Ruel Talks ‘Free Time’, Tattoos, Playing ‘The Simpsons’ on Guitar

Ruel Talks ‘Free Time’, Tattoos, Playing ‘The Simpsons’ on Guitar

free time is the latest EP from Ruel who
joins us here at the great American Music Hall in San Francisco
welcome welcome thank you so much think it is quite a scene outside mm-hmm and
on top of it kudos to you for playing two shows back
to back yeah in the same day yeah have you ever done anything well I’ve never
done I’ve actually done I’ve done festivals where I’ve had to play like
one set you know one festival then another and another one I’ve done that
before but I’ve never done really anything like this so what is the plan
how do you approach performance because I can assume that the first one
performance is already exciting yeah so forth now you got to really gather that
energy up twice yeah I guess that definitely I need to just conserve
energy and pace myself a little bit more but especially vocally like vocal
health-wise I’ll need a not rip it yeah I guess it every day not completely I
have to you know just be switched on in um terms of yes support and everything years old you’re learning how to play
guitar what were the first songs that you were
trying to play um I like guitar I like when I really started I remember like
the first few riffs that I learned like on my first day sunshine of my love
sunshine of your love of my love Oh sunshine of your love my green remember
that and then I remember learning like The Simpsons theme and all just like all
the dumb things for Simpsons yeah yeah and and then I when I started like
singing playing the guitar I was saying like a lot of James Morrison a lot of
like James Blake even you know my sister got me on to Frank Ocean my dad got me
on to Kendrick and you know I kind of and then yeah I really loved like Todd
the creator James Blake so saying Amy Winehouse Stevie Wonder yeah all those I
read an article about your dad oh man how he is such a creative that the house
that you guys lived in he has all these audit four pieces of furniture and yeah
and those kind of things and then the one thing that’s
out to me was the turntable yes and how you and the rest of your siblings would
be non-stop look you know finding vinyl yeah yeah what were you playing on on
that turn um I got sang lots of bill with his he has us one live bill with
this record that I am obsessed with yeah 70s funk there’s a lot of stuff yeah
yeah boom you touch that Stevie Wonder and that is one thing that I hear on
this new piece of material that you have especially face the face of harmonica
yes yeah I think that’s very obvious yeah so this EP is different than ready
very different m to me how would you describe the differences in a year I
think olan mid maturity as me musically
especially in um like lyrical content as well yeah I’ve just feel like I’ve
gotten better at writing music and I feel like my influences come through a
lot more on this one I don’t know I just I just knew what I was doing more for
this one and I am a lot more proud of it and I feel like it’s definitely the
direction that I want to keep going and keep exploring there’s a lot of
emotional intelligence involved yeah I think thank you writing music like this
where do you think you get that from ah your mom my dad both a very I think our
whole family all very open and grow very I guess I feel like I don’t know I mean
we all know who we are and we if anything’s wrong we always tell each
other and I’ve always been quite an emotional kid as well so I feel like
that’s definitely stuck with me yeah that guy was always crying a lot and who
is you know just leave were you mama’s boy because you’re the only boy in the
family and I really yeah yeah I like yeah yeah I know she’s standing right
behind the camera I’m like yes but no you think you’ll get any tattoos um
that’s a yes mom’s here yeah actually I I want to get a tattoo when I’m 18 I
won’t get one before I’m 18 but my both my parents have actually
approved this one I’m not sure where I’m gonna I’m sure if I get it under my face
they won’t be too happy which I wanted but I want to get a kleine poep which is
in Dutch means um am I allowed to swear sure little ** which is kind of like well my mom
like every time she got mad at me like she just called me a little ** and ever
every time it was deserved a lot of the time it was deserved because I was and
then my dad’s Dutch so put in Dutch and I don’t know I just think it looks
really cool and I don’t know where to put it but I definitely want to get that
on me one day I think that’s very appropriate yeah yeah no it’s dedicating
it to my parents mm-hmm exactly yeah yeah surely that’s okay your birthday’s
coming up 29th of October what’s the play is my present they have how is my
present they have Halloween is Australia Holloway yeah yeah okay do they do they
not have Halloween in places I surely do maybe yeah true what was it like being
it’s definitely there it’s I don’t know I feel that Halloween definitely isn’t
as much of a thing as it is here it’s very different because in Australia it’s
weird like I don’t know people there’s no Halloween parties my people
just go out in the street trick or treat and then get home by 7:00
and then eat the sweets and then fall asleep and then like once you pass like
14 you don’t do that anymore you know celebrate there’s no sexy nurse there’s
no not really not really bad cop and what have you know it’s not really much
of that yeah yeah maybe you should celebrate oh you’re gonna be here in the
States for your birthday right and for Halloween yeah oh I didn’t even think of
that oh yes you got to prepare I’m gonna have wait where am I I’m gonna be in um yeah I’d love to us I actually want to
check this sorry I want to see where I have a Halloween Oh Dallas I have a show
on Halloween in Houston prepare your costume and I can’t wait to see it
online Oh costume
oh no maybe I should be the UM I should do a sexiness
you should mom would approve yeah oh great to meet you too best of luck on
everything thank you so much can’t wait for the show tonight thanks thanks for having me it’s Ruel free time is his latest EP you’re watching b-sides on air

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  2. I've been watching him growing up since he was 14, even before the Ready EP. I am so happy for everything he's going through in his career 🤩🤟

  3. 5:20 mmm yeah Ruel, we don't truly celebrate Halloween in Argentina. We know what that is and we watch all the movies about it but we just don't put on a costume and stuff 😂

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