Rich Homie Quan Explains His Tattoos | Rapper’s Ink.

Rich Homie Quan Explains His Tattoos | Rapper’s Ink.

– I can’t really make
an opinion what someone does with they face,
but as far as my face, no tattoos on the face. My mom and my dad would kill me. I still, I respect my parents. If I’m grown, but, you see this face? I still wanna get in movies
or somethin’ one day. Man like, oh. (slow music) First tattoo I ever got
would have to have been my mom name on my left
shoulder, on my left arm. And I was like, 15, 16. Paid like 18 dollars for the tattoo, and it look like it’s
worth about 18 dollars. Yeah, I think it’s more
just for clarification ’cause my mom dropped me off. You know what I’m sayin’? Just so I wouldn’t get in trouble, like, showin’ you how much I love you mom. It is your name, you know what I mean? But, damn, tattoos suck. I had to get it like
touched up, some extra time. Like when I first got
it I was young, like 15. Then I could just wear
a shirt to cover it up so nobody really knew I had tattoos. But being from Atlanta, and the culture of Atlanta
is basically tattoos, so growin’ up, it went from that tattoo, to me getting a microphone
tatted on me next, and it just went from
there, to bein’ a fetish. If I put it on me, it’s
somethin’ I can look at everyday. And it was my second too. I got that one in high school
like in the 11th grade. So by then it was no more mom name, and that one I felt proud about, ’cause it looked good, it
had a little shade in it. It was a picture, you know what I mean? So I felt good about that one. I was proud of it. I like Ceaser, Black Ink. I like Black Ink Atlanta. The famous Ceaser did some work on me. He did Jimi Hendrix. We only heard about him playin’
for like a four year span, and I just got in tune with him like, the quotes he was sayin’ stuff, like it was different. Yeah, he would be high on drugs, but he was in love with music. You know what I mean? I think that’s what it was about man. Just the love he had for music. I see similarities in me
that I see in Jimi Hendrix. You know what I mean? My favorite tattoo, I would have to say, Edward Scissorhands. And I say that because like, growin’ up I loved the movie, but you know I just liked
it ’cause of his hands growin’ up in his fingers, but as I got to learn the story, just the way he was just so different. And it was like when he first came, everybody was like, whoa. Then you started to like him. He did one thing wrong and everybody turned they back on him, you feelin’ me? And I be feelin’ like, you know, everybody feel like that sometime. And I know misunderstood,
you know what I mean? So I would definitely say like, Edward Scissorhands is like my favorite, one of my favorite, like more meaningful, like, I see him everyday,
like some days I got on jeans and I don’t see Jimi Hendrix. You see what I’m sayin’? Where I definitely see Edward every day. My tattoos just come from like, over time I never just, I wanna get a tattoo today or tomorrow. It’s gonna be somethin’ I
probably done thought about for like a year. You know what I mean? ‘Cause it’s a tattoo and it’s somethin’ that’s gonna be on me forever. So all my tattoos,
basically, mean a story, got a story to them,
or meanin’ behind ’em. Like I’m not just gettin’ tattoo, or I’m not gonna go copy him
’cause he got the tattoo. All mine got to have a meanin’ behind ’em. – [Announcer] What up squad? I hope you enjoyed the video. If you did you could hit
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