Ryan Henry Gives A Burn Survivor & Her Mom Tattoos | Tattoo Tales

Ryan Henry Gives A Burn Survivor & Her Mom Tattoos | Tattoo Tales

– I can’t wait for my
daughter to see this. I know she gonna love it. – Best part is when kids see a representation of themselves and they say, “That’s me.” (hip hop music) – Hi, my name’s Latoya Heyward and I am here at 9Mag
today to get a tattoo. Last year, on April
13th, I was hospitalized. On April 14th, my
daughter suffered third degree burns to her face. She was in an induced coma
for a little over a month and so, I’m here
today to get a tattoo to symbolize our journey and something to represent
how far we’ve come. – Hi, welcome to 9Mag. – Hi.
– How you doing? – I’m doing well. My name’s Latoya. I’m here to get a
tattoo today by Ryan. – By Ryan, okay, awesome. He’s actually waiting for you. Right this way.
– Cool. Nice to meet you. – How you doing? Have a seat.
– Awesome. – So, what do you have in
mind to get tattooed today? – So, today, I wanted
a picture of a phoenix. I just became a peer
councilor for the burn unit and I’m able to help
other families that are, not just the burn survivors,
but families of burn survivors. And I was trained by
the Phoenix Society, which is the national burn– – [Ryan] Oh, so it’s
all significant. – It’s definitely significant and so, the phoenix bird
is represent rebirth and I think that
symbolized what me and my daughter
journey is, basically. – Where we putting it at? – One my leg. – Let me see. So, we gonna use
all this space here. When the last time
you had a tattoo? – It’s been 13 years. – 13 years? – I kinda forgot how this feels. Is it gonna hurt? – It’s not that bad. Let’s check out. (tattoo gun buzzes) – Yeah, that’s not bad at all. – Cool, well, let’s go. (tattoo gun buzzes) So, what’s the significance,
from your perspective, of this mother/daughter
phoenix piece? – My daughter, she’s
like my hero, man. She’s been through so much. (tattoo gun buzzes) I just wanted something
to represent us and what we’ve been through. You know, obviously, with the
cross, God was in the mix. You know, I thought
I was gonna lose her. So, to see her come
out that coma… – You mind telling me
how she got burned? – A pan of hot grease
dropped in her face. – Sheesh. Just give me the chills. I know you don’t want nothing
bad happening to your kids and then… – Seriously, especially
at four years old. But she was so strong. The nurses said she
never even cried. And she just picked back
up, like, she’s thriving. She’s in school sometimes
and she come home and she’s like, “Mommy, the
boy say he don’t like my face,” and I was like,
“What’d you say?” She was like, “I don’t care.” And so, like, you know, I
wait ’til she leaves to cry but I just be like, “Girl,
you like, so strong.” As adults, we hate when
pimples on our face, you know, like, we’re so vain
and she’s just so confident. – Well, that’ll go a long way. – So, why do you
use those colors, the red and yellow,
to do the sketch? – Well, I start off scaling
it out with a lighter color, that’s the yellow, mapping
out a little bit more with the slightly darker
color, which is the orange, come back and make some almost
final lines with the red and then if I need to make a
little bit more definitive, then I put a darker
color, which is the blue, to make the solid lines that
I’m gonna have to tattoo. – I love how you did
the phoenix wings. – When you think of phoenix, you think of rising
from the ashes. – Yes. – So, to fly upwards. It’s just what comes to mind. (tattoo gun buzzes) Just take a deep breath. Know that it’s gonna come. It’s all different types of
nerve endings in your body, so you gonna feel it. (tattoo gun buzzes) – It’s coming to
life, so now I’m like, the pain don’t even matter. I can’t wait for my
daughter to see this. I know she gonna love it. – The best part is when kids see a representation of themselves and they say, “That’s me.” (tattoo gun buzzes) Alrighty, I think we’re done. – Oh my God! Ryan, thank you so much. I love it. – Did we get it? – You got it. Oh my God, look at my baby. – [Ryan] You like? – I love it. You’re so thorough. – All right, come on,
let’s go show her. – Okay. (mellow music) – [Ryan] You about to see what
your mom’s tattoo look like. Check it out, come here. How you like it? Good? Good job? Up, oh. Are you still getting yours? – Yes.
– When? – Now.
– Now? (Latoya laughs) Where you getting it? On your leg, too?
– Mm hmm. – [Ryan] All right, pop up. – [Latoya] How it feel, Caliyah? Do it hurt as bad as mine? – [Caliyah ] No. – [Latoya] He make
it so easy, right. Oh, he’s giving us twin tattoos. Oh my God. Caliyah, this tattoo
means so much to me. You are like, so confident and everything you went
through last year… (mellow music) – [Ryan] See how strong mommy
was getting this tattoo. – [Caliyah] Yes. – You just mean
everything to me. (Latoya sighs deeply) (mellow music) – And, a wrap.
– Yay! – Like it?
– Yes. – Go look at yours. – I like it.
– Let me see. We matching?
– Yes. – [Latoya] Together
forever, right. – Yes.
– Give me some. I love you. – [Caliyah] I love you, too. – [Latoya] Thank you
for coming with me. – [Caliyah] You’re welcome. – Thank you, Ryan, so much. This means so much. – How you feel? – I feel good. I’m so glad. When she’s happy, I’m happy. – [Ryan] Did you have fun? – Yes.
– Can I have a hug? – [Latoya] I told her
we’d come back and visit. – Thanks for coming. – [Caliyah] You’re welcome. – All right, you take care.
– Thank you. (mellow music)

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