Sketchy Lawyer: From Start To Finish (Compilation) | Ink Master

Sketchy Lawyer: From Start To Finish (Compilation) | Ink Master

– I took my shot. I remember being shot at. I’m going on like a (beep) G. (tense music) (rock music) – Team Nunez. are you ready for your
first elimination tattoo? – Yes, hell yeah. – Today you must tattoo: Medusa. From Greek mythology
Medusa is a monster with snakes for hair. Who turns any man that dares
look at her into stone. Composition is crucial. To legibility. – Sketchy lawyer. – Technically this tattoo is smooth as ice, man. Clean lines, smooth
shading and you’re one of the only people today that made a design that fit the body well. – You definitely secure your position, at this moment; strong tattoo. – Thank you. – Team Nunez. Welcome to your next elimination tattoo. This is Chris’s chance
to see how you stack up against each other. Today you must prove that
you understand legibility by tattooing (beat drop) Watercolor tattoos. – Awesome. Water color tattoos are
by far the least legible tattoo style I can think of. It can’t work together. – These tattoos mimic
water color brush strokes to create vibrant images
and although these tattoos play fast and loose. With both color and shape. Its still crucial that you make sure your tattoo is legible. – My first water color tattoo. – Yeah so we could say
your first water color tattoo is for $100,000. – Sketchy. – Sketchy there’s no
questioning your technical abilities. The outline is crisp. The color is saturated. The blends are very smooth, but overall its a weak tattoo. You spilled a bunch of color on it; and you called it done. It’s boring man. – I’m not very familiar with
this style of tattooing. Maybe I played it safe? – Part of this challenge
was using water color to create a legible image. Whereas, this is legible, if you didn’t put any color in this. Yeah (beep) my table out today. – As long as you hit the look and legibly see what it is; then it works. – I mean what’s the
point of having it be a water color challenge? – No definition on what that water color painting had to be. – Here, you take away this back outline. All you have is 3 colors, random. – That is exactly my point. – But what’s the rule? – There’s no rules. I just don’t like this one. – I hit the challenge. I mean you don’t have to
like every tattoo I do. – You gotta do better than this to win. (rock music) – Right now, more than
16 million Americans, suffer from diseases caused by cigarettes. In the last 50 years, more than 20 million Americans have died from smoking. Your canvases today have quit smoking, but they’re still paying the price. They all have permanent scars as a result. Today, you must help
your canvases by making their scars disappear. – Covering scars is really, really hard. Some scars do not hold any pigment at all and sometimes it gets
raised and puffed up and even more obvious than it
was in the first place. – Today’s an important day. These people already
have a lot that they’re dealing with and these
scars remind them of their health battles in the past and now; it your chance to turn
your drawing skills on and camouflage their scars. – Sketchy lawyer. – All right, lets do it. (tattoo gun buzzing) Stay very very still for me. I want these lines to
be super straight, okay? (mumbles) Ooh, stay very still. Just tell me to stop and I’ll stop. – Just two seconds. – Yeah, yeah Scars have major tissue damage. So it’s not an easy thing to endure. – Just the pain. – My canvas tats will be so bummed out. Not just for her, but for myself. I want to win this challenge. Stay still for me. – Sketchy Lawyer. – Your tattoo came out super slick. Runs right up the middle of the scar. The feather texture really
hides the scar tissue. From a distance, the
lettering is a little busy. It’s a little bit hard to read, but once you get up on
it, its super tight. Technically done. – This elimination tattoo
was tattoo a classic symbol of the passage of time; an hourglass. Your canvases today want meaningful images incorporated into their hourglass tattoos. You must use detail and make these images work within the body of the hourglass. – Team Peck gave me the guide. He wants a photo,
realism, anatomical heart. Dripping blood on a tree of life. What the (beep). – I was like man I probably
confused the (beep) out of him. – Couple little details man. Cause its all about the details. After almost getting kicked off. Right after that losing a flash challenge. I’m feeling like ass. I’m worried about never going
back to the bottom again. I got to do a great job on this tattoo. – Sketchy. – Sketchy, overall I
think this thing has that punch right off the bat. Super clean, super bold. It has that graphic look. It’s very interesting. – However, the word of
the day is detail and these pillars aren’t exactly the same. Each one is very different
and if you look at this back pillar it keeps going to a place which it just wouldn’t go to. – Well, it would have like
some curve going to it. – Well look at the top of the glass. The pillar would stop. – I guess I overthought it. – It’s lacking details and
one major (beep) up here. – Is it that major Dave? – I think its pretty major. – Shut the (beep) up Sketchy. – You don’t think so? – I mean there’s so much (beep) going on. There’s so many elements
and stuff like that. – Its major in the sense
of this is a detail. – It’s wrong. (rock music) – Please hold on one second. I’m done with this (beep) game. I’m walking the (beep) up outta here; and I’ve had enough of this bull (beep). – What happened? – I’m (beep) over being here. I’m over dealing with
the mixed personalities. I know what I can do and I know that I do (beep) tattoos and I don’t
wanna be here no more. – Dude, you have a shot. – I’m going out like a (beep) G. – Chris lets go. That was (beep) heavy man. I mean, grab it, had enough. – Sketchy. – Nobody had a clue about this? – (crowd in agreement) Nobody. – Bro what’s up? – I’ve been fighting this
(beep) for weeks dude. – Sketch you’ve got a
chance to (beep) do it man. – (beep) – No you can do it. I’m telling you. – I’m telling ya. I can’t do it. Living with these crazy mother (beep). I haven’t talked to my
daughter in a week and bro. (beep) (beep). – This is a tipping point man. Everybody like cracks about this point. – I aint cracking. That’s what I’m saying. Trying to get me to the
point where I am going to crack and you know
what I’m not getting that (beep) on film man. – So are you sure? We just want to make
sure that you’re sure. We’re not trying to talk
you out of anything. – Bro, I’m (beep) positive. – One of the best man. I’m telling you the hundred
grand could be yours. Its yours for the taking. – That sucks. – It’s not for everybody man. – Yeah. – I couldn’t even imagine that happening. – So close to the end though. – He’s gone. Chris and I went and talked
to him and he’s gone. – Said its just not for him anymore. – He’s out. – I’m a little annoyed, honestly. Eric went home wanting to be here. – Yeah. Everybody going home before
you guys wanted to stay here. – (mumbles) wants to leave. – Somebody’s gonna win. It’s not gonna be sketchy. (rock music)

33 thoughts on “Sketchy Lawyer: From Start To Finish (Compilation) | Ink Master

  1. you could say literally any fucking topic and this group of artists will all groan and scrunch their faces in unison. "for this challenge, its free choice" "for fucks sake that's my worst topic"

  2. I repsect the desicion he made but like kelly said some people wanted to be up there and he just walked away. A bit disrespectfull but hey who am I to judge

  3. What I don't like about this season is that those girls were always running their mouths, talking sh1t about other artists tattoos

  4. I have to agree with him that the "pack" kinds ruined the season. It supposed to be Peck Vs Nunez, not battle of the sexes. Tho I love Ryan and Kelly's tattoos, and was sure they would get to the finally, but second half of the season felt kinda frustrating to watch.

  5. This guy is very good… he coulda easily made it to the finals with a clear mind…
    But I guess he had some issues outside that overcome him while he was competing, also judges were very picky with his tats for very small details…

  6. “Going our like a G” = I’m too humiliated to take it on the chin so I have to puff my chest and act too good for it all

  7. I can see where he's coming from from a dad's point of view. Part of what he said was "I haven't talked to my daughter in a week." Being away from family takes its toll for some people.

  8. Kelly: I'm annoyed ____ wanted to be here.

    Well great, than maybe they should have tattooed better. Who the hell are you to be annoyed with someone making a decision for there betterment that only effects you in the way that it helps you? He had every right to walk away. Honestly, for me art is not a competition, it's an expression. I like the show for the artistic aspect and to see the stellar work. I could do without all the B.S. Manufactured drama and butthurtness.

  9. Honestly…I can’t blame him for leaving. I can only imagine the amount of bs he had to put up with behind the scenes of this particular show. Sketchy will be just fine though. He’s a talented artist and will have nothing but success. ♥️

  10. Toward the end he just made some terrible choices. The hand palm tattoo (the lion fish) and the head tattoo with the font was just terrible. I think it was also a business decision, because his tattoos were becoming more terrible and it would’ve really affected his business if that continued.

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