Showdown in Charlotte: Angels Tattoo Face Off | Ink Master: Angels (Season 2)

Showdown in Charlotte: Angels Tattoo Face Off | Ink Master: Angels (Season 2)

♪ – Hello, Charlotte! What is up? [cheers and applause] We have two incredible artists that are gonna do
some sick tattoos. – Competing on this side,
we have Teej Poole. [cheers and applause] And on this side,
we have “Ink Master” season 8 finalist Kelly Doty. [cheers and applause] – All right, guys, we’re gonna
need your help today ’cause you guys get to vote
on which tattoo you like best. – Hell yeah!
[cheers and applause] You guys have six hours
to tattoo, and your time starts now. [cheers and applause] – Does that look good to you?
– Looks good to me.♪ ♪– It’s beautiful.
This is gonna be awesome. – I’m excited for it.[tense music]I’m going in today doing
black and gray again.
I know it’s a huge risk.Like, I’m a one-trick pony,
but that’s my strong point,
so I got to deliver.This is a style
I’ve been working on
for the last seven years.If I get beat today,
[bleep] out the window. – You were made
for getting tattooed. Like, your skin is just great. Someone moisturizes.
– [chuckles] – Teej is a phenomenal
black-and-gray artist.To go up against him
is absolutely daunting,
so I have to rely entirely
on my bag of tricks.
Hearing your story, I would
feel remiss if I didn’t say, like, it dredged up
a lot of, uh… a lot of stuff for me. I was in very much
an abusive relationship. It was terrifying,
and the things that happened are, um, still
in the back of my head all the time. I need you to know
how much it means to me that I get to be the one
to do this for you. [sniffles][Lykke Li’s
“No Rest For the Wicked”]
– It’s such a horrible thing, and it’s happening
all over the place, and I’m glad that you got
away from it.– ♪ There’ll be no rest
for the wicked ♪
♪ There’s no song
for the choir ♪
♪ There’s no hope
for the weary ♪
♪ You let them win
without a fight ♪
– Two hours left, guys.
Two hours.[tense music]– Is the majority
of the gourd rendered? – Not the details. Tricky thing is I have
to leave the focal point to the last thing. – You’re leaving
your main focal point to the last thing you tattoo? – It’s yellow.
If I do that first, then I’m gonna be wiping
all these dark colors over it, and it’s gonna stain it
all to hell. I have to do it last.♪ ♪– Hello there, needle. That’s tender. Ugh. I’m gonna have to go to
the bathroom, I feel nauseous. – My canvas is sick,
and now time is ticking, and my stomach is starting
to turn into knots, and I’m starting to lose
my mind a little bit. – I am worried
about Kelly, dude. She’s not a fast tattooer, and her canvas
is having a hard time. – I know. – Every single one of these
minutes is gonna count. – If my canvas doesn’t
come back soon, then the rose is
gonna be unfinished, and ooh, boy, it’s
gonna be real obvious.

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  1. A woman has a better chance of choosing a mate of “higher quality," the thinking goes, when there are more from which to choose..

  2. Unbelievable… First they pick the most monotone Turtle to Win It… Then they picked the crappiest ground. That Halo of black looks like s***… There's no soft shading coming out of it and all's it looks like is a blob of black in behind it… Who puts a tattoo like that on a leg anyway? It's supposed to be realism and there's no way a crown would be placed on that part of the body to begin with. They are all gushing about the silhouette in behind when it is the absolute worst part of that tattoo. It would have looked better had he wrapped the crown around her entire leg without the drop shadow effect… If you don't know how to do the drop shadow than don't attempt it. Sometimes I think they picked the weakest artist so they have a leg up… Not that they don't already. You got to wonder how it's possible for somebody in the audience to get in on the same season as the contestant who won the competition that day or how a brother and sister compete on the same contest without even knowing it or the engaged couple sharing a place with their baby… You don't think that would come up in conversation that they're going to be on Ink Master?!? Come on people

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