PortaINK Ink Pad Storage

PortaINK Ink Pad Storage

I want to introduce you to the PortaINK dual
swivel traveler. It’s a travel case to store your ink pads. It swivels so when you’re at
your desk you can access both sides. Each side will hold up to 24 ink pads. So I’ve
got some different sizes here, basically you just put them into the slot, so you can store
all your colours. This will hold some nice larger sizes, if you’ve got smaller sizes
you can use the insert, this just clips into the slot and creates a false back. So when
you put your ink pad in, it stops and you can easily access it. Or you can put your
ink pads in sideways and then it’s easy to grab as well and pull out. You’ll notice the
top has some slots so I can store my glues, my ink pad refills, my glitter, or if you’ve
got the smaller square versa colour pads, you can store those in there as well. When
I’m ready to travel I just take the travel cover plate and that just slides on to the
front like so, and it’s got a handle that I can just pick it up and carry it. There’s
also an attachment you can buy for the PortaINK which is called the marker bunny. And this
just comes with the velcro adhesive pads which I can just attach onto the side of my dual
swivel traveler. It’s a great way to store all types of pens, I’ve got some of the zig
calligraphy and zig writers. It will also hold gel pens…. up to 24 different colours.

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  1. I have this and have just bought more insert clips for distress inks – have some already in but can't remember how to clip them in – my fingers seem too short LOL

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