‘Put Up or Shut Up Time’ Official Sneak Peek | Ink Master: Grudge Match (Season 11)

– As this competition
constantly changes, one thing remains the same. You must fight harder than ever
to make it to the end. Only one of you will earn
$100,000, a feature
in “Inked” magazine, and the title of Ink Master. – All right. – Your coaches have been
in your corner every step of the way, and now it’s time for them to put their machines where their mouths are.
– Put up or shut up time. – Coaches, today you must face
off in your first grudge match. – Yes.
– Yeah. – Cleen’s cleaning house, man. I’ve been waiting a long time to go head to head
with Christian, because
I’m once and for all
gonna shut him up. This is what I came here to do. – Defeat your opponent, and your team will be safe
from elimination. – Nice. – One of you guys better
start packing. – Dude, this means everything.
– You got it. Christian,
please win this for us. We need you right now. – In your fight for $100,000, knocking out the other team
is crucial. As you know,
every artist from your team that makes it to the finale
earns you the power to sabotage your opponent
in the final grudge match. – I ain’t worried about Cleen. – You should be. – This week,
we’re testing consistency. – Consistency is the ability to do the same thing
over and over. Line weight, your saturation. Everything about your tattooing has to look purposeful and the same
from start to finish. – For this grudge match, you must each create two
two-hour tattoos. – [groans]
– What? – It’s one thing doing
a tattoo and doing it at a good pace. But to do a consistent, flawless tattoo in two hours? I mean, it’s insane. – Do you want to know what I could do in two hours? A whole lot of nothin’. – One of you will determine
the style and subject for the first tattoo, and the other coach will determine the style and subject for the second tattoo. – Uh-oh. – He’s gonna do black and grey
realism, I guarantee it. – There’s a lot on the line
here today. You guys have talked a lot
of [bleep] to each other. – Lot of [bleep]. – Go get ’em. – Cleen, your team won
tattoo of the day in the last elimination tattoo, so you will name the style and
subject of the first tattoo. – Yes. Yes. – We’re gonna do new school,
hot rod related imagery. I know I can kill it. – All right, Christian,
you get to name the style and subject
for the second tattoo. – We’ll go with a black
and grey realistic bat. I’ve always thought
that was a weakness of Cleen’s. I’ve got to hit him
where it hurts. – The grudge match is set. Win, and not only
will your team be safe from elimination… – Nice. – You will also have the power to assign
all the human canvases in the elimination tattoo. Man. – And your team will form
the jury of peers to put one artist
from the opposing team up for elimination. – What?
– There we go. – Get set up, and we will
send in your canvases. Good luck. – All right. I think I’m gonna do
a new school spark plug with just a scowly-looking face. I’m gonna try
and [bleep] kill it and keep you guys safe
tomorrow. – [bleep] yeah.
– Awesome. – This is the first grudge
match between me and Cleen, so if I can draw first blood, that’s gonna really
hit him hard. – I got to start finding
a good bat reference. – Jamie’s gonna find you
the best one to work with. – Everything for my team
is riding on my shoulders. Do you know how that feels? I need something large that
I can get lots of detail on. The pressure is crazy
right now. – Yeah, that swoop
just needs to connect. It doesn’t have to
bow back around. My biggest concern is that Christian
can’t pull off new school as much as Cleen
can pull off black and grey. – He’s gonna kill this. I know that. – They’ve got a spark plug too. – [scoffs] Perfect. Bring it. [industrial music] – Okay, coaches, you have two hours to do new school hot rod elements,
assigned by Cleen. And your time starts now. – All right, let’s do this. Go ahead
and stand up for me, man. – These coaches
are going head to head, apples to apples. One of these coaches
has to do their best to hedge the other one out. – Want a pillow
for between his legs? – Yeah, because I’m gonna
be [bleep] hammering down. – The one thing
we know for sure: whichever coach loses
is losing a teammate. – You ready? – Let’s do it. [tattoo machine buzzing] [clattering] – Son of a bitch! I’m starting to realize
what it feels like to be coach, because I’ve got all these
people hovering over me, and it’s making me super
nervous. I raised four kids
and five grandkids. One of the things that
I’ve always stressed to them is that no matter what,
you never give up. I’ve spent the last year
on the road, studying, training,
and I’m here to win. [dramatic music] – He’s a jackhammer. – Oh, [bleep]. Watching Cleen tattoo
is crazy. I’ve never seen anybody work
so fast and energetic. It clearly shows that Cleen
knows exactly what he’s doing. – I tattoo how I want
to get tattooed. Get it the [bleep] done,
mother[bleep]. Christian’s a one-trick pony. I mean, he can talk the game,
but guess what. I invented the game! There’s no way he’s gonna
live up to this one. – 30 minutes remain, guys. 30 more minutes. – Got to get to those
yellows soon, Cleen. – I need more [bleep] time. [bleep]. – Cleen done yet?
– No. He’s stressing
a little bit right now. – Cleen, are you done yet? – I don’t want
to hear that [bleep]. – I’m scared.
Hold me. – Okay, good, good, good. – Five, four, three, two, one. That’s it, machines down. Time is up. – Pulled it out
at the end. – I’m gonna go change
my [bleep] drawers. – Get ready for your
second tattoo. – Oh, Jesus. – Okay, coaches,
you have two hours to do black and grey
realistic bats, assigned by Christian,
and your time starts now. – All right. Stand up for me. – Now we go on cruise control. – I’m gonna put on where
I just think’s gonna look cool. – Even though he’s a black
and grey specialist, when it comes to versatility, I got this in the bag. I’m not rushing on this one,
so I’m all right. I’ve been
a street shop tattooer my whole entire career. Somebody walks
through the door and they want something
that I don’t specialize in, and I need that money? I’m gonna make sure
I give them the best quality tattoo that I possibly can. – This is catching my eye. – The fuzzy hairs? I need to fake it
till I make it. – 30 minutes left
on the black and grey bats. – I don’t give a [bleep]. He has to hide
the inability to shade. I’m doing black and grey,
not a goddamn tribal bat. – Five minutes left. – I ain’t counting
nobody out, man. – It’s closer than I had hoped. – Five, four, three… – Oh, you’ve got this, Cleen. – Two, one. That’s it. Machines down. Time is up. Grudge match is over. – Boom.
– Whoo! [tattoo machine buzzing] Put that [bleep] down, Cleen.

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