Sexy & Proportionate – Pinup: Elimination Tattoo | Shop Wars (Season 9)

Sexy & Proportionate – Pinup: Elimination Tattoo | Shop Wars (Season 9)

– Okay, artists. You have six hours to tattoo a sexy pinup
with appealing proportion. And your time starts…♪ ♪Now. – Let’s do this.– Today,
we’re testing proportion
with “Ink Master’s” favorite: pinups. – Go ahead and take a mirror. I want to make sure
you like where it’s at.– These artists need to
make sure that her proportions
are all voluptuous and sexy. – There is one spot
of this tattoo that is gonna hurt so bad…
[laughs]– We’re gonna make these artists
switch every 30 minutes
because we want to see
that you can do it all.
If you came
with a strong teammate,
then you shouldn’t have
any worries. – All right, amigo.
Let’s rock and roll.– This girl has dark skin.She wants tons of information
put into this piece.Going big’s a risk,but there’s
no other option here.
If we go too small,
it’d be very dark and heavy. – I’m feeling
really competitive. – Really competitive,
I like that. – I’m like,
I don’t want to lose. – No,
we’re not gonna lose today. – Yeah.
– I’m really nervous.
I do not want to go home
on the first challenge. – Oh, this is cool.
– We had to redraw it. – He doesn’t like it? – We had to put the axe
in this hand.– Time started already.I mean, we haven’t even started
tattooing yet.I’m losing my mind right now.– Let him see
what it looks like now. – Can’t waste
much more time, dude. We’re already not tattooing. – And switch artists.♪ ♪– Ooh-wee.
– You okay? – Yeah, I got to be, or it ain’t getting done, right? – We’re definitely just feeling
the pressures of things, with our canvas
not working with usand not budging
on the black and gray.
The color’s definitely taking
a long time. – There’s a skin tone there. – Oh,
that is more of a skin tone.– I just wish we would stopgetting dealt [bleep] canvases.– I’m so jealous
you guys got the cowgirl. Pinz and Needlez tattooing
a weird, unattractive ladywearing a big oversized hat
and a meat sack–
it’s strange. – Yeah, it looks awesome.
We’re already late in this thing
so we’re both panicking
right now. – So, right now,
whoever starts, ends. – Yes. We might be completely [bleep]ed
in this challenge. – Ready?♪ ♪– Four hours remaining. Switch it up. – Tag, you’re it. – All right. – Thirty minutes. This isn’t nerve-racking
or anything? – It takes the heat off.– Our canvas originally wanted
a fire breather
sitting on a carousel horse,but that is impossible to tattoo
in six hours,so we got her downto just a fire breather
sitting in a ring,
and we’re killing it,
but right now,
the rest of the alliance
definitely seems like
it’s gonna implode. – Do you want to put
any, like, blush or anything, or anything in her face? – Yeah, I want to give her,
like, purplish maybe. – I’ve done a Medusa,
and I’ve done a pinup,but combining these things,
we’ve got to make sure
the snakes are not too big
or too small on the head itself,
so it’s another way
to show proportion.
Also another way
to screw ourselves. This right here
needs to be mixed. You have to make a mid-tone.
– Okay. – Final hour, guys. Switch artists.♪ ♪– You’re on boots next, right? – Yeah,
I’m gonna do her shirt and boots and finish
the rest of the water. – The cool kids’ club scrambling
and struggling for their lives, and we’re sitting here
on easy street. – That looks sharp. – Dude, this thing’s
just coming together. It’s coming together. Black Cobra did a good job.They gave the worst skull picks
to the alliance.
The veterans are gonna
take control of this thing.
This cool kids’ club is in a little more trouble
than they realize. – I don’t know how much
I got left in me. – Light
at the end of the tunnel, bud. Butt tattoos,
definitely not the most fun. – His skin is starting
to become highly irritated.It makes the line work
look shaky and wobbly.
It’s actually just swelling,and we’re starting
to worry about it.This guy could stand up,and it could be
completely jacked.♪ ♪– Five.
Four. Three.
Two. One. That’s it.
Machines down. Time’s up. No more ink. – You’re good.
There you go… – Yay, thank you. – Done.
– Oh. – I love it.
That’s amazing. – Nice.
Yeah! – Yeah. – Holy Moly. I love it. – The talent pool here
is ridiculous. There are some pieces
that I looked at today that I was like, holy–
wow. – We have to keep up, for sure. – Well, we’re just warming up,
you know what I mean? So I just hope we don’t go home. Or, more importantly,
get bashed.

99 thoughts on “Sexy & Proportionate – Pinup: Elimination Tattoo | Shop Wars (Season 9)

  1. I don't think I quite understand what pin up means. I thought it was a specific styling but from watching this show it just seems like it just has to be a person. Can anyone shed some light on this?

  2. Still sad Pinz and Needlez got voted off 🙁 Now all I have is Empire and Unkindness to cheer for! I have my faith in Tommy!!!

  3. I'm pretty bummed pinz and needlez went home but I saw it coming. they focused on them more than usual. it felt premature but honestly at this point any little mistake could get you sent home. if I'm being honest though, old town ink should've been on the bottom three since their mistakes were very similar to pinz and needlez also allegory arts should've been sent home, I feel like that was a little cop out considering they got the most criticism

  4. I hate that white tattooists don't believe dark skinned canvases can get pigmented tattoos.

    It CAN be done! It HAS been done!

  5. berkaya terus jangan dengarkan orangorang yg sentimen sama org tattoan kita harus buktiin bahwa tatto itu seni bukan kriminal atau penjahat

  6. Christian is such a pathetic hypocrite asshole! Always calling them "young people" "Instagram artists " " cool kids" to patronise them , and when they called him grandad, he almost cried : "have some respect man" ,,,,, what a sad idiot!

  7. you young people have got so rude looking at humans. you all look like freaks – women and you colored haired- all planned to make asses out of you. you don't see queens or kings doing like you are,,,,,,, you are their toys then food and they give you stuff to make an human ass of you self—- GEE you are all sick- and your commenters don't get it either you basically an animal now! now get ready to get on all fours——–beast!~

  8. If they don't finish the tattoo for the challenge do they at least get to go back for the client? It would suck to have a half finished tat

  9. Calling these people "Shit canvases" is so damn rude? These people more than likely watch the show, and they are PEOPLE, Yes they are your canvases but they have lives and feelings

  10. Some of these look terrible even at the outlining stage. Yikes! Some of the proportions are just terrible. (Especially blind lady justice)

  11. 4:22 holy crap that is a poor one! the proportions are terrible! her torso is a square, her ribcage is weird, the boobs look like saggy waterballons, the bra doesnt make sense, her legs are super short, her neck is broken and her arms look like a toddlers

  12. ""SEXY PIN UPS"" there's a fucking snake hair bitch, a fishing girl, and a cow girl with long dress…..i don't think we have the same definition of "sexy"

  13. Not really the best situation to get a tattoo… The artist is in a rush, under time constraints and they have to switch tattooists……bad idea

  14. I've never understood the desire to get one on your butt. That sounds really painful and could go soooo wrong.

  15. TbH I really don’t think that she was dark skin, and that she was the perfect skin to get color, and depending on the tattoo artist, if they are going to have a good attitude. That’s what ai think.

  16. Imagine your friends asking you what type of tattoo you got on ink master and you get your pants off to show them your ass lmao

  17. Love how all the artist have terrible and ugly tattoos, why would you want a tattoo from someone who doesn't even have good judgment for what they put on themselves

  18. The tat of the woman with wings at 2:03 looks so bad. The one arm looks like a baby’s arm it’s so small. The other arm isn’t even there. You can see a small part of the shoulder and then you see the hand. That doesn’t even look proportionate. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  19. Some of these were really out of proportion, but I absolutely LOVED the medusa one. Colouring is on point, they nailed the proportions and she is sexy af!

  20. Can you make the apps and sites with full episodes AVALIABLE for other countries ಠ_ಠ you would profit alot more from that than keeping these short annoying ones on yt

  21. Wth type of cowgirl is that? Look at that leg and look at that boot. The bottom half is unproportionate.

  22. They are getting mad that they’re canvas isn’t cooperating but at the same time it’s a needle going into skin

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