Semi Permanent Makeup – Microblading Eyebrows | Eyebrow Enhancement

Semi Permanent Makeup – Microblading Eyebrows | Eyebrow Enhancement

Cosmetic tattoos are gaining popularity
by the day. So here’s everything you need to know about my tryst with
semi-permanent makeup. Hi I’m Dr. Geeta Fazalbhoy, a Founding member of Skin & You Clinic and today we’re going to talk about semi-permanent makeup Semi-permanent makeup is a simple
non-surgical treatment that inserts semi permanent tattoo pigments into specific
areas of your face. Now that sounds kind of scary I’ll admit but it’s completely
safe and very effective. We use it to enhance eyebrows, eyeliner, eye lashes and lips and after just a single procedure you can enjoy stunning smudge free
makeup that will last for 12 to 18 months. We also use this treatment to
camouflage scars and burns, vitiligo, serious pigmentation issues but we’ll look
at this from a cosmetic perspective in this video. If you can’t leave your house
without shaping your eyebrows or if you want to balance out the shape of both
your brows you’ll love this treatment so toss those eyebrow pencils aside. No more brow battles for you! We have Saachi with us, she has very
sparse eyebrows but she desires a natural look as of now I have makeup on
my eyebrows but naturally I have very sparse eyebrows. It takes me anywhere
between 10 to 15 minutes every morning for me to fill in and shape my eyebrows and it’s become a very tedious process. I’ve tried so many things from castor oil to coconut oil that friends and family have recommended to me but nothing seems to have worked so far. So Saachi do you have a family history of thyroid. I don’t really have a history of thyroid in my family but I think genetics has a very big part to play in this. Both my mother and grandmother have very scanty eyebrows and that’s why I am super excited to get this procedure done We will measure the brows using a skin calliper. We take the gap between the two brows. We then measure from the medial part of the brow to the highest point on the brow and then from the highest point
to the lateral part of the brow. This is done to give symmetry to both the brows and freeze on the final eyebrow look. Pigment is then etched in the brows Saachi’s right brow is thicker than the
left. Also her brow on the left is shorter on the tail-end than the right
brow. We will correct both these asymmetries. Since Saachi wants a flared brow look, I have put in a few small hair strokes in the highest point in both the right and
the left brow. Before the treatment I had very sparse
and light brows with a lot of gaps between my brow hair. The semi permanent makeup took about two hours to get done with. Dr. Geeta started off by applying a local anaesthetic to my brows which was left on for about an hour after which the microblading process actually began. Microblading is essentially like getting a tattoo for your eyebrows but only one that is temporary and lasts for about six to eight months. I have one other tattoo that I got few years ago that in my opinion wasn’t as painful so going into this procedure I believe I wasn’t as prepared for the pain I was about to face as I should have been. Comparing getting inked on my arm to my face was probably where I went wrong. Your face has the most sensitive skin compared to other body parts especially around the mouth and the eye area. So for those that want to get this procedure done I’d say only do it if it’s absolutely necessary. If you have scanty brows like I do then you should probably give this procedure a shot, but also at the same time remember the pain that comes along
with it. But on the other hand if you have fuller brows with just a few sparse gaps in between them then just opt for a brow pencil or a brow powder. Post the treatment once the local anaesthetic began to wear off there was a slight
soreness and pain in my eyebrow area which lasted for almost about two to
three days even after that. I could not wet my brows for 72 hours and for about
10 days post the treatment I could not wear any makeup in that region. As told
by Dr. Geeta the scabs from the microblading process had started to peel off
by the first week. By the end of the second week the scabs had completely gone the ink in my eyebrows had lightened by
about 20 to 30 percent. After two weeks I had my second sitting with the doctor where anything that needed to be fixed was done and any gaps that were missed
during the first sitting were filled in. The recovery process for the second
treatment was also the same and this is what my brows look like now. Bear in mind that the state-of-art procedure is designed only to enhance your natural look and not completely change your look. I hope you found this video informative
and if you have any more queries do leave them in the comments below and
we’ll try and respond to as many as possible. Thanks for watching and until
next time stay tuned stay Glamrs!

100 thoughts on “Semi Permanent Makeup – Microblading Eyebrows | Eyebrow Enhancement

  1. Its not looking good or not natural its just looking like
    Cheap black pencil filled like drawing 😂😂😂😂😂 yakk

  2. I am sorry , but i somehow feel that the microblading wasn't done very accurately. Ideally you're supposed to be creating strokes of hair and not just filling in the brows , else the brows will look fake just like above! You should check out Laurdiy here on youtube for her microblading experience, which I feel looked more natural! 🙂

  3. Eyebrow Make up is better than this procedure, i feel pitty for the model while she is talking at the end, i will not go for this procedure

  4. Its better to wake up 10 mins earlier in the morning and do the eyebrow make up rather than suffering this pain..
    More than that it looks artificial

  5. Please keep on making such videos.. We come to know about many different technologies and facilities available nowadays.. Out there 😇

  6. Got this done from another doc. My experience was great!!brows looked great. However it faints after one year.
    It does look weird for first ten days

  7. It's so badly done. It looks like someone just coloured in her eyebrows. They are suppose to look feathery and blend well into your natural brows to the point where it's hard to differentiate between what is real and what is tattooed on. Microblading is a great technique for people with scarce brows. This doctor just has bad technique.

  8. omg! what have you done? I have got mine done from London 13 months back and they are no where close to the way you treated hers (I know results can vary blah blah), but I KNOW the difference. Are you even trained to do this? have you seen the videos here on Youtube from REAL professionals trained to do this. Watch those and you'll see the difference in how it is done. It looks like you did it in such a haphazard way, It is not supposed to bleed, also I haven't seen even a single video where there was any bleeding nor does it look like you have any idea of aesthetics, what would work for her – shade shape etc.

  9. Wow I'm utterly disappointed. Glamrs usually finds the best experts, this is one of the worst mircoblading jobs I've ever seen. Looks so fake lol.

  10. It looked like a "Sticker"! The pigment should have been filled in with a feather like hair strokes with a light hand. Disastrous fail!

  11. This is SOOOOOO HORRIBLY DONE!!! I think this is literally the first video on microblading in India, but my goodness what a disapointment!

  12. I think d right brow looks vry thin and d left one a little thick, like it varies. If u r doing a treatment for better(probably getting best) brows den atleast it shud b perfect… 😏

  13. Im sorry this is not how it's actually done. Looks so unprofessional! Please don't ruin people's faces. You clearly don't have enough knowledge about how it's done and it seems like you are not a professional.

  14. Looks like she drew it with a kohl pencil
    She paid for this? We need more qualified people with better experience in India.
    Hopefully, the brows faded to a more natural looking color after a few days…

  15. Kindly don't show anything which is not right. This is not how you do microblading. First learn and then show. State of art my ass. U have just spoilt her face.

  16. She is not professional at all. Microbladed eyebrows meant to look like our actual eyebrows! Technique followed by her was very unprofessional

  17. I am a microblading specialist in the UK and this absolutely made me cringe! First of all microblading is NOT semi permanent! You will have something on your brows even if it's a a year from now. Secondly where are the strokes? This is a block tattoo! The poor girl is going to end up with green bluish eyebrows in a few months! Microblading mimics your natural hair growth this completely ruined them! Instagram – @sc_microbladingspecialist Facebook- Sapna Christi Microblading Specialist

  18. I feel awful for the Dr who uploaded this video as she must feel insecure about her skill/work now but this procedure was completely awful and wrong

  19. Hi.
    can this be done for hairline as well?
    i have slight bald spot on the left side of my hair line, i guess i just have hair there and i was wondering if this can be done to even out my hairline?

  20. Goddd…z dz a joke…worst ever microblading…poor girl…how come u b said as a doctor..u worst lady

  21. I want microblading sometime in the future, but I’m not sure if Indian tattoo makers have the capability to do it that well.

  22. You should NOT name this video as Microbladding! They didn’t numb her and used a shading machine. Poor girl. Horrible job on her. This lady who is flowers no this whatever procedure should get out of the business.

  23. It looks like eyebrow stamps tbh cuz its jet black right from the starting point of the brows! Had the doctor left that region little sparse and light it would have looked good considering the curve and length was perfectly done!
    Semi permanent ink was the saving grace thou😆

  24. I feel like the girl who did her brows wasn’t even a professional the colour they gave her was black and those who have been doing microblading/brow tattoo should know that black is too harsh

  25. Feeling sorry for this poor girl. Hope they paid you well to hide your actual reaction after such horrible results.

  26. it is highly penetrated pigmentation. not recommended and suggested. after heal the result will be far different than fresh one

  27. I fail to understand why these girls are doing eyebrow tattoo in the name of eyebrow microblading. Eyebrow Microblading is definitely not a doctors job! This is an art. An artist is the right person to follow this procedure. I can't be thankful enough to God that I found Renuka Krishna. I have been renuka's clients for a really long while. She does the best Skincare in India. Why I have been going to her all this while is because of her truthfulness towards her clients, hygiene she does and the results. My skin has thanked me ever since! She also did my wedding makeup and she is the best Celebrity wedding makeup artist… Then I got my semi-permanent eyebrow microblading procedure from her. I love my eyebrows! They look so real, she did Hair by hair technique, even I can't tell if I have got anything done. I have been recommending her name ever since. She is providing her services all over India and very often travels to Emirates, Maldives, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia and I believe a few more as per my knowledge. You can actually check out on
    Would highly highly recommend Renuka!

  28. The final result looks absolutely disaster. Even good make up artist would do a lot better than this fake looking ugly brows.. very dissapointing! This is the level of microblading in India! I pity that girl if she really had to suffer coz of those..

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