Putting 1 Pound Of Peel Off Face Mask On My Face

Putting 1 Pound Of Peel Off Face Mask On My Face

Since last time I put one
pound of makeup on my face, I decided that that probably
clogged my pores a lot. So now I’m putting on a pound
of face mask to de-clog them. Hey, guys! It’s Rachel. Comment down below what else
I should put a pound of on? Yeah, so since this is going
to take like a million hours, you might as well
start now, right? OK, let’s get on with the video. I’ve got my handy
dandy fruit scale. So let’s weigh this thing. We’ll [INAUDIBLE] the
bowl so it equals zero. I got six of these. OK, gross. [MUSIC PLAYING] Here’s a pound of
peel-off face mask. Wish me luck. But first, I’m going to
wish my hair some luck by putting it up. Cool. So I learned from a
makeup video to blow dry. I got three foundation
brushes to put this on my face with because I’m assuming
that after like a third of the thing, each brush
is going to be completely destroyed– like, I assume. So without further ado,
let’s get this thing started. First layer. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, there we go. I almost got it on my eyebrow. Saved myself. Is anyone else really
paranoid about this? I’m scared that if
I get peel-off face mask on my eyebrows,
they will rip off. Guess we’ll find out at
the end of the video. I feel like the warriors
from Wonder Woman right now. [MUSIC PLAYING] I feel like I should’ve
made art with this. I made a heart. Now let’s get down to
business and defeat the Huns. [YELLING] [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Did they
send me daughters? Can I ask? We got a good decent amount
on my face right now. And now, we wait. OK, one second– I literally
can’t breathe when I do that. [BREATHING IN] Let’s say
I started filming at 9. Let’s see what time I finish. I’m kind of feeling the
full-face covered look, though. My dark circles are, like, gone. I think it’s dry enough
to put the next layer on. Mm-hm. Yum. [MUSIC PLAYING] OK, the first eyebrow is gone. That’s it. It’s just gone. I’m assuming it’s getting
ripped off after today. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh– you’re sneaky– trying
to get off my face. No. [DOG BARKING] You tell them, Neo. [DOG BARKING] Mm-hm. You guys ever watch paint dry? This is so much worse. Can I just point out it’s
been like 20 minutes, and I still have not finished
drying this second layer. Look at how much
more there is left? So I’m either going to die
from my face being ripped off, or I’m going to die
from not sleeping for the rest of my life. The second layer is almost dry. OK, now it’s dry. Let’s do it again. [MUSIC PLAYING] Now, that made no
dent whatsoever. Oh, oh, oh– we’re good. We’re good. I actually fell
asleep for a second. [MUSIC – ALICIA KEYS, “NO ONE”] (SINGING) No one. [MUSIC – HARRY STYLES, “SIGN OF
THE TIMES”] (SINGING) We never learn. We been hear before. [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC – BRITNEY SPEARS, “BABY
ONE MORE TIME”] (SINGING) Oh, baby, baby. OK, I’m done. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s so thick. Got to get it on the
little tip of my nose. [SNIFFING] [GAGGING] My skin
better be so clear after this that it can’t even
produce pimples. I’m switching the brush now. Let’s do this again. It looks super slick– super clean. [MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHTER] [LAUGHTER] I can’t smile. Otherwise, it’s
going to rip off. Oh, my god, [INAUDIBLE] Oh, guys. Also Tyler’s about to
hit 100,000 subscribers. And once he hits
100,000 subscribers, I’m going to give him a haircut. So if you want to see
girlfriend gives boyfriend a haircut video, subscribe. I’ll have his link down below. [MUSIC PLAYING] This is so up my nose right now. Do you even see my
nostrils anymore? Oh, no. I’m itchy. Oh, god, I can’t reach my skin. OK, and what do I do? I’ve never experienced
this before. I’ve never been incapable
of itching my itch. I’m defenseless. I’m pretty sure I can watch
the entire Harry Potter series in the time that it
takes to be put on and dry. I’ve been waiting so long
for this face mask to dry, that I already played the
Sims, made a household, made me and Tyler in Sim
form, and had two kids. It’s going pretty
well, actually. Looks like Juan’s going
to get into grad school. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m ordering food right now. No, no, no. Uh-oh, Spaghetti-O. There we go. [MUSIC PLAYING] At this point, I’m
just trying to see if I can pile this stuff on. [MUSIC PLAYING] What if– hear me out– what if I put a thin layer of
face mask over this, right, and blow dried that,
then stuck it to my face? You know what? I’m starting to think this
isn’t the right paper for this. I’m going to put it back. I was wrong in my thinking. Time for the third brush. My food came. Oh, no. Ah. [SIGHING] Ah. Ah. Maybe if I squeeze
it really small. Ah. Oh. I can’t eat this till I’m done. I don’t got time for this. My food is getting cold. Let’s see what I can do here. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m really close to
eating my burger. [MUSIC PLAYING] I have to stretch. Ooo, nice. [MUSIC PLAYING] OK, I feel like I
got that pretty dry. [MUSIC PLAYING] OK, let’s see if I can
keep it to stay on my face. [MUSIC PLAYING] I feel like this is working out. This is all that’s
left right now. The mask is so heavy, it’s
literally falling off my face. Oh, that’s not ideal. Ideal– get it– because
I got face mask in my eye. [MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah. That’s a pound of
face mask on my face. Let me dry it before it
all drops off my face. [MUSIC PLAYING] OK, so the face mask is all dry. There’s a full pound of face
mask on my face right now. I’m scared to take
it off, though. I’m going to blow dry like
under the skin or whatnot, so that way, maybe it’ll
like be easier to take off. That’s so weird– look. OK, guys, the moment you’ve
all probably been waiting for. I’m going to start
from the bottom because I’m so scared about
ripping off my eyebrows. Let’s see. Ow! Oh, my god. Oh, my gosh. This is painful. I’ll get it from here. Ooo. Ooo. Ah, there’s so much
hair attached to it. OK. OK. This feels like a plastic
molding on my skin. That’s a layer of the face mask. Ow. Oh. Whatever sideburns
I had, they are not going to be on my
face in a minute. OK, on the bright
side, I don’t have to wax my mustache anymore. Ow. [SIGHING] It’s 3:00
in the morning. Let’s get it off my nose. [MUSIC PLAYING] [SCREAMING] OK, the
moment of truth. Will I have eyebrows? OK, I didn’t feel any tight
pulling on my eyebrows. My hairline, on the
other hand– ow! Ow! My god, it’s Rachel. Can I brush it off? Kind of. OK. OK, it’s coming off. Oh. Ow. Oh, my god, look at how
much hair is on this. [SCREAMING] My food! [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m going to weigh

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  3. My sister put 6 layers of different face masks on and had to go to the hospital because her face swelled up so bad

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  5. 7:39

    Bottom right…

    u either got some face mask on ur camera lenses or on ur wall lol

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