She Tattooed Herself with Sewing Needle & Permanent Pen Ink at 14 | Tattoo Fixers

She Tattooed Herself with Sewing Needle & Permanent Pen Ink at 14 | Tattoo Fixers

so what can we help you with basically
my fiance’s always wanted to be a tattooist I thought okay fine you can
patch some little things on me and the one day he drew up this design and I
thought it was beautiful it was kind of like really personal to
us in a sense it’s something that we share liking off and so I thought it
would be something it would be a bonding thing
sounds a bit sweet because you did have a good intention yes I did enjoy having
on my body but basically it’s quite inappropriate it should be someone
that’s kept quite private now that I think about it is this a hair hairy like
a hairy muff from the back all right let’s put them away then it’s probably
for the best did you like it when you first got it like yeah I loved it until
people start pointing it out it’s kind of stopped me from wearing skirts and
things like that what do you want to cover it with like a traditional gypsy
woman’s head preferably I’ve designed you a beautiful gypsy lady with have
basically blown in every direction so we’ve got a beautiful headband lots of
flowers those really really lovely good stuff right against I’ve gone for our
gypsy head really nice strong traditional oh wow but it will be that
way you’ll be on your leg right oh my god this is so difficult I do love them
both so much I do prefer this one because it’s a bit more feminine
Wesley I’m Sophie so how can we help you Sophie basically I was just a really
shit toe I need you to fix it how did it happen
I did it to myself basically you know I was feeling pretty mo so I sat in my bed
one night away from my parents to go to sleep
got a serene needle from my mum sewing here and just you did it to yourself
we’ve been at school at this point yeah I was in year 9 yeah annoying Oh what
did I sell yes 14 be honest your mom must have gone nuts
sorry when I was on holiday Oh God and I was like Oh sharpen its sharpton and they were like
okay guns shell will make sure it comes off I got in the shower got one of them
now brushes and I was like okay click no it’s like bleed and then stuff obviously
it didn’t come off so now you’ve grown up a lot
how do you feel about it embarrassed it’s ugly
it doesn’t match my current aesthetic mhm this word a snake what does it mean
I thought that’s what you had when you went to the dentist
no look of something that’s anaesthetic Alice take yesterday because I’ve rule
it oh so no he needs something autistic yeah so what do you want to
cover your arm with now something pretty feminine flowers maybe some fairy what
I’ve done is just like a little worm oh he mini like flowers nice like long
stem is this stuff and because you have skate or die just die no tag with art
love around it okay alright so so you asked for flowers I gave you a whole
bunch there’s a fair few different ones in there as well and this area here
that’s where we’re going to be covered for the background thank you right
safety I went to sort of like wild flowers it’s a couple of little black
bears lots of foliage or do it like quite like vintagey looking colors quite
muted tones so I think it’d look pretty yeah I love that flower I like the
berries it’s also key which is gonna go with the aesthetic I’ll play Alice’s one
Barry’s quiet Ryan berries berries that did it for me very cute are they you

91 thoughts on “She Tattooed Herself with Sewing Needle & Permanent Pen Ink at 14 | Tattoo Fixers

  1. Not knowing what the word aesthetic means, using the slur g*psy, calling a basic flower arrangement “bohemian” to try and spice it up….yeah I don’t like these guys at all lol

  2. Says aesthetic and he says “I thought that’s what you had at the dentist”

    Anaesthetic dude not aesthetic 😂😂😂😂

  3. I wish I could watch the full episodes but I have to download the app to watch them… but it says it's not available in my country 🙄 wtf America

  4. I did the same thing though I was like 16 and i realized i was being stupid mid tattoo. So now i have this half inch jacked up line on my thigh

  5. I did that too during class in high school. I used some cheap pen ink after reading that a Korean artist tattooes people with it. Got an allergic reaction immediately (my hand went all red). Don't know what would've happened cause I got some anti allergy pills. Maybe nothing, but I don't recommend doing that definitely. Also my history teacher was so pissed cause I panicked and had to tell him what I did 😀

  6. When I was in 7th grade I got bored in science class I had a staple and a sharpie and gave myself a “poke tattoo” still have the scar on my hand 😂

  7. Lol okay so in France they made this "tattoo cover" TV show, same concept as this one, but the secretary/receptionist is also a black woman dressed EXACTLY like the one on this clip
    I'm beyond confused lol, can't believed they went that far in their copycat

  8. To the people making fun of this man for not knowing the word aesthetic, don’t act like you know every word in the dictionary.

  9. I would give ANYTHING to have my chest tattoo covered. I was young and dumb, and I dread taking wedding photos so I keep putting getting married farther back. PLEASE HELP ME

  10. In art one day, I went into the box or oil pastels trying to get the only teal. Turns out there was a sewing needle in there. Yeah…. ended up with a line down my finger and it being coloured with teal pastel. 2 months later I still have it!

  11. Oh yeah I’m 14 and i did that when I was 13. Stick n poke doesn’t last tho. I did it on my pinky and it disappeared in 3 months

  12. I done the same with a needle when I was 18 and I put my blokes initials on my arm, I got it covered with a blk rose but even that is shit .

  13. ‘Gypsy woman’, ouch. I want to get a traditional style Roma lady tattooed on me from my experiences working in a small village in Romania so to hear gypsy used to describe it… eek, even if you have Roma history maybe look into the words you’re using?

  14. What would you do if you didn’t like any of the options though? Like you cant just get another one you hate, but I feel like I’d be too awkward to say if I didn’t want any of them

  15. These Brit tattoo shows have taught me that I really don't want Pom mates… I've had to deal with Lads in The summer in Australia but I've never had to deal with the insecure masculinity and 'pranks' to make ur mate less desirable to the opposite sex, (for personal benefit and Alpha over their 'mate')
    Who tattoos their 'mate' with crap tats and thinks it's hilarious? Only an absolute dikhead…..

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