Roman Reigns reveals the importance of his tattoo

And I’m super fast, but I mean,
could you light up a little bit, so we could get a little bit.>>Yeah.>>Yeah, and then we’ll just shoot. [MUSIC]>>We’re in Ontario, California,
we just did a photo shoot for the Inked’s magazine cover. A huge part of my life obviously consists
within my tattoo and my culture. And to be able to celebrate it with other
art lovers, and other tattoo lovers, I think that’s the ultimate compliment. That’s another reason I like the tight
shots because you can, I mean,>>Yeah.>>From a distance the patterns can
really flow into each other but when you get up on it you
can really see the details. So I had an original piece here, and
then what we ended up doing was we did one session here with a bit of
touch up in this one, and then we finished the second session,
then the chest always last.>>How many hours?
>>30, yeah 30. On a night like Monday Night Raw,
you see the Usos come out, they’re representing our culture. Then you see me come out. We’re represented throughout a three
hour broadcast multiple times. So I think every time that we
get to be around our culture, or we get to run anybody that is from
a familiar background or ethnicity, they always love how we represent. So for me, it’s just representation of
our people, of our bloodline within the wrestling world and just our family
in general, we’re very proud of it. And with this platform of the WWE and
luckily for us, everybody was just really embraced it and
just really just took love to it. But yeah, to be able to like really
be able to express ourselves and put it on a giant platform globally for
everyone to see it. I couldn’t ask for more and to be that
guy that’s wearing our culture and be able to share it through me,
it’s pretty aimed.

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