Rework an Existing Tattoo : Mixing a Gray Wash for Tattooing

Rework an Existing Tattoo : Mixing a Gray Wash for Tattooing

Gray wash. Right now Johnny’s taking a break
and I discussed with him about my ideas with the gray wash and how the gray wash is more
appealing to the eye and more normal. It’s what we normally see as opposed to the red.
He agrees, so we’ve mixed up some gray right now. And I’ve got about twenty percent black
and about eighty percent of white pigment. And I like to use the white as opposed to
sterilized water or alcohol because the white remains, keeps the same consistency and doesn’t
become any thinner. And what we have here is this gray that I’ve mixed eighty-twenty.
And it’s a little bit light right here. So I’m just going to take my toothpick, my clean
toothpick every time, dip it in some black that I’ve already been using for some line
work and or the shading work. This right here is the shading. Anyway, just a little bit
and we’re going to see what this does. Look, darkens it up just a little bit more and that’s
all it takes. The rest is going to be technique. But this gray right here is our desired gray
that we’re looking for.

9 thoughts on “Rework an Existing Tattoo : Mixing a Gray Wash for Tattooing

  1. yeah, the nijanick guy is right. i mean, he doesnt need to be so hostile about it, but yeah, you shouldnt tell people that it is the same as graywash because if they are new to tattooing and decide to go with what you said, it could really screw up a persons tattoo.
    there is a reason you are supposed to use water.

  2. assholes. why dont you go back to watching coldplay videos.

    just tell the guy he needs to learn a little more before he goes youtube crazy.

    dude probably wanted to off himself after reading all this hateful shit.

  3. this is not greywashing. this is just mixing colors to make a grey color ha ha. you make grey wash by diluting black with diluted water, witch hazel or sometimes even by green soap.

  4. I'm getting my homemade tattoo redone by a pro and she said is will redo all the lines and fix the shitty shading with gray wash what does it do

  5. Dudeeee grey wash is when u have black and u mix some with diluted water omgggg that's just mixing white and grey come onnnnnn

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