Ryan Ashley’s Tattoo Evokes an Emotional Childhood Memory | Ink Master: Angels (Season 2)

Ryan Ashley’s Tattoo Evokes an Emotional Childhood Memory | Ink Master: Angels (Season 2)

– Hello, Houston!
[cheers and applause] – We have two amazing artists ready to do some
awesome tattoos. Are you guys ready?
[cheers and applause] – On this side,
we have Mike Wallace! [cheers and applause] audience members:
Mike! Mike! Mike! – And on this side, we have “Ink Master”
season eight winner, Ryan Ashley.
[cheers and applause] – And at the end
of this tattoo, we’re gonna need
all of your help to determine the winner of this face-off.
Are you guys ready? [cheers and applause] – You guys have
six hours to tattoo, and your time starts…now! [tense music] ♪ ♪ – I normally don’t do
black and gray, but it cuts down my time
because I don’t have to saturate all the different
blends of tones of color. What you doing over there? – What do you
think I’m doing? – Black and gray?
– I’m playing smart, baby. – Well, I’m trying
to play smarter. While I ain’t practiced
lots in black and gray, but I know who I am, and I know
I’m a better artist. I got to kick ass. – At this point,
I say you have a lot to do. – Daniel, get the
[bleep] out of here. – I’m worried about her. – Instead of going in
and doing really super-thin, delicate lines
like I normally do, I’m going in
with sculpted black lines because I want
this tattoo to be powerful. I want it to be bold
and strong and masculine. When I was about 17, we had major,
major flash flooding. My mom’s car was literally
picked up and swept away. Oh, my God,
I’m starting to cry. So my mom and her husband,
they got stuck in the car, and the water started
coming in. It went up to their waists. They had to climb up a tree,
and they had to cling on for an hour and a half
in the tree, pouring rain, before anybody could find them. – Wow.
– That’s why I really understand how brave you are, because you knowingly risk
your own life to help other people. – Thank you
for sharing that. – It’s people like you,
you know, that inspire people like me. – ♪ This straight,
straight line ♪ ♪ Gonna lead to you ♪ – You have two hours left! – ♪ Just keep me on that
straight, straight line ♪ [dark rock music] ♪ To you ♪ ♪ ♪ – As far as just
design alone, like, hers is gonna beat it. The only thing he has
on his side right now is if she doesn’t have
the time to make it as detailed as his.
– If he doesn’t do those, like, overcast tones right, that’s gonna just
send him home. – She’s gonna have
to pick up the pace. He’s gonna have to
pick up that detail. – Yeah. [tense music] ♪ ♪ – How’s it going?
– Kelly, I’m freaking out. – Hello. – What are you
freaking out about? – I mean, I have to make
some serious choices right now. Like,
“What am I gonna have to nix?” I haven’t been panicked
like this in a challenge in a long time. I’m nowhere near
where I need to be to make sure this tattoo
is 100% completed by the end of the face-off. – Ryan’s definitely
freaking out about time. She’s still struggling
just to get the figure done, let alone the background. – The background is the fire, and the water
is also unfinished, and those are
the biggest themes representing
this person’s story. If these important elements
are missing, then she’s not doing
what she set out to do.

100 thoughts on “Ryan Ashley’s Tattoo Evokes an Emotional Childhood Memory | Ink Master: Angels (Season 2)

  1. I just started Ink Master tonight and the first time i looked at Ryan there was just something about her that i really love and admire she's so bold, beautiful and hardworking I love her

  2. I get it Ryan is Hot I agree but guys… SHE IS AN AMAZING ARTIST can we appreciate how detailed and fucking magnificent her art is???

  3. I will literally pay an arm and a leg for her to do my first tattoo and just have a conversation with her. I was hoping for her to win ink master from the beginning. Such talent!

  4. I tried my very best to find the song at 2:15 but i found one that sounds similar to it. It's called Evil Ways by Blues Saraceno

  5. Been watching In Master clips for hours and they never tell you who won any challenge, so I’m super glad to hear Ryan won season 8

  6. Can we please stop talking about how pretty Ryan is and start talking about hOW FUCINI GORGEOUS HER TATTOO IS

  7. I love this woman…. It's insane. I wish she could ink my whole body just so I could listen to her talk….

  8. Rushing a good tattoo is just stupid. Who cares who finishes their tatt in whateved time limit. Tbh nobody cares. Its about the skill

  9. I'm sorry, but I've always wondered this. How do these tattoo artists sit still for 6 hours and not have to get up to pee at least once? Do they all have iron bladders?

  10. I want to get a tattoo from her. She seems like such a cool chick to hang out with for 6 hours and her tattoos are GORGEOUS

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