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Santos Saúl Álvarez Barragán, better known
as «El Canelo», with only 29 years old, is currently considered the
highest paid athlete on the planet, to give you an idea when Saúl Canelo Álvarez
be 33 years old, you will have billed in your career 481 million dollars, that is about
the 9,620,000,000 Mexican pesos, this according to data provided to El Economista
of Forbes, Sport Business and the contract announced with the DAZN platform, this great fortune
It is due to his dedication, perseverance and constancy in everything he does. The cinnamon was not a fan of tattoos, but
recently it shows otherwise already encouraged to capture in his body certain
moments or symbols that marked his life and today in curious cato we will show you what
mean the tattoos of Saul canelo Álvarez if you want to know what luxuries this boxer is given
Mexican, I invite you to come to see the video where we show you some of its luxuries more
expensive, I’ll leave you a link in the first Comment in case you like to see it. Now yes … are you ready? Let’s get started! one. Date on the shoulder. This was one of the first tattoos of the
boxer, was made in 2017 and made it known to the world through a photo on his Instagram,
the tattoo is on his shoulder and consists of a date written in Roman numerals: XXIX-X-MMV,
that is to say on October 29, 2005. Saúl Álvarez affirms that it is the date that
it changed his life, because that day was his debut professional with only 15 years old
at the Chololo Larios Arena in Tonalá, Jalisco Mexico. 2. Love of your life tattoo Saúl canelo Álvarez became a father
when he was only 17 years old; together with his teenage girlfriend Karen Beltrán,
Canelo decided to call his daughter Emily “Cinnamon” which in Spanish means “cinnamon” who
says she is the most important woman in his life, and that’s why during one of his trips
Miami decided to get a tattoo on her forearm the face is his daughter with whom he shares the
Love for horses. 3. Controversial tattoo This tattoo on the back was done
the Mexican boxer months before the second controversial confrontation he had with Gennady
Golovkin, where the phrase that according to he said it took him to sell pallets in
the trucks to be the highest paid athlete of the world “Destiny is not a matter
exchange. It’s a matter of choice, life is
difficult, but never give up. Keep fighting and always believe in yourself
to achieve your dreams ”despite being a great message, was strongly criticized
in social networks for having done the tattoo in English and not in Spanish, your native language,
and more because the boxer doesn’t even speak English, but well what matters is the message
that gives all his followers or what do you think? Four. Personal brand This is probably the tattoo that everyone
We have seen Saul Canelo Alvarez, well he has it right in the muscle of his left arm
and is the one that is always visible in the photos that you take for the promotional of your
fights, here the phrase is marked, not boxing no life, in Spanish it would be without boxing no
life, hinting that boxing is his life, plus that is clothing line name
and sale of boxing items. 5. Couple tattoo One of the most recent tattoos of this
Sportsman, he did it with who is the envy of many girls, his girlfriend Fernanda Gómez
with whom he has a little girl named María Fernanda. Through his Stories on Instagram, the
model born in Guadalajara, Mexico, showed the images of the tattoos that she and cinnamon
They were premiering at the wrists. This is the date November 28, 2014,
written in Roman numerals, as well as a crown of queen and king, respectively. no
it is known for sure if it is the day in which they made boyfriends or is it another day in
the calendar that marked a milestone in their courtship .. but the funny thing is that the two wear the tattoo
in the same part of the body, and on the other, that the “Canelo” design is just above
of the tattoo with the face of his eldest daughter. 6. Eyes of his beloved Saúl Canelo Álvarez says that what else
he likes his current girlfriend are his eyes, so he decided to make a new brand
on the skin with the look of Fernanda Gomez, who published through their stories
Instagram two images where you can appreciate the great tattoo on the left arm
of cinnamon, and who even placed behind of her to put her arm over her face
of his wife, and the date that October 12 from 2007 that accompanies the tattoo is the date
That he met his nice girl. Romantic right? 7. Plume Another recent and very visible tattoo that bears
the boxer boxer is this plume, making allusion to the land that gave him birth, Mexico,
the boxer on different occasions to said who is proud to be Mexico and represent
Mexican boxing worldwide, so who wanted to capture the face of this woman
with a plume in one of the most places visible from your body; on the left arm
where he has the most important tattoos for him, so that in every confrontation that
is seen by millions of people show to the world a characteristic emblem of Mexico. How are you? Do not forget that we have a video where we show you
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