Reacting to the GREATEST Bad Tattoos Ever!

Reacting to the GREATEST Bad Tattoos Ever!

Bad tattoos bad tattoos bad tattoos bad tattoos It’s that time of the week again or the month to go often do we do these videos? I don’t I don’t know anymore doing these videos always makes me feel better about myself because we get to laugh at other people’s misfortune and and the bad decisions that they’ve made and I get to look back on my week and say I did better than that was it great was I perfect no, but I could have been worse How does that make you feel smash smash like and subscribe and let’s jump into it. Leave it to the pros, you know You know, they don’t do that You know, that’s not how this works Another satisfied customer Remember never try to tattoo yourself and always leave it to the pros. That’s really that’s really good advice Why why didn’t you do that? We do love it when a cover-up comes together where Where did that come together stop? Show me should point it out. Show me where this came together Liar same thing. I hate it’s being lied to and this is Custom tattoos by Jason you’re liar Why hasn’t my internet going so slow? I want you to promise me something I want you to promise that you’re not gonna get mad at me for what I’m about to say Okay, I’ve seen worse tattoos than this in my life It’s not good But it’s not that bad either. Would I be happy to have this tattoo? I mean I Wouldn’t be thrilled. But I mean if it was on my back, I can’t see it. So what do I care? Okay, but this one This one’s a little confusing let’s put our heads together. Let’s work as a team as a unit and try and figure out what the hell this is supposed to be can I show this but Is this some sort of sex thing? I cannot afford to have another video get demonetized *angry demonetized noises* Don’t know what it is with you vsco girls and getting tattoos that look like this. It’s I just stop with your hydro flasksksksksks And and and your your took at your scrunchies and your tattoos that look like this you can please just don’t Nobody likes them Nobody likes you that Was a little harsh. Maybe I shouldn’tve said that I Don’t know what it’s supposed to be and I don’t like it and I don’t want to look at it anymore But if you know what this is tell me in the comments because I genuinely want to know While you’re down there click like and subscribe re tell you do that. I think I did. I’m such a bad you do Why they got to do my man’s Goku like that right it’s like they’re showing it off They’re there. It’s like they’re proud of it or something This is why I love tiktok have I told have I ever told you how much I love tiktok it is great it Gets a bad rap, but there is there is comedy gold on there like me, for example, I’m on tick tock I don’t know. I don’t know me knew that. You should follow me there and also like also follow me on Twitter and Here on YouTube and Instagram. So you follow me on all of those Well, I wonder how much more self-promotion I can do in this video let’s let’s start keeping count! I don’t have any merch to sell you right now when I have merch buy it MORIYLN MORNRO *marilyn monroe noises* She looks more like the dude from Rocky Horror Picture Show, I don’t really I don’t like that movie. I I’m sorry I don’t I don’t get it. I don’t get the appeal. You could save this tattoo if you just turned it into that What’s his name? What? Rocky Horror Picture Show whats the main character’s name? doctor frank-n-furter yeah Let’s turn that into turn that into dr. Franken footer. Anyway, it’s a winner. No one will ever know. Yeah I have a tattoo of Leonardo DiCaprio on my arm. I’m not I’m not gonna show it But I do I have a tattoo of Leo and when I got it when I asked my tattoo artist to do it He was like, oh Sure, you want this? And I was like, yeah, let’s do it We did it and while we were doing the tattoo the other guys in the shop were like yo That’s Lea and Frank. My tattoo artist is like don’t worry if you change your mind I’ve done this in a way that we could go back later and turn it into park It’s still Lea. Oh, by the way, it is not turn it into pot but this tattoo This could be better by turning it into foam. Oh, ooh look another mystery this time We need to figure out what the hell is going on right here that spot is Not healthy the more I look at it the better it gets the star Whatever this is supposed to say whatever that is the snake Actually liked this one a lot if it wasn’t for the mersa it would be Empty priests, I’d be a funny tattoo. No, the mercy is a little much though You probably should get it done without that now. Why is this one here? Okay people who don’t know shoes people who don’t know about tattoos come on the internet and run their mouths And act like they do know about tattoos when they see an unfinished tattoo like this isn’t that bad? And that is a gigantic Black and gray face. Do you know how hard it is to do? Smooth shading at that size. I think this looks pretty decent Is it the best I’ve ever seen not a chance, but when this is finished, it’s not gonna look that bad The lines are a little janky But they’re not even gonna show once all the shading isn’t there’s gonna be dark shading around all of that Those lines aren’t even gonna be there. You’re not gonna see them. When is it done? Those are just like placeholder lines So they know where they’re tattooing the next time they go back into this house think is that bad? I believe in this one I believe in you my guy whoever you are Don’t let me down. Wait No No, no, no, no no, no. No this can’t be real There’s no No, no, no. No, no Bell delphine mug shot tattoo With an intro skit and everything This guy’s my hero if he gets it if he does this tattoo for real, he’s my hero he’s my hero Brah My man’s doing it this is by far the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my life Let me get what I want to do There’s copyrighted music in here, so I can’t I’m not playing in the audio but my man’s got Belle Delphine tats, you know It’s like he got the Belle Delphine mugshot tattooed on his like and this video has 600 views what is wrong with you people? What is wrong with you Britt Depp? Belle Delphine commented on the video Why so why don’t more people know about this. Why does he only have 29 subscribers? Everybody go subscribe to alcoholics autonomous right now, dude I said so a disclaimer though, if he does any herb Caesar says any gamer words that I have no control over that I’m he’s getting my endorsement purely over the tattoo and that’s it Thank God somebody else did it because I really I did not want to get a bell Delphine tattoo. Someone had to though Thank you for taking one for the team. Also. Thank you for giving me the title and thumbnail for this video Thank You Bryan gamer kiss game your kisses Thank you. First tattoo done by someone. I know she refused to practice before moving on to actual people I for a first attempt, that’s not that bad. I have people’s first tattoos on me. They’re way worse than that. I have people’s like 40th tattoos. I’m either worse than that I think I mentioned this in a video before I let Yoji for a Miami ink tattoo me the apprentice as He had been an apprentice for like a year at this point. I let him tattoo me and it came out way worse than That’s in the chat for my boy yogi r.i.p. R.i.p to the big homie fYI this particular FYI, if this particular artist hears something constructive slash negative about his work. He threatens you with assault It’s a good thing these tattoos. Don’t look terrible. Then these look great. I Know nothing constructive or negative to say about any of these please don’t threaten me with assault Please don’t assault me to her. What the hell is this supposed to be is it supposed to be like a it tattoo? I don’t remember that part of the movie I don’t remember the part where the shitty piece of toilet paper gets stuck to the balloons I missed that part. All right Look, I’m gonna tell you exactly what went wrong here Maybe I this is just theory it’s game theory, but maybe it’s right. I’ve seen this happen before this tattoo is done Well that shading is clean. The lines are clean. The lettering is real nice. Whoever did this knows what they’re doing The only thing they don’t know how to do is spell I think this customer mmm Maybe they were a little not such a great customer. Maybe they were I don’t know Maybe they were lead to their appointment. Or maybe maybe they gave the artist a hard time Maybe they were a little on the rude side Maybe after the appointment was already set and they already paid their deposit and they they showed up on the day of the tattoo and said Yeah, the guy down the street said he’d do it for half the price. But well you need to do it for cheaper Eugggggh, maybe they were rude and whoops. Your tattoo spells wrong. Oops. How’d that happen? Oh whoops now I’m not saying I’ve ever done that or allowed anyone in my shop to do that I’m just saying I’ve seen it happen before because this says life’s a bootful struggle food bootiful Beautiful. How’s your life? It’s beautiful. It’s what it’s beautiful. You mean beautiful. No, I mean bootiful. I don’t know I wasn’t there It’s just a game theory Bob say I’ve seen it happen before maybe they just don’t speak English. I guess that’s Best possibility to what happens when you date someone with a tattoo gun? And they leave you alone with it Apparently I decided to write the rifle Creed on my fingers and draw an m16 on my hand Luckily it slowly faded over the years. Yeah. Luckily. It’s I could had no idea what it was lucky for you first of all What the hell is the rifle creed? Can anyone enlighten me on that? I need a lot of help with this big Question number two why your hand? I have never tattooed myself ever Have I know I have it you had a chance to think about that for a second? And even if I did I wouldn’t I wouldn’t do it on my hand That’s a bad. That’s a bad look and you really thought that was cool You really thought of all the things you could have drawn on your hand. That was the one you went with It doesn’t even look like a gun. It looks like a wiener that can’t be real. It’s not real. There’s no way that’s real. Oh No, I think it might be. Oh, it had to be some Eastern Europeans doing this anytime something weird happens There’s some dang Eastern Europeans. It’s not Americans. We never do anything weird. What is wrong with you, Ukraine? Why do you do stuff like this? Hmm is a joke, by the way, I’m just kidding Americans are the worst weird We are super offenders Oh what the hell there’s another one right after it From the same guy. Come on, man For a brighter day a way put drugs. Look you were so close You were so close for a brighter day put drugs away I know that’s what you were going for but better luck next time I guess Oh, hey look someone got a tattoo at Elvis the alien. That’s so cool I wish someone would get a tattoo of my face on them I didn’t just say that I didn’t say that don’t do it. Don’t definitely don’t do it. But if you do Daq me but don’t do it. Like I’m not telling you to get a tattoo of me, okay? All right, dude, bro. My guy not sure what this says, but I’m gonna rock it anyway I then I That’s cool. I mean, it’s just your face right? It’s not like it matters not he it’s important or anything. Go ahead Just slap any old thing on there. It’s cool. It’s cool. No one’s even gonna notice guys I hate it so much What is this? What is this? I can’t even figure out what I’m supposed to be looking What part of the body is this on and what does that say does it say garlic it’s supposed to be a whale Where it hurts, I’m in physical pain trying to figure this one out. I can’t I can’t do this anymore I’m not gonna suffer anymore for your entertainment. I refused to look at any more of these leaving Going Maybe I’ll come back Joe mama

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  2. that tattoo is of a girl with her hand on a guys neck and his chin is up and she's like leaning in for a kiss…..on his neck

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    They're not THAT inappropriate,plus there is by far worse content out there
    I swear you're on their black list

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