Second Chance Ink: The Tattoo Studio Covering up Messages of Hate

Second Chance Ink: The Tattoo Studio Covering up Messages of Hate

– I was never raised to, uh, be a racist. It was never a part of my
life until I was in prison. It was born out of pure necessity. You have to change who you are. When you come into jail,
you come into prison, you’ve got your white gangs. You’ve got your black gangs. If you step outside of that, you’re not only gonna have one enemy, you’re gonna have two. The tattoo for me was
definitely like a shield. The day I got released, I was
determined not to just give up and say, “That’s who I am.” And I realized that I can change this. My name is Dave Cutlip, and we run Redemption Ink. I have been tattooing for over 20 years. We help people get a second chance by removing racist and
gang tattoos for free. We started about six months ago. I’ve done 16 coverups now. The demand for this,
to be honest with you, it’s overwhelming. I’m gonna try and do it
at least once a week, either here or at conventions until I just can’t tattoo anymore. People are just going
full-bore trying to get help. And most of them, I’d have to
say, they’re already moved on. They just still have the tattoos
that are holding them back. Like, I’m glad that I have a talent that I can help somebody. Those people deserve the
pat on the back, not me. They did what they needed
to do to change their lives. – At the end of the day, I didn’t want my daughter
picking up on that message. I didn’t want my daughter thinking like that type of thinking is right. Or asking me where I
got it or why I got it. She doesn’t have to see any of that. And I’m just like grateful
for that every day is that she never had to
see me as that person.

82 thoughts on “Second Chance Ink: The Tattoo Studio Covering up Messages of Hate

  1. Sporting a Homboys Ind. t-shirt. I think I know where he got the idea for free cover-up tattoos. Awesome!

  2. Black Pride and Black Power is ok but White Pride is condemned? I love this channel, but I hate when you guys show your CNN-ish side. I know you're a 40+ team that needs funding, but how about less subversive messages?

  3. I love the cute stories they created to explain their racist tattoo instead of just telling the truth "I was a racist piece of shit at the time but I changed"… Prison isnt like in the movies most people just keep head down and do their time, if you want to shit in ppl cereals yea I guess you need to pick a clan but for most people its not needed

  4. I watch this video and I love the content, restores my faith in humanity.

    Then I go to the comments and my faith evaporates

  5. Apparently "white pride" is racist, but any other pride isn't. I guess equality is a world without whites, eh?

  6. Great video! Never thought about those in prison who weren't actually racist but had to get conform to one group like that for survival. It's a great cause for these artists to be helping those people had such a shameful thing as prejudice or gang aligning tattoos.


  8. What's wrong with the tattoo in 1:01? I know at least the Chinese character means faith. Does the English letters mean something bad?

  9. Leviticus 19:28
    Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.

  10. Wait wait wait… White pride is definitely not a bad thing. Blacks can have pride but we cant? That's racist in itself.

  11. WHY WOULD HE NOT HAVE WHITE PRIDE?!? All the other fucking races can have Black pride, brown pride etc.. But if someone is PROUD to be white, oh hell no "we" can't have that!
    I'm proud to be white, if you have a problem with that, then fuck off. God Bless the U.S.A.!!

  12. Some dumbass came up to them after they got their tattoos and said, " Ugh, that Panther is offensive."

  13. Sad that he had was kinda forced to get a racist tattoo just because he was in prison and wanted to survive.

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  15. I had hoped there would be no trolls on this awesome video. Unfortunately I forgot I was on the internet. Anyway, this dude is fantastic.

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