Postcard Masterpiece: Flash Challenge Sneak Peek 🚌 Turf War (Season 13)

Postcard Masterpiece: Flash Challenge Sneak Peek 🚌 Turf War (Season 13)

– Congratulations.
You’ve survived the first week. [all exclaim at once] Stand united as a team
or divided you could fall. – Tough for
some of these teams. – Good luck with the South. – One thing is certain, only one of you
will earn $100,000, a feature in “Inked” magazine, and the title of Ink Master. – Definitely gonna be
here in the West. – For your first
flash challenge you will win or lose as a team. – We gotta work together, guys.
– Yup. – This week we’re testing
the fundamentals. – That’s good. You need to be able
to use line and you need to navigate color. It’s the foundation. You can have a beautiful house, but if it’s built
on a bunch of shitty rocks it’s gonna collapse. – Today you must
create a masterpiece on the side of a 45-foot-long
tour bus using only postcards. – Oh-ho!
– Oh, man. [dramatic music] – Hell, nah. It’s not “Postcard Master,”
This is “Ink Master.” Man, you trippin’. – Eh, [bleep] ain’t gonna
be easy, [bleep]. Only four of us? – It’s a big [bleep] bus. – We’re looking for a mosaic. You need to do something that’ll blend
to make one image that we can see from far away. – Be creative.
You can do art. You can treat it
as a billboard. You can treat it
as anything you want. The image here
has to have an impact. – Think big,
make something awesome. – Win this challenge and
your team will have the power to assign
all the human canvases in the elimination tattoo. – We’re gonna have to shine
hard on this one, all right? – You have six hours. – Oh, [bleep]. – And your time starts… now. – Let’s do it, go! – Yeah, grab some pencils. – This week
we are testing fundamentals so we wanna see
a legible image. – I’m thinking right now that we make
an even bigger postcard. – I think it would kinda cool to do a giant,
half-peeled cob of corn. – It’s not a
abstract challenge. We’re not just looking for,
“Oh, there’s a bunch of color.” We’re looking for an image. – I was thinking,
like, Wild West. – Couple cactus?
– Yeah, yeah. – You’ve gotta create
and tell a story out of a mess. – We just gotta
get our idea down. – Yeah, what are you ideas? – [bleep], I don’t know. – We could do
a light hanging down with the light coming out
from it and, like, a moth. – I mean,
we’ve gotta think creative, outside of the box,
no tattoo imagery. – So we do a white limo. We have two wheels. They’re gonna play in– we incorporate those
in the design. And to keep other people from knowing
that we’re using the wheels, we can start from the top,
work our way down. – Yeah.
– If we just go too simple, I think it might
bite us in the ass. I just wanna make sure
we’re hitting that challenge of fundamentals
and making sure it’s– – Okay, well, in my season,
every time I designed it I won. Let’s hope today
that Patrick decides that he wants to
be a team player. – Let’s [bleep] roll with it. – Right now the South
is pretty down. Actually, geographically
we are. We gotta start getting some
wins underneath our belt and bring this morale up. – What’s the plan here? – Uh, it looks like
I’m sticking yellow rectangles. – I just–I don’t want to put
words in your mouth there. My answer, if I did,
would be losing. – Oh.
I tell you what, though. See this?
It was a road flare. Your team
needs some assistance. – Ooh, look at that!
[laughs] – You wanna come play, Frank,
come play hard. I think everybody’s
underestimating the South. I mean, yeah, we
were in the bottom. It’s just the beginning
of the competition. There’s only one place
that we can go. You guys think
you’re at the top? There’s only one place
you can go. – We have
the fastest drawer here. – He’s [bleep] jammin’. – We have a good strategy here. – Do you think we should do
something with these two tires? Maybe utilizing that shape
for something. – Nah. – I think we should just focus
on, like, the image on the bus. – Not only does my team
need this win, but I need this win. – We got it.
– That’s it right there. – Yes, we got it. – I need to prove
to everyone else don’t second-guess me. I’m here for a reason
and you’re gonna see why. That’s too high.
Move. – Wait, I’m looking
at the drawing. – Yeah, I know,
and I see the drawing. That top of the I
is at the bottom of the horn. – Yeah, but it cannot be close.
Hey, no, no, no, no, no. You need it to have
some separation here. – It’s literally just
everything I [bleep] say. – Hey, hey, don’t–hey.
– No. – Don’t [bleep] us up.
– It’s cool. I’m just, like,
I’m trying to help. I can work a lot faster
than some of you and no one’s [bleep] listening. – There’s so much sass. West Coast is the sass coast. – Tryna keep everything kosher.
– Done, asshole. – And we’re over here like, “Hey, you’re doing
a great job!” – I know, right? – It’s just, the Midwest
knows how to work together. It’s just how it is. – You have four hours left. Four hours left, everybody. ♪ ♪ – Have you seen East? There’s nothing up there. – Which drawing
are we going off of? ‘Cause we’ve got two. Is this gonna be all black
in the background? – I’m just gonna follow
what you wanna do, Jimmy. – I don’t want that
to be the case. I’m trying to talk to you guys. – I feel like whatever
I’m saying you don’t like and then we’re both sort of sticking with our own ideas
a little bit and maybe that’s [bleep] us up so, like, I just wanna do this in whatever way is gonna, like,
work best for us. – I want it to work best
for us, also. That’s why we’re doing
your idea, you know? It’s like every single word
out of my mouth K seems to take personal. Not trying
to work against her, I’m trying to work together
as a team. I don’t want you to feel at all
like I’m steamrolling. – Okay.
– Or whatever. – Okay. I feel like we don’t have
a finalized vision and we’re moving forward
anyway and I don’t feel confident
in that. – What?
Nothing? Not one postcard? – Don’t worry about us, man. – Time’s ticking. – Jason’s so full of shit, man. – He’s right though,
he’s right. We gotta boogie. ♪ ♪ – Let’s do these. Grab Dakota Hawaii–
all the way down to the bottom. – I’m feeling pretty shaky
right now. – Okay.
– It’s not good. – I have type 1 narcolepsy
with cataplexy. It’s [bleep] horrible,
and there’s no cure. Sometimes out of nowhere, like, bright lights
will cause the cataplexy to come up
and it’s kinda bright looking at the bus and stuff. – Yeah, you got a lot
of shine off the bus and it’s gonna be
the same as, like, a strobe light
or something like that to you. – With any heightened emotion
I become useless. I lose muscle tone.
I’m unable to speak. It could last for,
like, a minute and it could last
for 20 minutes. I just feel really fatigued
right now. My son has ADHD, OCD,
and he’s autistic. I see him straying away from wanting
to participate in things. And I want to show him
that it doesn’t matter what– whatever the [bleep] you have,
you know– [sniffles]
it doesn’t matter. I don’t want to let him down. – I don’t think Arlene
is feeling well. – No, she’s not doing good. – Is the medic over there?
– Yeah, yeah. He’s with her. – This is your final hour.
One hour remaining. ♪ ♪ – It’s looking good.
It’s looking good. – How are you feeling?
– Better, thanks. – Yeah?
– Yeah. It just takes a minute
for it to go away. – Know what I like
about those palm trees? They look like money,
and we have this in the bag. ♪ ♪ – Five, four, three, two, one. That is it. Time is up. – Looks like
it could be a postcard. – You’re god damn right
it does. – Good job. ♪ ♪

27 thoughts on “Postcard Masterpiece: Flash Challenge Sneak Peek 🚌 Turf War (Season 13)

  1. I thought those were bumper stickers!

    Arlene just admitted in the last episode she doesn't like the team aspect. So it doesn't surprise me that she's clashing already with her team.

  2. Jason Elliott is the most annoying prick ever like you didn’t even make it to the finally sit down you were in the bottom last ep

  3. I like both the West & Midwest designs, but looking at team MW (7:08), their sun kinda looks like a fried egg.

  4. I'm curious who they are gonna get to replace oliver peck. Hmm maybe a former ink master or a well established tattoo artist who might have guest starred in past episodes

  5. Oliver peck did something socially wrong but shouldn’t be off the show for it. He’s the coolest dude there, the reason I watch. Black people post theirselves on social media all the time with baby powder all over their face acting white yet face no repercussions. Unreal.

  6. I'm rooting for the east coast, but that whole "moth and light source" has been done at least two times on flash challenges. Doesn't K watch the show? Lol.

  7. arlene has… ptsd-4k-a-b-c and h-fucking-d! bloody hell what a pile of shite some people come out with when they feel there failing on a show and are in need of some attention!

  8. Anybody who cries on a show outside of winning or losing is a waste of life. If u need to b friends or accepted by strangers that much you need therapy and a cup of tea

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