PUBG Season 5 Badlands Rewards (Survivor Pass Items)

PUBG Season 5 Badlands Rewards (Survivor Pass Items)

all right so let’s go through, um s33ker
if you can wait just give me a couple minutes here let’s go through the past
updates if we can look at everything if you can see the cars go by in the
background oh wow look at this new Murano skin now that’s cool we saw this
when I got into the mat hopefully this doesn’t get ripped off and stolen on
Twitch last time I made a video like this it was used in a twitch scam by
some people that were trying to scam other people so hopefully that doesn’t
happen again and we’ll look through all this stuff so let’s check it out
so here is survivor pass number five badlands and here are the rewards so we
have if you don’t own the past you have survivor pass rewards that you just get
for levelling up but these are really hard to get because when you don’t own
the pass you don’t get a lot of points for leveling up they kind of screw you
and then we have the premium rewards that you get when you purchase the pass
because I own it on Xbox and PC I’m not gonna buy it on both platforms really
they should try to do thing where if you buy it you get it across both platforms
I don’t know if they could ever do that so we got you start off with the car
which we just saw we got a new machete this is sawback machete then you get
some level up points a hat some new gear this actually gives you this is a shirt
and gives you tattoos on the side which is pretty cool oh it’s actually it’s not
tattoos this is the fake tattoos so it’s a fake sleeve of tattoos this is a shirt
that says deagle on it we got a new skin this is called the refined ox amo I’m
not sure if that’s if I’m pronouncing that correctly but this skin is pretty
cool we can zoom in on this it’s got some details gold qbu engraved some
engraving details this is actually pretty elaborate I like this and I like
the black and gold bipod that’s pretty sweet I like that a lot so let’s zoom
out so those are the first six rewards some BP rewards as well so I guess
you’re just getting these shirts with different guns on them I don’t know why
you would wear this and this it’s like really your favorite weapon we got a new
stance here it’s just like some kind of like Marvel stance
Superman stance a new bag let’s take a look at this thing
kind of just looks like a backpack you go on a hike with or something kind of
cool I like the colors though new face another shirt here some sporty shorts
new helmet with a gold visor a lot of this theme is like black and gold so I
don’t think the qpu is gonna be on Miramar the kewpie use only on sonic
unless they’re gonna add it to another map but right now the cube use only on
Sonic we have a cold-blooded weapon so normally what pub she does like any game
they’ll come out like a series of weapons so they’ll come out like what
the refine skins in the latest patch that are all blue and gold so the
cold-blooded might be this kind of color camo where it’s black blue and white
sort of like an urban camo but with like a blue touch the urban is usually like
the red camo but this looks really cool this this barrel looks awesome I like
that and let’s keep it moving we’ve got a lot of pages there’s 17 pages so I’m
not gonna go through every single individual item we have a new backpack
here this looks like a snakeskin backpack that’s really cool too white
snakeskin this is actually really really sick I like this a lot we got this Wow
look at this dude this is sweet actually if you go to a gun store you’ll see that
they sell these pink style weapons they’re pretty cool it’s
called pretty dangerous pretty dangerous pink with sort of like a floral design
the shirt makes sense when you look at the challenges and missions okay we’ll
take a look at that after some other items here we’ll skip that we got a
pretty dangerous UMP wow this is I really like this this is really cool
love this love this umm skin here’s another shirt with tattoos on the side
the fake sleeves can’t zoom in on that but you guys can see it here’s another
emote are you not entertained it’s pretty cool we got some pants with
flowers on it and new beard this is called the rugged or hibernation
hibernation beard excuse me a little bit more of a burly beard of this which we
can skip we got a touch down emoji oh there was a weapon skin that I missed
here this is a hexadecimal skin what a name hex
decimal this is for the mini-14 interesting pattern here almost like
it’s a hectare gram and then looks like some splattered paint on the side that’s
really really cool we have just another shirt that says better luck next time
oh that’s hilarious that’s what you get when you die in pub gee look at this
helmet this is a leopard spot helmet this is so dope I’m gonna be rocking
this a hundred percent once I unlock this in the game I love you know
leopards and tigers and all that stuff so death I’m gonna be wearing this
that’s really cool but I’m here Maya that’s actually gonna be provide some
pretty good camouflage right there then we got the bus a new bus skin this is
really cool I like this a lot this is called public transit van we can
spectate it very cool looks pretty sharp I like that miramar Transportation Sun
this looks kind of like I would say like Mexican themed clothing these are just
Flor floral pants but this shirt seems to have some kind of like Mexican design
it looks kinda like that reminds me of that kind of style this is a free emote
number one pretty dangerous double barreled shotgun it’s got the instead of
the floral design it has like the bedazzled design on it with a little
dots kind of in a pattern and like I said before I like the pink design but
on the shotgun with the black and the pink I don’t really love this I don’t
think I would rock this and shout out to Johnny cz for correcting me on this we
got some Miramar Smoke stalker outfit we have a tactical axe so I guess this is
gonna be taking over one of the throwable slots I’m not sure which one
and these are all hundred sent coming xbox yeah hmm
usually the pass not everything maybe you know sometimes something gets left
out but most of the time it’s like 99% brought over to console so I don’t want
to say a hundred percent but 99% of the stuff will make it to console we got a
Badlands marshal shirt and vests I could CD Mart wearing this I like that outfit
that’s actually pretty dope with the gold chains it’s pretty cool
mr. t like look at this we got finally got a mustache in the game let’s go for
No Shave November gonna be rockin a mustache definitely got to get to level
63 as soon as possible we got this kind of looks like the Mexican wrestler
shorts it is the lucha royale wrestler shorts we got a high hindsight shirt
looks kind of cool almost like a tie-dye vibe but not really we got a golden pistol any time you see
the golden pistols and stuff very cool kind of like drug-dealer narcos esque
and going forward we got this is the dino hide backpack so this looks like a
metallic almost like when you see like in a cooler kinda looks like my metallic
backpack very cool I like that design we got a Badlands leather vest pretty cool
I like that another shirt with tattoos on the side of the sleeve this one’s a
little bit more colorful a little bit more elaborate compared to the previous
two you got like a little devil holding what looks like maybe a a K or something
on the side that’s really cool I can’t assume in on this but this one is really
sweet this called little devil sleeve and we got a horseshoe handlebar
mustache let’s go check out this mustache this is fantastic
we got the refine zonal skin maybe I don’t know how you pronounce that this
is sick dude this this skin set is really cool so this is basically a gold
skin set with engraved markings on it and this is for the m24 so you better
believe that people a lot of people are probably be rocking this skin design but
this kind of makes the other one they’ve released a ski a streamer skin that was
golden black and now you could basically get this for free once you buy the pass
but not for free you to purchase the pass but included with everything else
oh we got a spike baseball bat this is really cool we got a new urban jungle
level 3 helmet so they’ve been doing some really cool stuff with the level 3
helmets this is a jungle style it looks like it’s got some kind of like plant
design on there like leaves and it’s orange black and got kind of a beige
color to it that’s pretty dope we got the lucha Royale wrestler boots red and
gold we got a pretty dangerous a.k this is
again pink a k’ with the bedazzled bejeweled design again I like the pink
colors but this is a really like light pink with the black and I don’t know if
I love this we got the gold dust backpack this is
black and gold backpack spider elbow sleeve tattoo this one’s really
elaborate looks like it’s got I’m guessing that’s uh that looks like a
panther I’m hard to say because I can’t zoom in but it’s called the spider
spiders on the elbow spider web and this one’s definitely this in a little devil
are really really cool we got the lucha Royale mask spin that around badlands
royalty tuxedo very nice going with the black and gold theme continues smoke
stalker jacket and we got the last page here this is look at this smoke stalker
shorts with ripped-up that was like one pant leg but it’s actually shorts with
one legging I’m kind of weird I do this jacket smoke soccer Jack I think I did
already this is a target eliminated emote and you’ve refined Wow good luck
pronouncing this one this is a refined Nick land to shoot Mick land tech dude I
that’s that’s not for me man so this is refine corrosive skin I’m definitely not
gonna be pronouncing that word you guys can give it a shot if you want to let’s
preview this so I saw this got leaked so it got leaked with a battle stack combo
and one without a battle stats so I wonder what will happen here and if this
will come directly into console the same way but right now this does have the
battle stat feature on it and again I think this design personally is one of
the coolest ones in this pass and the fact that this has a battle stat on it
as well is awesome this looks really cool the wooden features here the wooden
handle the grip handle the grip and then the gold with the engraved markings on
it is pretty sweet and I like to add a lot so well done to pub Jean that was
the last page of the rewards here and you guys want to just
pop it into stream you want to catch up you can just rewind maybe a couple
minutes and get back to the beginning here the coupon store is not active on
tests ever okay oh look at this so we got this is a get a melee weapon you get
this knife I used to know the name in this knife but I don’t know it’s not my
head anymore and then if you keep going down the chain here you actually get a
small like tactical shovel here as a item and I check the badlands so these
are mostly locked and XP related but this is a cool design shirt and there’s
also a skirt that matches that as well and then let’s look at the challenges
here so some challenges missions require you to wear t-shirts that you have
achieved by leveling up oh my god so you need to prove yourself ready for the
deagle challenges by claiming the deagle challenge t-shirt reward at Survivor
past level 5 and then you might need to do that mission with the shirt on in the
game that’s crazy so these are currently locked but I’m sure these will get
leaked eventually we could read through them but right now we’re not gonna be
able to see what the missions are so we have ad go and these are also free it
looks like so the missions are gonna be for the deagle the pp-19 bison the MK 47
mutant the SKS and the car 98 and that’s it oh my god so we got car 98 is 9
missions SKS is 9 missions the mutant is 8 missions the bison is 6 in the deagle
is 5 and can we view these skins not really can only just see them here no we
can this is avant-garde canine wow that’s a pretty pretty colorful design
this is really cool I can I like that a lot like the colors that’s pretty sweet
and let’s check out this is the avant-garde SKS
this almost looks like some kind of with the the major blue on this one this kind
of does have like a Mexican wrestler vibe but also reminds me of some kind of
like cartoon style vibe like I don’t know this looks kind of crazy
and then we have the avant-garde MK 47 very cool I like this a lot looks like
kind of like a Sun there with the flames going off different colors this is
pretty sweet I think this one looks really good
the Bison again avant-garde as well normally in the previous passes they
were broken him down between like two different skin types but it looks like
this is all avant-garde right now doesn’t look as good with the Bison
because of the big clip here the big magazine underneath there which I guess
if it’s like a drum clip it’s not called the magazine people will get really
technical about the naming for that and yeah these are all avant-garde and this
is the pistol which this circle is really big here I don’t know if I love
that and not a ton of blue on this one so I would say that I like the canine
the most in my opinion I think the canine is the coolest especially I like
when they do a different color ironsight they’re always like that and then I like
the immune a lot too but that was pretty sweet

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  1. I recorded this on stream so sorry about the webcam placement occasionally blocking a few of the items (pants / shorts)…. but those weren't that special anyways 😉 Also, I included a poll in the card section on youtube (top right hand corner of the video) asking whether or not you are interested in purchasing this pass? Let me know what ya think – Thanks for watching!

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  3. Whack items. Whack weapon skins. They are really uncreative and far too few. Give us some good M4 and AK skins too. The beryl one is good, but why pay $10 for 1 or 2 items you like. Trash.

  4. They just need to add creative buyable and reasonably priced gun skins in the store. They haven't added anything (that we want).

  5. I love this game but I dont like this pass because We took ak 47 m24 Qbu and groza skins from last pass in season 4 why added same weapons’skin??? Where is m416 skin 🧐

  6. This video is about going over the season rewards, right? That's what the title says, yet he doesn't go over most items. Most of which looked really cool, thanks man. Good job. C+ for minimal effort.

  7. so basically the challenges are not actually free because lets be honest, leveling the pass without premium is not feasible

  8. honestly not impressed with the items … season 4 was 10x better honestly why are they trying so hard with miramar let the map die in grace remove it make a new one

  9. Wtf has this game come to now honestly ???!!! Pubg is tryna follow fortnight with trash as fk skins and emotes. Bring back the days of when it first dropped….#PubgIsAJoke

  10. This a horrible season pass. Lame skins and clothes. The coupon shop is garbage. I hate the fact that you have to wear the shirts to do the challenge missions – no doing multiple gun missions in the same match – the weapon skins for the challenges are pretty weak as well.

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