She Regrets Her Tattoos, Here’s My Response

She Regrets Her Tattoos, Here’s My Response

Hey everybody My name is Qcknd and Today’s video is going to be about my friend Morgan Joyce So I actually started to make this video a week ago And I kind of couldn’t so I know like a lot of people Are asking me to make a response to Morgan’s video and I tried to start it today and I can’t so I will try Another time. I wanted to collect my thoughts and I wrote down some notes a green pen. So I can’t read them But today’s video is going to be a response to Morgan’s video where she talks about how she regrets her tattoos if you haven’t seen it my friend Morgan she’s pretty heavily tattooed, and she Made a video talking about how she regrets her tattoos and how tattoo regret is real I just wanted to kind of walk through my thoughts on this even on her video someone had mentioned that I have made videos like this before when some people were like Can you talk about this and it is an interesting? Phenomenon of course, and I have talked about having a hard time Dealing with being tattooed but for the most part I kind of hold back because there’s definitely A lot of resistance and I want to push back I feel personally when I make comments like this So I generally kind of don’t so I was pretty excited That Morgan made this video the video starts off where Morgan says, you know She’s kind of stuck with her tattoos and the decisions that she’s made being a heavily tattooed person The decision she made while she was young or going to be with her for the rest of her life and right away She opens up and she said I would need tattoo removal for the rest of my life and it’s very interesting I follow a tattoo removal Instagram. I’ve had tattoo removal done by this person they had recently posted this thing all about large pieces and the success of removal for large pieces and In their blog posts they talked about how they do not recommend getting large pieces removed Reading that the other day days before Morgan posted this video Kind of did sit with me weird because you do realize that you don’t have options It is one of those things where you feel helpless because your options are very very very limited having tattoo removal especially at a scale of Morgan’s or even mine is very very very limiting and Morgan has a big chest piece that I can say in full confidence that she can’t have complete removal on and when faced with a situation like that where you don’t have options I could see it being very upsetting very anxiety inducing and Morgan has actually reached out to me before we made a video earlier this year kind of like a podcast Sit-down kind of video talking about our beginnings and like our journey into social media and later in that week Morgan texted me and she was like we should make a video together where we talk about the differences between her and I Me being someone who can cover their tattoos and her some who can’t and I loved that idea I was like, yes Morgan come through but I don’t drive so it didn’t really happen and I feel bad But it can definitely happen now because I want that video and I want to people who consider themselves heavily tattooed to have that conversation But with that information like knowing that Morgan was having those feelings months ago You know being tattooed in a way where for the majority of the time where I live in, Pennsylvania I can be Pretty much covered and I still do battle with the fact that I have tattoos that I can’t remove and tattoos that I have forever And in a world where everything is an option Like is that difficult to swallow that with our bodies as tattoo people. We don’t really have options anymore I’m a big advocate for tattoo removal. My friend Polonius is not so it is interesting to see to interact with somebody who doesn’t believe what I believe and then have Morgan who I fully support and Also am actively seeking tattoo removal in this very moment. So it’s definitely difficult but even if Morgan went down a path to get 12 sessions of tattoo removal as a model It’s not really an option for her now. I wonder because I’ve seen the MTV true life I’m getting my tattoos removed and that guy gets like all of his tattoo removal. I just watched a documentary on Amazon That was like okay about tattoo removal I would say that there were success stories in that documentary but with that blog post that larger tattoos do not have a high success of being removed completely and that they don’t Remem that you seek removal more of some light removal with the intention of cover-up. So Tattoos are always going to be there So there’s this thing in tattoo community or even an alternative lifestyle where? People tell you you’re going to regret that I’ve been hearing it my whole life for some reason like when I first dyed my hair and you’re going to regret that my first Piercings like regret regret regret. I heard it. So often growing up that it didn’t it wasn’t loud enough anymore I heard it everywhere And for me getting tattooed was just like another you’re gonna regret that hearing it everywhere all the time So I started getting tattooed and started getting piercings and having second thoughts or feeling weird and for example, I took out my piercing so I could get a better job and I felt backlash and the backlash came from both sides so you’re like where’s your support system the backlash came from pierced people and the backlash came from people who felt very Satisfied that I took my piercings out because they were waiting for me to regret them and it put me in this really weird situation where I didn’t have a support system so I had to like rely on myself, which isn’t always like my strongest support like Especially when I’m down relying on myself is tough So with tattoos, I can only imagine it feeling the same exact way Even when I had my earlobes reconstructed, which has brought me only satisfaction when I had them done the person who did them amazing would die for but there was someone in the shop who was like now you won’t be cool anymore and I didn’t know him personally. So I don’t know if he was being funny or serious. I’m that way I feel like people don’t know when I’m being funny or serious, but I remember in my experience I took that with me. I took the fact that he said now you’re not gonna be cool anymore because I was having my ear lobe sewn up and that was Somebody who you know, I could have walked into that shop and bought jewelry and been cool to him So when you relate that to Morgan Morgan story It’s really daunting because you get it from both sides Tattooed people don’t want you to get removal because you’re stuck with it And you know your whole life all of these people Everyone has been telling you that you’re going to regret it and you’ve had to pick your battles your whole life Are you gonna regret dropping out of school? Are you going to regret moving to the city? are you gonna regret this and that like all along so picking your battles if you chose to be tattooed, it’s just another thing that You may or may not be faced with regret one thing. I did want to touch on though watching Morgan’s video At least when I was younger and I started getting tattooed I was kind of surrounded by people also going through the same thing as me at a tattoo puberty if you will Getting small tattoos figuring out how to get tattoos tattooing themselves in their home dyeing their hair pink and blue and piercing their nose themselves When you’re in that community all of your decisions felt, right because you are surrounded by people figuring themselves out as well And then we get older I’m a little bit older than Morgan and you lose that system that you are in that encouraged you to modify your body And it’s being from my experience I don’t get to hang out with a lot of tattooed people which often Makes me feel like I want to fit in with the people around me conscious or subconscious I want to blend into the group that I’m in almost is just like a nice Homeostasis like you spend time with someone you pick up their mannerisms you pick up their lexicon You start dressing like them Rosie and I our crock squad. You lose that When you’re not around tattooed people and I feel this heavy too because there’s no vegans in my group Morgan and I have said this Painfully, so if we lived closer together we would go to t.j.maxx together and hang out and there would be strength in our Relationship and I’m sure that just seeing each other would offer some sort of validation that isn’t in our lives I know that Morgan is very popular But I also know that she lives in a place where she has to drive like a suburb that can be really isolating Especially when you stand out, you know We want to be in our communities and when you feel like you’re not a part of your community You naturally just feel ostracized and I might be speaking, you know for myself but I had this live stream a few weeks ago where I talked about going to the Poconos and I felt very Like I felt like I was standing out a lot and I felt like I didn’t have any support Because my boyfriend is not tattooed and I just felt like it was the world against me instead of the world against us and I even said like if it was Morgan and I walking around that Walmart and Morgan probably wearing like a pink fashion Nova bodysuit and me looking like Kurt Cobain hobo I would have felt like a million bucks I would have felt like it was us against Walmart but with just my boyfriend there if it kind of just felt like I was the Freak if that’s Something I denoted to myself or something that I’ve you know experienced It is tough when it’s just you even this year Morgan and I went out to restaurant together and we got our own table and we were laughing and we were loud and we ordered everything and it just felt like Cool, but without that you don’t have that confidence like you don’t have that squad to back you up Especially if your partner isn’t tattooed if your friends aren’t tattooed and it’s tough because as you get older you surround yourself with the people like I’ve found I have really good relationships with like freelancers or like people who work from home or have schedules because I have an on schedule so I can only imagine for Morgan how Even more tough. It is to find somebody who she can have a relationship when outside of that I think another reason why as I get older have thoughts about regret and have different things like that is when I was younger my Tattoos were definitely a big form of self-expression They are currently they really are one thing that I think about a lot is when I started getting tattooed I didn’t have a ton of money. So I would put money into tattoos because I knew it was forever And I knew it was an investment in myself and I knew no one could take it away and that was my story and now I have just so much more confidence and Strength in public speaking all the time I wish that I had this ability when I was younger to be outgoing but it’s like I learned the word shy and like Completely acclimated my life to it. I was like shy that’s me in every aspect. Let me read up on it. Yeah, that’s me I guess and then I got older and I felt more confident and I’m able to express myself Verbally a lot better than I ever was so I think you know even Morgan has talked about becoming more confident and I think that’s tough because I grew up with zero confidence. I Happily said that I had Ugly Duckling syndrome until I was like 25, and I know that there’s different Relationships and studies that say that your brain is fully developed by 25 which just like makes me sad Because I’ve just found more acceptance Did you just break something if that’s why McDonald’s glasses? I? Just found so much more self-acceptance in who I am Now being able to communicate and maybe it’s from retail from talking from YouTube I bet I think my tattoos were definitely something I used to speak for me before I confidently could and I wonder if Morgan is experiencing that as well. Finally I want to talk about the effect of tattoos and social media and I think I could go in depth with this a lot further and Dedicate an entire video to it. And I also think I’ve talked about it before so you might recognize some of the language I’m going to use tattoos and social media have Exploded when we view things online Our mind is open and we’re absorbing all of this stuff and sometimes you’re not even Taking in things you agree with or things you believe or your own organic thoughts You just adopt the thoughts of other people sometimes, you know, I do wonder how much social media has changed tattoos and getting tattooed and Having access to viewing tattooed people and I get messages from people that really you helped me get tattooed And I’m happy, you know, I’ve put out hundreds of videos To help people get tattooed. I think that social media has Really just kick-started the entire process from sitting on your couch I’m finding the best tattoo artists, too Narrowing down exactly how you want your tattoos to look too literally photoshopping tattoos on your body and printing it out and bring it to a person like this is crazy Pinterest Instagram I started getting tattoos before I had access to Instagram before I had access to tattoos over the internet I do wonder how tattooed I would have been if that process was so slow and Like a whole day and like it’s huge Grinding process and I would have probably only had one tattoo artist and what I’m trying to say is social media has made this process like so much faster streamlined if you will and Morgan and I are children of social media have tattoos on my body right now that I got because Meditech toward us on social or Loved their work and then got the tattoo and now I don’t have any feelings about it or feelings of regret It sucks because another layer of it is I don’t want to offend anybody by getting tattoos Because my body is so public even Morgan like you’re such a public figure That you’re almost like not allowed to make mistakes. I think Morgan’s video is brave and these are my thoughts on it I haven’t made a personal video for a long time and I do feel bad Losing that connection with you guys. So I thought you know, this would be a nice step to kind of open up my heart and kind of just like Process what’s going on with my friend Morgan? I’ve said it before Morgan’s never left me on read She has always been a really amazing friend to me. But I think everything she said was really human and something It was hard for me to watch because it was just hard for some like like I said It’s hard to like watch your friend just like go through something. I absolutely Am NOT sitting here and saying that I don’t regret tattoos that I have because I do I’ve expressed it in one way or another Over variety of different videos because all I ever want to do is be honest with you guys I do have a hard time sometimes finding the language that expresses regret without the Life-long idea that regret is permanent, and that regret is forever because I can regret what I had for breakfast But I wake up the next day and do it again and I can regret wearing shorts to the Poconos Walmart but then I get to see my friend and we’re badass the other at the restaurant having tattoos is tough and We’re the first Generation to document how we feel every day all the time in every situation? sometimes I call it Twitter brain where like five things will happen to me in a row and I’m like I got a tweet everyone and I’m like that’s Twitter brain. Like that’s just let things happen Not every barista likes you. Shut up this is the very very very first time and I’m happy to be a part of it and then My thoughts to you on the tattoo scene Anyway, I love you guys so much hate to ask you to subscribe on a serious video But if you wanna I also make hundreds of tattoo videos and fashion videos check them out Anyway, I love you guys Bye

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  1. This is so random, but your chouchou reminds me of Japanese girls in Japan and the intro is in Japanese (it sounds like an announcement used in trains).

  2. Tattoo regret is super interesting to me. I regret a tattoo of mine that I'm currently having removed (it's nearly gone!) and I always pictured that if I ever regretted a tattoo, it would be the WORST thing ever and ruin my life. But….I literally never think about the tattoo that I regret unless I'm remembering to book a removal session… like, ever. Do I regret doing it? Sure. Does it affect my life day to day? HELL no I've got way too much going on in my life for that!

  3. I had watched Morgan's video last week and commented on it. I connected a lot with what she said, but honestly, I don't mind being the only heavily tattooed person in my group of friends. Most of them have several tattoos themselves, even if they aren't noticeably big pieces. I've recently had the itch to get tattooed again after thinking that I would never have the desire again. I'm kind of annoyed with my boyfriend for not continuing with getting his tattoos worked on because I am usually more attracted to tattooed people and I thought he was more into them when I first met him than he actually is. I work with 2 girls who each have a sleeve and another who has a half sleeve and I know all three of them have plans to get more tattoos. Nobody I work with or am friends with are vegan like I am, so that is a bummer, and my boyfriend is a big meat eater. Ugh!

  4. You helped me get tattooed! I love my tattoo so much regards to this topic, I have had moments of regret when my tattoo has become an inconvenience to me (people trying to touch me, random strangers asking me to lift up the rest of my sleeve so they can look at it, my mom being so adamant that I will regret it). It can be really exhausting sometimes. To me it's worth it when I have moments to myself where I can just look at my arm and know I made the right choice.

  5. wow the aspect of not wanting to get something removed because the large audience would notice and so would the original artist is really eye-opening! good points xx

  6. Man I wish I woulda known before that if you get a phrase that is easily readable, tattooed on you, that you WILL spend the rest of your life watching people read it, being asked to stay still OR turn so people can read it, listening to people read it out loud, asking you what it means and debating whether that phrase is true. 😑 I only regret one of mine, which I plan to get covered up, and it’s not the one that everyone likes to read, but I think I would have done things differently if I hadn’t been able to look at tattoos on Instagram.

    You’re so right about how social media has made getting tattooed easier and quicker and it is gonna be interesting to see how tattooing changes in the future because of it.

  7. As a tattooed mom, with partial regret on my big pieces like my chest and my neck tattoo only because it’s not coverable easily, I’m starting to feel like a big hypocrite when telling my kids that tattoos are forever in that they may regret them

  8. Did you get tattoos for you or the world?
    Even when I am the only heavily tattooed bitch in the room I still don’t regret a thing. The tattoos I have are art from my friends and experience I’ll never forget. They travel with me to remind me of the many good times and people I have in my life.
    Love you.

  9. I worked with this pretty young girl at a hotel once and she got a bunch of smaller tattoos (covered her whole arm)when she had a nervous breakdown and now she regrets them big time. She can’t really get nice pieces because of these scattered tats. They were badly done and she saw the ones I had and was like do you know how I can fix this. I was like you could try to laser but it’s expensive or you could try to find someone to fix them so it’s not embarrassing. I felt so bad for her Because she was embarrassed and she can’t do anything about it for a very long time if she ever can. Even young kids regret them. It’s something you have to think about long term.

  10. This helped me a lot. I got my first couple tattoos not too long ago and they take up most of my arm and I wanted to tattoos all my life. This is why it was weird when I felt like I regretted it and wanted to get them all removed and now I understand why I feel this way so thank you!

  11. My friends all were getting tattoos when young. I like them but I am one who likes to change their look a lot. I was wondering what they are going to look like when we are older. Well I’m in my 50s and I’m grateful I never received anything bigger than a dime. My friends well let just say it looks like shit. To be fair though the tattoos now are better but 😬 I know the young don’t like to think that far ahead but it happens in flash. You are old.

  12. What you said about being shy and identifying like that, in connection to verbal communication skills really resonated with me, and made me think

  13. I don’t regret my tattoos but I find myself wishing I would’ve waited before becoming as tattooed as I am. I had both of my arms blacked out when I was newly 20. It’s exhausting going on in public and being badgered, grabbed, interrogated.

  14. I was wondering if you could do some collabs with people of color and tattoos. I love your content and Tattoo Talk Tuesdays and I think hearing from people of color about tattoos is a cool topic. Just putting it out there!

  15. Not having a support system of tattooed friends/partners is rough sometimes. It gets isolating bc you stand out A LOT compared to your other non-modified friends/partner. When I go on dates I purposely cover all of my tattoos just so I don’t stand out as this spectacle, this oddity compared to the general population 😔

  16. For some of us, it really helps us to feel better about ourselves. It's the best decision weve ever made. I feel so much more confident and feel much better about myself now that I'm tattooed (highly visibly and large pieces). It helps me stand out from the crowd. I am art. Expensive art.

  17. When you say "tattooed people" what do you mean? I have small non visible tattoos and I've found that most people do. So I don't feel singled out or isolated. Do you mean there's not a ton of heavily tattooed people for you to be around?

  18. I waited until my 20s to start getting tattoos. I also think about each tattoo i want for about a year before getting them. I havent regretted one yet. I think i would have if i had of started younger because your teen self isnt your permanent self.

  19. it's frustrating that tattooed or pierced people would be "against" the idea of other people removing tattoos and piercings… shouldn't the point of body modification be self expression and comfort in your own body? I feel like tattooed and pierced people are people who already understand what it's like to have their choices regarding their own bodies disrespected. People and interests change. Getting rid of a body mod isn't betraying yourself or other people with those mods…

  20. I always get my tattooes in places I can hide if needed. I have my lower back, left abdomen, right ankle, left forearm, right shoulder blade. Love them all. Would never get a sleeve or anything in places that will show 24/7

  21. Im covered. Onto my hands and chest, the rest of my body has a ton of work. I knew tattoos were such a big part of my life i shaped my life around my passion..

  22. My boyfriend is also not tattooed. I find it funny that actually, my serious relationships were with guys that have no tattoos! Yet, I have tattoos.

  23. Honestly. I like to get spontaneous tattoos. It’s memories for me. I have a tattoo (which was covered) that I didn’t like. It was really bad but I loved it. It looked like shit but it reminded me of that point in my life when o got it. Good or bad time it’s a memory I cherish. I only got it covered because I just wanted a bigger piece. I don’t regret it at all. I don’t think I’ll ever regret any of my tattoos. Even if I don’t like them anymore. I forget that I have tattoos sometimes

  24. I have only one tattoo (albeit large) but I plan to get more. I only want to get them in locations I can cover if needed though. I can always wear long sleeves and long pants. However, I work in an industry in which tattoos are mostly accepted by people, so it should be fine either way.

    Honestly, for me tattoos are a reminder of my life’s journey. So even if I get a bad one it will still be a memory of a part of my life, for good or for bad.

  25. I quit piano lessons when I was young. My Mother told me that I’d regret it and she was right. It’s one of many regrets or things that I would do differently if I had the chance. If you live long enough I guarantee that you’ll regret something you did in life. If you don’t then you’re probably not very good at evaluating yourself.

  26. I was 14 or 15 when I got my first tattoo then my second at 17 then only got more and more. I did cover my first tattoo up and I’m almost complete with my arm sleeve and I do not regret anything on my body I didn’t even regret my first I just covered it because it didn’t go with my sleeve and I also plan on getting covered much more and when I became a parent I will not care what others say because my tattoos do not define who I am some may judge but never let someone’s judgment define you always stay true to who you are I love my tattoos they are my story and I’m the only person that needs to like them 🥰 but it’s true some do regret and that’s okay

  27. I am in the Pocono area and I personally haven't felt singled out for my tattoos. We are two different people but maybe its an internal/mental feeling more than something that happens. This isn't to say that if I saw you I wouldn't stare but I would stare to admire your tattoos not to look down on you. However I know there are people who don't get why individuals are tattooed but its not for them to understand why as long as you love them even if you don't. They are your tattoos.

    Most of my tattoos have always been hidden because I have always worked in an industry where tattoos weren't allowed to be shown. I have some really messed up tattoos LOL but they tell a story in my life and tattoo regret is real for me because I would like something in its place not because I feel people look down on.

    Your tattoos are amazing and so are Morgan's tattoos.

  28. I like the points u made. I'm also pretty blasted, neck and all….and i do get what you are saying (about the infinite staring or feeling like you're solo). But i wouldn't go so far to imply that having tattoos is an actual social situation. It does get to you tho…the feeling of being low-key ganged up on. Much love

  29. It's so weird watching this because people do this to me with my hair color even though hair is the least permanent thing! People over 35 act like my purple hair is a permanent mistake that I can never take back even though permanent hair color still fades within 3-6 months, its so silly! I only have a few tattoos, and I would like to touch them up (but thats due to weight fluctuation not tattoo quality) but even if I regretted them I would not regret the time that I enjoyed them (ifthat makes sense) same thing with my piercings! If I dont like them… take em out? Literally all three of those are waaaaay less permanent than having a kid. Love the video Qcknd!

  30. Can i get some advice? Ive been thinking about getting a memorial tattoo on my ankle for my friend. Over a year ago she commited suicide and a few months before we were talking and she told me about how her boyfriend at the time was planning on getting a tattoo of her name and she told me that that is the stupidest thing he can do but she is honored someone would do something so stupid for her. So I’ve been planning out tattoo ideas so i could do something stupid for her. I’m planning on getting two roses with a ribbon kinda tying them together and on the free ribbon inbetween the roses I was going to get her nickname “Joy”. And I’ve been going back and forth because idk if i want something that always reminds me of her but at the same time i think about her everyday anyway and i just really want to do something for her. What do you guys think because i know it is a very permanent decision so i really want to think about it from every angle.

  31. Thank you SOOOO much for this video. I have a tattoo appointment in 2 weeks and recently I've been having thoughts of regret, and I've even considered cancelling it. It's my first tattoo that won't have meaning so I have no way of justifying it to my family (I know for sure they're gonna flip shit), so I've been thinking of not getting it at all. I feel weird about wanting to dye my hair green even though it's been many other colors in the past and I was excited about those colors. I didn't know why I was feeling this way about these things.

  32. The best thing that happened to me was marriage to a heavily tattooed man. He is my freak and we are freaks together. There are times I am very isolated( being a strange person with tattoos in Bozeman montana) so when I leave the house with my little person I fully regret wearing my all black outfit and corset because of the isolation…but then someone says I LOVE YOUR HAIR and I remember that I'm the cool person and confidence comes back.

  33. My favorite part about being in my 50's, I'd have laughed out loud at that guy. I don't care if other people think I'm cool. They don't get to make that call. I do. Full disclosure, I have no tattoos.

  34. It's more unique to have no tattoos. I listened to people's advice and common sense got no tattoos and never regretted it.

  35. I really like tour thoughts on the subject! Visibly you took time to put your ideas together, your expressed yourself in a clever and genuine way and it shows! Keep up the good work 😊

  36. I am in a tough spot, because dying my hair, having tattoos, getting piercings feels authentic to who I am. People in my life who disagree with these aspects of who I am want me to be more traditonal. They seem to think that I can't get jobs with tattoos, piercings, and dyed hair. But they make me happy, and I have to remind myself I have lived through a lot and fought for the self confidence (I am body dysmorphia) that has brought me to the place I am today where I have tattoos.

    My friends support it. My family doesn't. That constant dychotomy makes it difficult to act with confidence because I have that push and pull going on.

  37. sorry if this is insensitive.. but dont get tattoos if youre unsure if you want tattoos plain and simple…. like if youve been going through phases throughout your life and dont feel solid in yourself, DONT GET TATTOOS… period. duuuumb..

  38. Tattooed people don't want you to admit that you regret getting tattoos bc many of them take it personally like you are saying there is something wrong with their tattoos or like they are ugly.

  39. If I hadn’t married my husband, I’d be far more tattooed than I am. He’s not a fan of them because of the permanence of them. I don’t like change, so to me the permanent mark would be everything I’ve needed. Though I think most of the tattoos that run through my mind are quotes “I’m doing better than I ever was” “before I blame someone else I have to save myself” “if I bleed you’ll be the last to know” reminders that I am stronger than my mental illness, and those that push me for it. And I do plan to do those. Eventually, it’s my body, but those have been the longest running ideas in my mind. And I think I have moments of regret of my first and only tattoo, because I was young and dumb and 17, but it also reminds me, I was young and dumb and 17 and that’s a part I never want to forget. Is it a good tattoo? No every artist that sees it says they can re work it. So I think the marks I would put on my body would be regretting at points but at points I’ve regretted all my choices and if I let the idea of regret stop me, then I will do nothing. But I’ve also never had a social backing a group that was doing it all. I’ve always been the outlier and I’m comfortable in that place.

  40. Getting a tattoo isn’t a joke, it’s on you for life. Don’t get a tattoo if your not a 100% sure that you want it. Don’t just get one for fun because most of the people that do end up regretting it.. be mature about it

  41. Tattoos are permanent. I wouldnt dream of regretting any of my tattoos. Thats foolish. I have collected for 20yrs. 3 rules ive been tattooed by.
    1. Professional artists in professional shops only.
    2. No hate
    3. No visibles ( hands, neck, face)until ALL non visible areas are full.

  42. One thing that keeps coming up in this convo is how hard it is to feel like a freak or like everyone is staring at you in public when you have a lot of tattoos and most people in your area don’t. I think that this is 1) entirely dependent on where you live (if youre from Portland, OR for example it’s probably more uncommon to not have any tattoos at all) and 2) very indicative of the kind of “natural” privilege you were born with. If Morgan were to have no tattoos she would be just another cis white girl (and she can achieve basically this same identity if she puts on a long sleeve sweatshirt). But for a lot of trans and gender non conforming people, we’re freaks to everyone around us, tattoos or not. We’re getting stared at either way. Same goes for a lot of black and brown people who are read as “scary” or “dangerous” in certain neighborhoods. I think this is why tattoos are so popular among queer people and also in POC culture. If you’re going to get stared at no matter what, might as well give them another reason: one you have control over. When being trans/non-binary specifically, tattoos almost have less potential to be something you regret because your body feels like something you have made and are “working on” constantly anyways.

  43. Re: people waiting for you to regret your piercings… oh man can I relate. At one point I had 1" stretched lobes and I loved them. But after about 4 or 5 years, I felt like I was "over it." Couldn't really put a finger on why, but the random dudebros coming up to me in public and asking if they could stick their, ahem, into my ear… yeah, that might have been part of it. Anyway, I had them sewn up and re-pierced at a "regular" size. Life goes on, right? WELL. One of my friends took it upon himself to "call me out" on Facebook, being like, "see, I knew you'd regret those piercings!" Wow thanks for assuming you know my motivations when you don't, first of all; and second of all, fuck you, I'm not allowed to change my mind at all?

  44. I’ve never felt left out bc of my tattoos in my friend group. Everyone either has at least one tattoo, or they other friends who are tattooed so they are used to them. Tattoos are pretty much accepted here, although I feel the most uncomfortable on the subway. I get stared at, and I can’t walk away from it bc I’m stuck in a tube underground lol. But wassup girl I’m a heavily tattooed chick and I’m also vegan!! I’m in queens NYC hit me up if you ever want to meet up!

  45. Dang dude I feel bad for people that regret their tattoos. I'm a HEAVILY tattooed person, and I have a government job, and you would never guess that I have so many tattoos because of how I chose my placement and design. I have an entire side sleeve that begins at my knee and ends at my shoulder, crosses my entire back. But I can wear capris and a t shirt and no one has ANY idea.

  46. I got like like 7 tattoos and a sleeve 15-19 years of age and I stopped and now gonna get the rest of my body done so I have like the young me and the mature at 28 a huuuge break

  47. Ive heard the whole regret thing too. I decide long ago that yes, tattoos are forever, no they wont always look as fresh or good as when you first get them, but my tattoos are about me and what i want. I do not regret any of my current tattoos nor will i ever regret them. I understand thats not the case for everyone. All i can say is before you get a tattoo, really consider why you want it and what it means for you. If it has meaning or a memory then you wont regret them

  48. It sucks that so many of the issues aren't really even necessarily personal reasons but societal and community based. Like if tattoos and piercings didn't have this, stupid and for no good reason, stigma; a good chunk of the things that cause people regret about them wouldn't exist.

    While social media has definitely streamlined the tattoo process I think it's also made it a far more informed process. It's so much easier to find meaningful advice and information, made finding and recognizing good artists and clean shops much easier and also has helped reduce a lot of tattoo stigma.

  49. Lmao the amount of problems you bring upon yourself due to poor decision making, impulsive thinking and lack of foresight from your teenage years/early 20s is amazing. Tattoos should be banned for people under 25, or should require a "one year wait" (meaning, you have to wait a full year to get it, if you're still sure by then)

  50. Luckily I live in Louisville where pretty much everyone has tattoos. I couldn't imagine living in my hometown in Indiana where everyone would judge me. There's only a few small tattoos I have that I regret. I'm fairly heavily tattoos so they blend in. I've gotten to the point where I don't even notice I have tattoos. Thanks for sharing this! Sending love!!!

  51. Honestly ..when i meet people, men or women..i assume they've probably got a tattoo or 2.
    Iv 5 basically..and only my 1 finger tat can be seen when fully dressed. I didn't start getting them until my 30s. At 48 iv a cpl regrets with 2 of them.
    1 With Size. Artists always want to go big as they can. Stand firm in what size you want and find another artist if needed. Mine aren't that big..but my ankle stars I'd like smaller and my butt tat I'd like to not have at all now..but if so.. I'd have liked it smaller. .lol. So even age doesn't always save us from regret. But I'd never remove em. Not that I think theres anything wrong with it. My sister had all of hers removed (she started young) I just don't have the money and heard it's painful..more then getting them!… But I adore my shoulder tat and my red wrist and finger tats SO MUCH.

  52. I told my kids that I didn’t care what they did as long as it was undoable. They shaved their heads, they dyed their hair, they even got piercings. I had no problem with any of that because it was ALL undoable. Tattoos however? Not until you’re out of my house. My daughter is very happy I set that rule, and my son has a full right sleeve that he absolutely LOVES, but he did it after he went away to school.

  53. I watched the original video and a few other responses. As a woman in my 40s, I have the gift of being a little older and I can say that regret isn’t the end of the world. You are not your mistakes. I hope she can learn to love her tattoos again and see them as part of her life story. The general trend I’m noticing is that the older you are when you get a tattoo and the longer you think about it, the less likely you are to regret it. I got mine in my 40s and I love them. The older you are the better you know yourself anyway. Will I regret them in my 60s or 80s? Who knows? But also – who cares? They’ll be great stories at the senior centre. Plus they’re so common now, no one will care. It’s just my skin and my body isn’t permanent anyway.

  54. I am 60yrs old, try getting a tattoo 40yrs ago, you went "local" as that was all you knew, consequently, yes, i have have 3 well shitty/shoddy tattoos, but they also define me.
    Do i regret any, nah, i just grin and get another beer; however, being a heavily tattooed female is still frowned upon in some circles.
    My ex-wife has 18 tattoos when we went to London (still married at that time; we live in Denmark) people stared at her, but not me, some of the comments were not nice.
    I think all you ladies are wonderful.

  55. I have 1 tattoo, I don't exactly have regret, but I wouldn't really care if it wasn't there anymore. So if I had to choose, id choose it to be gone. But it's there… So Meh.

  56. I have a hard time for overthink thing like – if I get that tattoo will people like it or not like I just think about what people think instead of take my own decisions, and it’s kinda breaks my heart because I don’t get those tattoos because I’m overthink it.. if it gonna fit in with all my other tatttoos will it be random and ugly or what? I will just take my own decisions instead of what people think.. but it’s hard

  57. Idk why im just seeing your response to Morgan's vid, but i cant tell you how much i identify with the isolation and wanting to blend into the crowd 💔 it can be so lonely being a heavily/visibly tattooed person in the burbs.

  58. I remember I had a boss in my late teens that said what kind of job or work will you do? Oh boy. My response was as follows. "I will get a job washing dishes, or cars or hotel rooms, I Will go to school and be a Lawyer or Dr I will invent something or start my own company. What I won't do is live a life of worry or insecurity and not do what I want. I look at it like this the people that are going to be offering a job or filling a position is more than likely going to be of my demographic and have tattoos so I am not really worried about it. I have a job right now unless your firing me getting a tattoo? I don't think it's going to keep me from being a successful person if that's the avenue I choose and if I decide to be a loser then I'm already getting a jump on things aren't I ?" He said I can't see tattoos being mainstream and not looked down on. "I am sure you'll be surprised, hell if I stay around this place long enough I can do your job with these evil tattoos". He laughed. I ran into him not to long ago and he brought up the conversation and said "boy you called that one, got any hot stock tips"? Haha. I laughed wished him well and walk away.
    My job was running the night shift at a convention center. His was food and Beverage manager
    The year was 1995. He's miserable making peanuts at the same job (or retired IDK) the ONLY place he ever worked started out in my pisition. I quit 4 months later when I graduated from college with a "degree" in Machining starting pay was more than his salary. I didn't have the heart to tell him I had a plan and already started putting it in motion. I'm sure things are great for him as he makes all the right calculated moves in his "life" if he calls it living? Who knows. The point is I always remember the feeling of new ink or piercings and don't let people's opinions, thoughts, fears, beliefs, religions, feelings or sheltered lives get me down. Life's short live it and realize that at one point you loved it go back and find that love. But someone looking down at you for being what you want shouldn't ever get anybody down. They don't know what you got going on behind the scenes. I tell my girlfriend all the time "I don't care what they think about me, I don't think about them AT ALL". She is amazed that I genuinely don't give a 🤫 what people think I never have. After all one of these 🙌 is really just a whole flock of 🖕.

  59. I have two tattoos that I regret the quality of. I designed them myself and I love the designs still. One far more messed up than the other and I'd like to rework it. I'm trying to lighten it myself because I can't really afford laser removal.
    I'm at a time when I don't have a support system, so being online and visible is even more daunting because of the backlash you mentioned.
    I can't help but be nilhistic with how the world is going. I figure that since the world is likely going to shit in my lifetime, I might as well go out looking like I want. I'm very sure I'll regret it if I don't get all the tattoos I want.

  60. I think the legal age for getting a tattoo should be at LEAST 21, and you should only ever get tattoos that you KNOW you would never regret, and do it because you want to and not because other people are. For me I've never really been in a "group" of friends, and out of the people in my life I'm the only person that gets tattoos.. There's some I don't really like and plan to rework, but I still plan to get quite a few more. But I started at 18 and am now 29 with 11 tattoos.. but since I took it slow now that I'm older I understand the importance of waiting, planning your whole body out before committing, and going to someone that is "known" for incredible work. I think the regret is usually based around abrupt decisions, not planning it out, not getting a quality artist, and using up space that you later realized you wanted something different. People just need to slow down and do their research!

  61. But I have never been around tattooed or modified people. I've always been the only one in my life with lots of tattoos and I kinda like it that way tbh haha

  62. I feel this I live in a tiny town in the middle of the mountains and I was the only person with dreadlocks. I started feeling so bad about them I just got sick of it and brushed them out.

  63. I can’t wait to get more tattoos, I love all my tattoos, but I would say that my BIGGEST regret about my tattoos is some of my placements along with my care afterwards for them. I don’t regret any of my babies, I love them immensely.

  64. Im so shocked that you would feel like a freak being at the mall etc when youre the only tattooed person. Im always in awe when I see someone with tatts

  65. I would say that I don't think of my tattoos but its probably because ive been overweight all my life. So in a way my weight has helped me filter out the feeling of "standing out" in a crowd and feeling like the odd one out.

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