзнаем ,че нямаме нужда от толкова пластмаса. Природата също…

  39. This is awesome! Will do this on my card to remind myself.

    I want to remind everyone about other people who still needs plastic straws. If you can skip straws, please do, but don't shame people who can't.

  40. Good idea! Personally I hardly ever drink something with a straw. Maybe two or three times per year. Not ordinary drinks, only milkshakes.
    Some days ago, I read, that McD, at least in England and ireland, has problems with their new paper straws, which are instead of the old plastic straws.
    So it should be good for milk shake drinkers that they bring their own non-disposable straw.

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