Ryan Ashley is a Master at Ink AND Trash Talk | Ink Master: Angels (Season 2)

Ryan Ashley is a Master at Ink AND Trash Talk | Ink Master: Angels (Season 2)

– Hello, Portland! [cheers and applause] We have two amazing artists ready to do some awesome
tattoos for you guys. – On this side,
we have Austin Rose. [cheers and applause] – On this side, we have “Ink Master” season eight
winner, Ryan Ashley. [cheers and applause] – And we need you guys here,
because at the end of these tattoos,
you get to decide which tattoo you like best. [cheers and applause] – You have six hours to tattoo, and your time starts now. – I got a new fan club
over here. – Yeah.
– You didn’t know that was gonna happen,
but it is your city. – I figured.
– Right. – I’ve met me.
I’m pretty–I’m pretty awesome. – Yes, it lines up perfectly! – Sweet. – She’s a beast. – I haven’t done a tattoo
like this in a long time. – That’s why it’s gonna
be sad to beat her. – It’s now or never.♪ ♪– Portland pride,
Portland pride! There it is. – Yeah!
[machine buzzing] [cheers and applause]♪ ♪– Portland loves me,
but this is a small pond.
I’m a big fish, and I need to
make my way to the ocean.
“Ink Master” is
the Pacific Ocean.
I’ve sharpened my skills
for ten years to win this competition today. – It’s gonna look so
pretty once it’s done. – Yes.♪ ♪– Hour down, huh? – It does not feel
like an hour’s gone by.I’m trying to defy
a lot of odds.
I’m not a color artist.This couldn’t be any more
out of my wheelhouse, for real. I made my stencil
very confusing. This is a lot to look at. I’m taking a double take
on it in a couple spots, being like, “What did I mean by
that little mark right there?”♪ ♪– How are you doing over there?
– Are you talking to me? – No, I was
talking to her. – Oh, I wasn’t sure
if you were taking a break from jerking yourself off
over there. [crowd exclaims and laughs] – Never take a break
from that, ever. I’m like, my biggest fan.
– I know. You’ve just been
busy tooting your own horn, you know what I’m saying? – I’ve got to have
someone do it. – Why does everybody think this
mother[bleep]’s a superstar? I mean,
fake it ’till you make it, you know what I’m saying?♪ ♪– Oh, my God.
– What’s up? – Oh, my God, it hurts
every time you touch it. – Just hang out. Don’t wor–don’t stress on it,
okay?My canvas is not sitting well.She is moving a lot.
Every time I touch her,she twitches.– Oh, son of a bitch.– If I can’t pull out all
the stops,
there’s no way I’m gonna
beat an Ink Master. – Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
I can’t. – This is freaking me out. – [groans]

61 thoughts on “Ryan Ashley is a Master at Ink AND Trash Talk | Ink Master: Angels (Season 2)

  1. The first time I've wanted the Angel to win. This guy clearly had no respect for his competitors and Ryan. He's arrogant and played it totally safe with his tattoo. I hope neither Cleen nor Christian pick him for a team so I don't have to watch him more than I have already.

  2. This show is so rigged. No one makes ink master all season then this guy full of tv personality happens to beat Ryan….ok

  3. Her true colors came out at the end… Can't handle losing and always making excuses… Far from the best tattooer out there

  4. I'm sorry but these judges are fucking blind, he shouldn't have progressed past round 2. Emily should've taken it…. This is a common occurrence in this show. The show should have like 100 tattoo artists from around the globe judge the tattoos…. His burlesque pin up looked more like a drag queen and was highly unreadable due to lack of depth.

  5. Well, one thing is perfectly clear: this guy won't be going far on Inkmaster. I can just imagine what Peck and Nunez would have said about his clearly substandard tattoos.

  6. Damn this edit makes austin look like an asshole but he's such a great guy in person. Oh well, was fun to be there for it.

  7. This Show wouldn‘t make any sense at all if the angels would win, Right?they‘re supposed to find new Artists for ink Master….so they have to win.
    And all of a sudden Ryan struggles with Time ?come on 🤣

  8. Austin was this way on ink master too, yet somehow managed to stay a pretty good amount of time despite being considered a "weak link" on his team.

  9. I like how Ryan takes up challenges like in the vid she doesn’t do colours but she is trying that is what I like about her

  10. Honestly I don't know how Austin even made it on the show because he is such a bad artist! And for the fact that some artists had to go home on the first day doing head-to-heads that were far better if Austin was tattooing the same thing! And did he not vote against his sister in Ink Master angels? I got to say they were desperate for contestants! These are not the best of the best… They are just ones that showed up

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