– Anyways, I’m thinking maybe we should get matching tattoos then. – You just want this tattoo so bad. (intro music) ♪ I’ll be waiting, won’t give up on you ♪ ♪ I am waiting, always waiting for you ♪ Good morning hunties and hunkles. You guys, let me show you how… of a… fashionista Zayn is,
like he’s so particular. He got it from Samia, look, look. (Zayn crying) Log him. – [Adam] Alright. – [Latoya] K, watch. Okay. Zayn, Do you want to wear these shoes? – No. – [Latoya] You don’t want those shoes? – [Adam] Really? – [Latoya] You don’t want
these shoes, just put them on. (Zayn sobs) Okay, watch. – [Adam] Zayn, you don’t like those shoes? – [Latoya] Okay, Zayn,
what about these shoes? Want to wear these shoes? – Noooo. – [Latoya] Want to put this on? – No. – Okay, he wants his daycare shoes. Look… Let me try one more pair. – [Adam] Okay, we get the
point, just bring what he wants. – You want these shoes? – No. – You want these shoes? – Yes. (Latoya laughs) – These are the shoes that he wants. – [Adam] He knows he be ballin’ in those. – [Latoya] Go upstairs and get your socks, he doesn’t want socks. Geez brah, you want these shoes? You wear these shoes every single day. They going to think that
we don’t buy you anything. – Other shoe on? – [Latoya] Now you want that shoe on? – Morning hunties and hunkles. Hope you’re having a
great start to your day. We have a very eventful day. We are going to say what’s up to Mya. It’s her birthday, shout out to Mya. – [Latoya] Whoo hoo… birthday girl. – Followed by stopping by
for Caleb’s music performance I talked about in the last Vlog. And then Latoya’s going
to a party with Jillian, – Auntie Jillian!
Her cousin– – My cousins, Addie, I’m
so excited about that. Girl’s night. So yeah to Soca Fest, so we
are about to have some fun. Zayn, what are you doing today? – Bugga. – You want to go see Samia? – Yeah. – He calls her Bugga. Samia or Bugga? – [Adam] Wow, she a Bugga-boo. – Yeah, Samia’s with Milan
right now hanging out. So yeah, Zayn was sleeping. So, what you about to do now? – [Adam] I’m about to work. Get things done. – I have to clean up this disaster. Every time these kids go
to a place in the house this happens, look, look. Look at this, look at the counter. Look, look, look at
the backyard, you guys. Look, look at this. Look at the living room,
so I have to clean. My room is a disaster, it’s full of toys. – [Adam] Trust me, I see it, I know it. I try to pick up things
every here and there and it’s just never ending. – Every room’s a toy room in this house. – [Adam] Never ending. We have an entire toy room for these guys downstairs, guys. – [Latoya] Yeah, show them. – [Adam] Right, which they never utilize and when they do, it’s a disaster. Look at this toy room here. – [Latoya] A disaster. – I wonder why they’re so messy though? I wonder why. – I wonder why. Don’t blame me for this, okay? I have a lot of things I have on my plate. Honestly, I’m just waiting
to move to Atlanta, because I’m getting rid
of all of these toys. We’re not going with any toys, huh. I’m not joking. – [Adam] Huh, huuuuuuh? Huuuuuuuuuh? (laughing) Thank you! Take your whore ass outta here. – Huuuuh, can you say huh? – Huh.
– Huh. (hip hop music) Yeah, so I’m here trying to pack up stuff. Like all our winter stuff,
I’m trying to pack it up. For this move, I don’t want moving with this, that, and the third, huh. I want to declutter, and it’s so hard. – You need to declutter– – [Latoya] Your brain. – You watch too much Love and Hip Hop. – [Latoya] I don’t even
watch Love and Hip Hop. – You watch too much Kardashian. – [Latoya] I don’t even watch Kardashians. That’s right. (laughs) – Before I start this one story, I was going through the
McDonald’s drive-thru, and they’re like “Oh my
god, are you Latoya?” And I said… (Latoya laughs) I said “No.” All of a sudden I got this
long ass weave in my head, people think I’m you. Like no, I’m not Latoya. Seriously, like, it’s so weird. – They really asked if you’re me? – Yeah. – That is the funniest thing. – I swear to God, I’m like, No. – We don’t even look alike. – We don’t look alike at all. – Like, someone in the McDonald’s drive-thru asked Milan if she was me. She’s like, “All of a sudden
I have this long ass weave. “Every body thinks I’m you.” So she didn’t put two and two
together that we’re family? – Yeah I told her, I said,
“yeah well, she’s my cousin.” – Who would act and say
that though, I don’t get it? – [Man] You didn’t tell her that you consider that an insult? (laughs) – Well anyways, my dad told me that we can get matching tattoos. – What? – [Milan’s Father] Tattoo… – You guys are getting tattoos together? – [Milan’s Father] No,
she’s not, never mentioned– – No, dad, you did. Actually I asked him when he was like a few beers in and so… (laughing) – You should have gotten the
tattoo right then and there. – I know, right? I said, “Dad, can we
get matching tattoos?” And he goes, “yeah we could do that.” And I said, “hmm, noted, say no more.” – [Man] As long as it’s not Tinkerbell. Don’t get the man put
on Tinkerbell, honest. (laughs) – An ice cream cone on his cheek. – Anyways, I’m thinking I
should get a red tattoo. – That’s cute, you know. – Right behind my ear here. – You guys, are you approving, did you approve this already? – [Woman] Milan ain’t
goin’ to get nothing. – Yeah and see that’s
exactly what she said. She doesn’t say no, she goes,
“She’s not getting anything.” And I say, “Bet.” – [Woman] If she want to mash up her skin, let she go. – Yeah right, because once
she come with the tattoo, you’re going to cuss her out. – [Samia] Mommy. – Samia…
– Dad? – You’re not allowed to have any tattoos. No tattoos for you, okay? – Why? (Latoya laughs) Can we have a bike? – You have a bike. – At home?
– Yeah. – Go get it. – Who you talking to like that? – Can you go get it please? – Can I have a kiss? – Aw. – Can you go get it now?
– Later. – It almost gives me baby fever. – Baby fever, hey. – Not really though. Anyways, I’m thinking maybe we should get matching tattoos then. – You just want this tattoo so bad, and you want to get the
red heart behind your ear. – I just, oh look, granddad’s back. – Granddad! Let’s go say hi to Granddad, you guys. Hi Daddy, open your door, boy. Open your door. (slow music playing) Open it, bah. Hi Granddaddy, Grandad. – You’re living over there, go over there, and leave me alone. – Oh wow, are you jealous? – No. – Grandad, do you like my hair like this? – Yeah, it look good, it look good. – You didn’t even look at it though? – Yes yes yes. Saminya. – So, what’s her name? – Samia. I going now, I don’t know. – Anyways, Granddad, update
everybody on what’s good. How are you doing? – Okay, I okay. – They miss you, man.
– I going home to sleep. – So Granddad’s going home to sleep. – Bye. – For all the new viewers out there, because we have a lot of new viewers, we’re Trinidadian, from
a Caribbean island. That’s why he have an accent. That’s why he talking like this. – Okay, okay. – What do you mean okay?
– Yeah. – And my Granddad’s tatted up. He has a tattoo. How many tattoos you have? – One. – See, Granddad. Take Milan to get a tattoo, cause Milan… – No, no, no. Don’t put no tattoo on her. – Milan come here. – I told her already, don’t put that. – Granddad said he’s going to
take you to go get a tattoo. – No, I’m going to take
you to get off this. – [Milan] Oh, you want that off? – Yeah. – [Milan] But you’re so
old, why does it matter? – It’s been there since I goin’ to school. – [Milan] And he said they
did it with like, a pen. – How old did you get that done? – 15, 15. – You got it done at 15? – With a pen, with a pen. – What did your mom say? – She was very mad. – They were pissed. – Hey. – [Milan] There’s someone behind. – What’s that?
– There’s someone behind you. Pull up, Granddad, pull up to the side. – Okay, I going, I going.
– I don’t have my shoes on. Pull up to the side, let’s talk. We have to have a conversation. – I going, I going, I going. – So, what was it like
growing up in Trinidad? – Good. – How was it? – Good. – How was it good? Can you please elaborate
and express yourself? – It was better than here. – Why is it better than here? – Because the people. – What about the people? – Everybody would’ve been
outside talking and laughing. – You know what I’m saying
there’s more of a community feel. – That’s right. – Right? People are outside
talking, talking and thing. But you know we have… – Minding everybody business. – Minding everybody business. Right, that’s how people get in trouble. – Okay. – [Samia] Latoya! – Who’re you calling Latoya? Who are you calling Latoya? Did you just hear that? Look, we have a nice community here. Everyone’s outside, it’s nice weather. – Yeah, two houses. – Having fun, you know. – Two houses, yeah, two
houses, that’s good. Anyways, go ahead now, let me go home. See you at seven. – Love you Granddad. – I will see you guys tomorrow. – Give me a kiss. – Bye, that’s good enough.
– Wait, first of all, give me a kiss. You didn’t even touch me. – Yeah, that’s good, that’s good. Bye, buh-bye. – Wait, hold on, why you rushing? – Your grandma alone home there. – And what? – She waiting on me. – No, she’s not waiting on you. – Oh geez, she waiting on me. – Alright hunties and hunkles, Milan and I are working on our booties, so we’re about to do 50 squats. Y’all ready? Okay, do it with us. 50 squats, let’s go. We don’t have dumbbells
here but that’s okay. We’ll use body weight. One… Two… Three… Four… – Do it, Zayn. – Five… Six… Seven… Eight, good job. Nine… 10, keep track of the counting, Milan. – 11… – Okay, you guys, – 12… – Go over to my Health and Fitness… – 13… – Youtube Channel, and subscribe. I have two videos out and I’m
almost at 2000 subscribers. Yes, make my dreams come true and get me to 2000 subscribers. – 19… – I also have a website,, for all of my health and fitness programs. If you’re trying to gain weight, if you’re trying to loose weight, if you’re trying to detox,
meal plans, vegan plans, I have it all, – 27, 28… – Get lower, Milan. – 29… 30. (upbeat music) – Whoo! Whoo.
– Whoo. – Oh god. – [Milan] My back… – So yeah, you guys, you wanna do a squat challenge right now? I challenge you to do 50 squats, right here, right now, for
the remainder of this video. So, Dream, that’s her name, that’s her… (laughs) Stripper name. So Dream and Lyric are
taking the kids to the park. – Yup. – [Latoya] I’m loving your
hair, you’re rocking it. Real cute, like it’s yours honey. – Thank you, it is mine. – [Latoya] It is yours
’cause you bought it. – I bought it. – [Latoya] Heeeeeeyyyy. Alright, you guys ready? You going to the park
with Milan and Lyric? Okay, you guys going to have fun? They just woke up from a nap. They had a late nap. Alright, have fun, mommy’s going out. Peace out. (upbeat music) – What’s going on, hunties and hunkles? We just parked. We’re about to go see Caleb perform. – Yes, I’m excited to see him perform, because I’ve never, we’ve
never been to one of his shows. Well, I haven’t. – [Adam] I haven’t either. He always talks about music, I’ve heard a couple of his songs, so we came out to support him today. Hope you do really well, Caleb, I know you’re very passionate about music, so we’re here to support you. Alright, let’s walk. (hip hop music) ♪ I ain’t in this for the fame ♪ ♪ I’m in this for catch you ♪ ♪ I bring this a couple things ♪ ♪ If they still want to tangle ♪ ♪ Mind yo manners, keep your standards ♪ ♪ All our work is substantial ♪ ♪ Lately I’m through
kin, smile at a party ♪ ♪ Notice you, no I know ♪ ♪ You know that I know ♪ ♪ I keep obsessing, my
friends keep obsession ♪ ♪ Who says ♪ – I hope you all are amazing. Right now, we are heading to Mya’s birthday gathering
at a bowling alley. – Yeah, happy birthday Shameless. – [Latoya] Happy birthday,
Mya, Shameless Mya. I’m so happy that she’s in town. We get to hang out, we get to kick it, we get to vibe out, you know. – I don’t know if we going to
be able to play some bowling because we got a lot of things to do, but I might have an
opportunity to redeem myself. – Wait, what happened last time again? You sucked, right? – I didn’t suck. – Just go ahead and admit that. – I didn’t suck. – Anyways, I’m the queen of bowling. No, I suck. Happy birthday, Mya, whoo! – Latoya came out into the hood. – [Latoya] I came out into the hood, yo, into the hood for you. (Latoya laughs) Yes, oh, okay, nevermind. – I got nervous in front of the camera. – She did get nervous, because earlier she was getting
them, well almost strikes. Alright, one more. You got this, strike. Whooooooo. Yes, birthday kid, yes, birthday kid. (funky music) So Mya told me not to come bowling, because she said it’s
hood and too hood for me. – [Mya] And then you said… – And then I… – What did you say when you came down? – I said I got this. You know what I’m saying,
I’m from the hood. Hold on, I said I’m from the hood, and then I showed up and
we’re going down these stairs, and I’m like, it’s bowling in a jail cell? Like, I’m trying to figure it out. Cell mates be bowling? – I really think they
need to put a lot of work, I can’t believe they did this… – Yo honestly, I’ve never,
like you would of never expected this to be
down here in a dungeon. We’re in a dungeon, you guys. Adam, do you think we’re in a dungeon? – I like it, it’s like an escape from… Something. – It’s like we’re going back to the 90s. – And anybody can bring you down here, and you’re escaping nowhere. – 90s, you escape into the 90s. I got 90s hair right here. – [Latoya] Yeah, you’re so cute. Look at her little outfit. – Noooo. – [Latoya] What are you
talking about, I love it. – My hair looks super 90s, look at this. – And I’m so happy she’s
growing it out, you guys. (funky music) ♪ Ah yeah, pretty brown eyes ♪ ♪ I’m falling in love ♪ ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

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