Rocking the Black & Grey Tattoos worldwide – Bob Tyrrell on TattooNOW Full Interview

Rocking the Black & Grey Tattoos worldwide – Bob Tyrrell on TattooNOW Full Interview

I love traveling, you know, I
love seeing different parts of the world. Over the years I’ve been almost everywhere… China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, South Africa,
and then all over Europe. You know, like everywhere in Europe. But I haven’t
been to Romania yet. I’ve been wanting to go…
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And in this case extra special thanks to Costi from Next-level tattoos for
bringing us over to the 10th annual Bucharest tattoo convention. So we’ll be
packing up all of our gear to get head over there to help you dive into the
spirit of Eastern European tattooing, although the artists lineup is worldwide.
This was the perfect opportunity for us to Skype in with our good friend Bob
Tyrell. He talks about tattooing in Detroit and in Los Angeles and the
amazing road trips that he takes in between. I think he’s done it in two
days solo! Crazy, I’d like to give that a shot too.
I’m pretty excited to meet Robert Hernandez over at the Bucharest
Convention so talked to Bob a little bit about when he first met Robert
and how he got tattooed by him. Bob talks about his influences including Rick
Baker, the monster special effects guru, his musical inspirations including
what it’s like to be rocking out on stage with with some of his favored bands and then we cover Bob’s upcoming tour schedule so no matter
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Cheers bro!
Cheers Bob! Nice to catch up again!
It’s been a while, how’s 2019 treated you so far? It’s been good man!
only you won’t look every other year every year that’s what my daughter says
when I pick her up from school every day I’m like hey how was your day she’s like
good like every day tell us about it would you do where’d you go right same
thing every day pretty much you know it was a good day but where have you been I
guess might be a better question I have an apartment in in Hollywood now and
then my house is here in Detroit so I go back and forth so I
I don’t but I’ve been you know Ola allowed it’s good more than winter time
there some you sure there yo January February half of March you know but I’m
back and forth you know sure I mean you home almost every I’m
back in Detroit almost every month so awesome and so obvious your tattoo and
in both spots do you have a private studios and both locations are you’re
working at any of any studio studios or in LA I have a little private studio but
I also work it on it like three other shops I kind of like go to you know kind
of do guest spots but kind of work in there you know on a regular basis when
I’m out there you know so um I was working at shamrock shop yeah yeah
that’s two miles to my apartment you know and I was working there on Tuesdays
and I haven’t been back in a while but this winter I want to try to get back
there and just you know work every once in a while there I was working a big
ghusl shop yeah look like two big galleries so I want to get out there and
work maybe one day a week or so when I’m out there or or a couple days a week or
something and then Nikko Hurtado has a second shop black anchor la which is
like a mile and a half from my apartment so I’ve been working there every once in
a while too so I’m just gonna kind of bounce around work with friends I just
worked at st tattoo in Venice my buddy Jason Brown owns that shop so i yeah i’m
pretty much bouncing around are you driving back and forth it sounds like
everyone I catch in here on a road trip yeah usually um I spent almost my entire
summer in Detroit you know like when I was back to summer it for an entire four
months I hadn’t been back to LA except for one week in August so I like to be
in Detroit for the summer so and I like to have my Camaro in Detroit but in the
wintertime like before I had my apartment out there and I used to keep
my Camaro in the garage from like you know late November till you know almost
April you know just sitting at Raj cuz I got a truck a drive in the winter and
stuff but uh but now they had the apartment out there I can drive the
Camaro year-round there it’s summertime you around so I used last few years I’ve
been like September I might drive my Camaro back out there and then leave it
out there and in May I’ll Drive it back to Detroit so
I can have it here for the summer and I like the road trip you know I like
driving across the country I love it actually so it’s fun I agree I just got
out to a Chicago area to do an event wagai and a crew of people however
badass and I was like 20-ish our solo drives I got to stop what you know I
stop off and see tattoo shops on the way but so do you do the whole trip solo
yeah I like driving alone yeah how long does it take you out of curiosity it so
it’s three days it’s like the shortest route which I just roll back out last
month going up north like through Colorado and stuff um it’s 33 hours and
I actually did the drive in almost two days okay
I’ve done it in three days or like if I have time I’ll do it in four days so I
can take my time just do like eight hour drives instead of twelve hour drives you
know but this time I drove and ghosts were playing in north of Denver like
right on my way you know like half pathway to LA they were playing and it’s
right the exact time I was driving through there we’re tell politics so I
was gonna stop I just start driving I left sit like a Saturday night at six
o’clock I was gonna stop get a hotel at 2:00 in the morning and then get up and
then drive to you know it’s where I was going on Sunday but I uh I kept driving
I got to the point where it’s like it’s stupid to get a hotel room I’m like you
know five hours away I’m just gonna keep driving and uh stopped at a restaurant
for a couple hours and kind of nodded out a little bit and that and then I did
the same thing when I then I was in like I got to Loveland Colorado where I was
going to see ghosts I got there Sunday and then they were playing Monday night
so I had a whole day off there just chillin you know um so Tuesday I left
there to drive to Hollywood which was about 17 hours so I was gonna stop along
the way and then same thing I kept driving the fuck you know it says my GPS
says I’ll get there at 2:15 a.m. and I’m usually up to a four or five good
morning anyway so sign I can go drive through that could drive into LA at
night when there’s no traffic if I had drove in the next day I’m gonna get
stuck in traffic it’s so that so it basically drove to LA
two days awesome I’ve never done before I’ll probably never again
yeah no I’m working down I love those long trips I’m I’m a little envious but
uh I’m not because I get to take them too
so yeah you’re off you’re also hitting up a ton of tattoo conventions
well conventions a moment for me not like I’m gonna do conventions hardcore
like Gimpo did I was doing like 15 to 18 a year for probably 15 16 17 years and
uh I’ve been doing them for about 22 years and I started new conventions
after three years so so I’m gonna do conventions for 19 years now and uh just
actually this year I think I’m only doing seven or possibly eight which is
you know not very many for me I think yet last year I did at least 12 and
before then it was 12 to 15 and gradually slowing down a tiny bit you
know but I’ve been saying for the last eight years I didn’t want to slow down
on the convention circuit you know some just I’m pretty burned out on them it
gets harder to work you know you know so many people when you’re talking to so
many people and you’re trying to tattoo and you’re just talking one person after
another the entire day and there’s so many distractions like I have a hard
time tattooing and I’m not tattooing late and everybody else is out having
dinner at the bar and I’m working till 4:00 in the morning you know if they let
me stay in the convention floor right it’s just I don’t know it’s just
becoming less fun like when I’m actually tattooing if I don’t have to tattooers
just go there and hang out talk to people all day like like if I do a
seminar or something I’m just doing that I’m not saying to in that day so so it’s
cool I do the seminar that I can just go and hang out talk to her it’s a blast
you know and but these days I always save you only these are new connections
to see my friends and stuff you see my friends and only see it conventions you
know tossing that family that kind of travels around and catches up with each
other exactly he’s kind of my best friend’s we never see
but for another’s to start now doing conventions um it’s exciting you know
and uh you know you going you you know you want to work you know is that the
goal go there and work and and meet new artists you know and hang out and have
fun and uh and it’s and you get to travel and see different cities and I
used to love conventions for years you know loved him and I just I just did so
many for so long I got a little burned out you talk about hundreds right pardon
you’re talking about hundreds and hundreds of conventions over year yeah so speaking of so I’m excited to catch
up with you a person over now and Bucharest for the 10th annual convention
that Cassidy’s putting on so how did that come about dunno custody or is this
no I just I just met caste in Germany in June I went to any angles big shop
reopening party was there yeah well I’m excited too had to catch up there and a
rubber Hernandez will be there it’s the first time that I think I’ll be able to
like really catch up with a portfolio in person it’s amazing after all these
years I still haven’t really made that connection but you guys have been
friends forever you mind telling us a little bit about voter Robert and maybe
when you first met them or you know the first time I met Robert was I think it
was it Paul boosts the first Massachusetts that was 2001 2001 and now
that’s the first time I met Robert and we were all like there’s so many of us
like you know American tattooers the new love Robert but we had met him and stuff
you know and we’d all seen his work and then NiO meeting him there looking
through his whole portfolio and stopping every he was I could talk to the
convention everyone oh shit did you see Robert Hernandez’s work yeah and we’re
all like holy yeah Wow and even at that time he was doing at least like gene
Simmons from kiss he he did like the handful of portraits of him color you
know blood dripping out of his mouth when he spits blood and uh and he did I
remember he had a lot of Marilyn Manson portraits to it we’re all tripping on
the gene Simmons portraits looks so real and in color but east more pretty much
he’s all black and gray pretty much yeah throw him little hints of color every
once in a while but he did a little bit more back then but anyway we met him and
stuff and then I saw Matt um Paul boosts tattoo the the earth convention in
Oakland California in 2002 and Paul did three shows that year I don’t know how
he did it I think it almost probably killed him yeah that was crazy
they were huge Chicago – I remember going to the Worcester one yeah
the touch of the earth with Chicago and Oakland California and then and he did
the Massachusetts the 2nd Massachusetts show that was all in 2002 so he did
three shows a year but then I got to know Robert a little more that year at
those conventions rubber bands at all three of those and I just super nice guy
you know and he’s just a great guy you know so he just became friends you know
and then he tattooed me he came to Detroit maybe the next year or a couple
years after that can be troit the first time and that’s when I got my first
tattoo from him and well I have like six really cool because from Robert nice I
remember back in that time you did a an ear on Tom strums neck do you remember
that one at all or yeah yeah for two years sorry to interrupt but we do need to
show a sponsored video they indeed make this show possible in the meantime if
you want to let us know in the comments if you’ve seen Bob at a show or have a
great cross-country story to tell yeah like I said let us know in the
comments we’d love hear from you and when we come back Bob is going to tell
us about some of his influences including Rick Baker what it’s like
jamming on stage with some of his musical heroes as well as his upcoming
worldwide tour schedule so thanks again for watching and we will catch up with
you after this short video Protectorate but take your out protect
your arms protect your protect yog it’s actually speak so back to Europe or
thinking of Europe you know what kind of so where have you been throughout Europe
and when you when you get out of these trips uh well I’d love traveling you
know what I love seeing you know different parts of the world so and I’ve
been over the years I’ve been almost everywhere you know I mean China Japan
Taiwan Singapore and then Australia South Africa and then all over Europe
you know like everywhere in Europe so but I haven’t been to Romania yet never
wanting to go and then I just met Kosti it and the angles shop opening party in
June and uh I met cast you for the first time and uh coolest fucking dude ever
you know and we we were there for almost a week just you know and drinking and
just having a great time he’s you know he’s Jack Daniels guy show me is have
you seen this collection of specialty yeah I’ve seen a little bit of it
earlier I was skyping in with them when we were trying to get on this call and
uh his backdrop was like this whole wall of liquor and I was both impressed I was
eager to see it in person and then I was thinking of all the headaches that it
contained hangovers on that wall and but he was um yeah just the coolest guy and
um yeah we’re like let’s say music and stuff just we had a blast with it that
was weak so he asked me to come to the convention you know and um and so except
fuck I would love to come I’ve never been in Romania one Halloween time you
know it’s and he’s gonna take us Dracula’s castle you know I’m so excited
yeah I’m going on the field trips what get excited yeah yeah and the venue
itself looks amazing Bucharest is obviously just an old old city and lots
of you know nuance are like it’s just art and architecture everywhere that
that venue I’ve seen the picture is it’s there can’t wait to get over there check
it out and again it’s a great time to catch up with people most European like
two or three years yeah dude that diamond um I was in
Germany and this summer but before that I hadn’t been to Europe maybe a couple
years and I used to go at least twice a year maybe three times a year so but
I’ve kind of cut back on those long those international trips or just pretty
tiring you know and I’m just I’m just burned out I’m a little bit on you know
all traveling but I’m still doing it but uh I’m pretty tired as I was just say
yeah it gets pretty tiring no doubt huh yeah it’s tough work but someone’s got
to do it yeah I’m lucky to be able to do it so I shouldn’t be complaining so I’m
not good clean right right please keep the invitations coming okay I noticed on
your Instagram you had a rose above the Rick Baker double double book the
monster day you wanted me to talk a little bit about some of the original
art influences it’s about monster influences and yeah well Rick Baker’s uh
you know a special effects makeup artist you know the sculpts you know and it
just it makes monsters he paints monsters yeah and does all any kind of
practical effects and everything you know but his book but he’s uh you know
first and foremost he’s just an amazing artist you know any painter and
everything but he’s he’s a guy who did the American Werewolf in London all that
makeup created that wolf he created uh he did a you know King Kong from the 76
remake and um gremlins this is him good name of zillion movies Jack Nicholson
remember the movie wolf who technically did all that makeup men in black you know just that these
books are like it’s like 500 pages it’s to books to thick hardcover books that
are probably 250 pages and you know each and then uh comes the big slipcase two
books and weighs 17 pounds others Instagram it’s heavy
you know and I couldn’t wait to get it you know and it was the
release date was Tuesday so I just got it on Tuesday i pre-ordered it and it’s
a man just yesterday and today I’ve been going through it all day today I mean
head today off and I was just going to look at all my god I want to tattoo this
won’t take you down there’s like a cyclopædia of cool monster images to
tattoos so anybody who wants a Rick Baker monster from me and I have a Rick
Baker discount so awesome sweet and so speaking to that are you still taking on
new clients so what’s the best way for people to get tattooed by you yeah you
know I don’t look very far ahead because of traveling and I’m go Mac and forth
tele and stuff and I try to keep it at two months you know kind of like every
month I may start booking for like the following lon you know so I keep it it’s
kind of loose and I’m trying to look like a whole two months ahead like
October right now I want to be booking for December just to get people time to
uh you know if they’re traveling they gotta make travel plans and flights that
kind of thing but for local people it’s a lot easier right now it’s and you
check your emails as you check your emails what’s the best way for people to
contact it yeah by email for sure you can email me from my website
Bob Tyrol calm and and then my email address is Bob at Bob Tyrol calm but my
website powered by tattoo there you yeah you want to tell people about
some of the other upcoming conventions and then well I moved get the Mayan
mayhem convention in Cancun Mexico it’s December 5th to the 10th so I’ll be
there and have you done that one before yeah this is the second one also did the
first one last year and that’s for he had um sublime with Rome they were the
the only band I really knew of and which they’re great you know but this year
he’s got a lot more bands it’s a little more like hard rock and
heavy metal so he’s got flotsam and jetsam from Arizona thrash metal band
been around since 7 1986 okay first I got it’s just like a music tattoo art
kind of yeah crazy party here yep yeah but Stephie a music / tattoo show
you know I’ve got an equal amount on both so the music’s can be outside on
the big stage and the beach which is pretty amazing I imagine a lot of tattoo
collectors kind of land there yeah I think a lot of people are kind of making
application you know and tattoo collectors go and they can go to Cancun
and get tattoo and it kind of killed two birds with one stone you know if there’s
an artist there that they want to get tattooed by so instead of traveling to
where the artist lives I can go to Cancun and make a vacation
on you just can’t swim and get a stand the Sun if you get to see drawback of
being enough on that kind of application but it was cool last year was a blast
it’s in an all-inclusive resort so it’s uh you know it’s a party yeah oh yeah
January I’m going to Randy Angle hards convention in Zwickau Germany so he does
it every other year so I went two years ago was his tenth anniversary so this
would be the 11th year but it’s a great convention it’s not super big you know
so it’s got that feel of like the older conventions whether or not too big and
um you know it’s just invited it’s really cool it’s cool for spot you know
if I can kill our lineups you know the lineup is always amazing oh
yeah it’s nothing but you know it’s not a zillion artists there’s not like 200
booths there like some of these conventions you know it’s smaller but
all amazing artists all hand-picked and then we’re then to Canada yeah after
that January I was trying to not do more than eight conventions next year I want
to do six would be my ultimate goal but it might be seven or eight but uh so
January Germany February I’m going to Winnipeg that was I went last year for
the first time it’s called the Winnipeg tattoo show
it’s the third weekend of February and that was one of the best conventions I
ever went to man it was journey amazing it’s cold as fuck you know and I don’t
want to be a Winnipeg in February you know that’s kind of I didn’t go like the
year before I was talking to UM to Abby you know one of the organizers and I’m
like man I’d rather good Winnipeg in July but I but I went and I’m glad I did
yeah and I can’t wait to go again so that might be one I’ll do every year so
I got that February got Detroit the first weekend of March every year I
haven’t missed a Detroit show this is a 25th anniversary this year
so Detroit’s one of the best in the world this year’s 25th I got a good man
so I do love that show it’s been a couple years since I’ve been up to it
you should come out you know I might be in a position to be able to do this year
the obviously my travel has been a little bit you know a little bit wonky
for last year but I’m excited for for the future because everything’s kind of
coming back together and that’s an easy drive as you were as you know for me I’m
like oh I could I could do 10 hours in the car there and back yeah one thing I
always notice in your feet is a music is clearly part of who you are as a person
and part of you know your art and the spirit you might talk a little bit about
how the you know how how you come to love music so much and and how that
affects your tattoos or any of the crossover between the worlds I mean
music I’ve been into my whole life and I start playing guitar when I was 14 so I
that’s when I kind of gave up art like my dad’s an artist you know and I want
to be an artist when I grew up the neck guitar tickled when I played bands you
know all through high school and um and then you know after I graduated and a
thi make cut your countertops and I played in bands like all through the 80s
I mean really from 78 until about 1995 I played in bands and the 80s were the
biggest point where we were really trying to fucking do something you know
trying to get somewhere and we all wanted to try to make it playing music
which is really hard dude yeah but uh but we had a blast in Detroit it was
like the 80s you know when 80s metal seams was crazy and then
affected the entire world you know so la Earth’s life out of control but uh
Detroit had a huge mental scene as well like every big city and uh it was
rocking back then it’s it’s not like that now you know but the 80s were crazy
and uh had a great time you know but um you know I’ve been kind of fizzled out
the last band I was in and uh and that’s when I started getting tattooed anyway I
started tattooing and almost quit playing guitar for like ten years I
picked and one complaint every day to maybe twice a month but at the last ten
years I’ve gotten back into it and lasts maybe 15 years actually so now I’m
trying to play you know more you know like like more that had been which was
almost never but uh I still don’t play enough but uh but I’ve got to I got to
play with some amazing musicians just because of tattooing you know like I um
you know I’ve met a lot of bands through tattooing and then I like with Exodus I
met those guys and I ended up tattooing Rob dukes when he was in the band he was
a vocalist and uh Gary Holt you know guitar Exodus he’s in Slayer now you
know but instead of had some he’s been the slaver since 2010 you know so but um
they’re on their final tour and they’re the last show was at the Forum in LA and
November 30th and then they’re done so I’m sure he’ll be back with accidents
after that but um I used to ride on tour with Exodus I went out like I think I’m
three different tours like for like a week or ten days and I – in her
I just went to hang out and I brought meat and stuff because I was gonna Ted –
Rob and then and that tour that one particular tour I was out with them and
supposed to Ted – Rob the singer and I end up tattooing Gary doing his first
tattoo it was 46 years old got his first tattoo and I didn’t even get around to
tattooing Rob it was uh it’s just nutty man were drinking it all in Rockford but
uh so Gary got hooked um did his first tattoo and he was like
you know how it is people you get bit by that tattoo bug he got a bit harder than
almost anyone I know and he’s sleeved out now and I’ve done a bunch of work on
you know I’m next time to get two of them after that last show he’s sticking
around La for a couple days so I’m gonna tattoo him it’s been a few years
actually but anyway as a I have my guitar with me that first time I roll
with him they let me get on stage play a song with them two nights in a row on
that tour and then when I want them again like a year later and they let me
get up and play three to three nights in a row then I played one more time I was
last when I played with them in Tampa Florida that’s the last time I played
with them but let me just get up and play a song you know it’s just so
awesome a dream come true I mean having a fan of those guys since the eighties
and just to get to know him become friends with them and actually jam with
them was like a just surreal and then I’d balance
I know Rita dime bag Darryl’s girlfriend you know and I became friends with her
you know and she was out in LA she is I was in Dallas still but she also lives
in Hollywood like a half mile from me but I’ll see her at the rainbow and
stuff but I’ve got to know her over the years and um and then she asked me to
play the diamond bash thing she throws every year around the NAMM convention so
I did the last two and you know got to play with guys from Kings ax and
negative you know how much paint and it’s a surreal road that sounds a
thank-you tattooing thank you music thank you or thank you people yeah I
like to play every once in a while you know I just set him with my friends
I remain tribute band last Saturday night and I played like three songs with
them and then uh there was a Judas Priest ruby band playing with them and I
played one song with them they’re all they’re all friends I know well it’s
amazing to where like I said to catch the story on the Instagram feeds and
inspire your you know obviously maybe not obviously but just so you know as
you know sorry as you know you’re an amazing influence
on on my other tattooers in the tattoo world and um there are very few
tattooers that are as well-known as you that I haven’t heard people talk shit
about like I think you’re almost squeaky clean I don’t know
i’ve ever heard anybody say a bad word about just so whatever it is what you’re
doing this but amazing and it’s inspiring and keep it up because people
shouldn’t be learning from you oh thanks man appreciate that you of course so
yeah well it’s thanks again for it for taking the time and I look forward to to
catching up on the other side of the pond yeah can’t wait yeah we’re gonna
have a blast and romanians so can we do him with you bro it’s been a while it’s
been a long time cheers well we’ll catch up soon cheers brother
ah fuck are you talking to you man BAM there we go nice short interview with
Bob Tyrell I’m ecstatic to be packing up my gear and heading over there we’ll be
breaking it out maybe as we go after that wall of Jack Daniels please let us
know down below who you’d like us to see what conventions you’d like to see us at
and yeah again check out our sponsors D lies Pro otherwise known as derma lies
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tattoo now we would love to have you on as an advertiser or a sponsor so get in
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three four and yeah if you see me on the road say hi down for a tasty beverage
safety meeting cup of tea coffee let’s just talk tattoos and shit too

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