Rehearsal for Norwegian Military Tattoo 2018

Rehearsal for Norwegian Military Tattoo 2018

FORWARD, MARCH! The difference between this and a D.C.I. corps is we have only about two weeks to put the show together. Everyone here went through
Basic Combat Training so they all have basic
military marching skills we’re just kind of trying to put that together with playing your instrument
at the same time and we really put it together in just a few short weeks and it turned out really nicely. These are world-class musicians that are used to sitting in a concert hall and what we’re asking them to do here is to stand, but then you have to also march and play.♪ Music ♪I think the Norwegians are going to love it. The music was purposefully picked to be
very American. We have a lot of film scores, we have Star Wars and Incredibles we also have a classic jazz piece which the Norwegians love, “Sing Sing Sing” and we play a little homage to the Norwegians with their children’s folk song that we do an American arrangement to.♪ Music ♪Music of course is the international language but it really can connect us, even all these different millitaries from all over the world. It’s very cool.

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  1. Welcome to Norway. I have followed this channel since it started,and finally I get to see you perform live in my own home country. Break a leg,soldiers. And have some fun while doing it😉

  2. The concert you played in Skien, Norway was just amazing. I was in the audience, and just like, so well played, perfectly in tune, you managed to have four people playing a piccolo solo, like my band would never have been able to do that. And talking to you guys afterwards, just amazing. Please come back to Norway again

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