Piercings Should Be Considered Permanent

Piercings Should Be Considered Permanent

[ding] Hey everybody it is QCKND and welcome back to my channel. I just got some really great news so I’m sorry if I have the sillies, but today I wanted to talk to you- and this is Tuesday so normally I’d post tattoo content on Tuesday, but this is kinda like body mod related and it is something I wanted to talk about. Especially after, um, two weeks ago talking about my earlobe reconstruction. You can check that video out. It’s kinda just like my guide to, y’know, going through the thought process of getting your earlobes reconstructed and like what to do from there. So, there was a couple questions on that video that I tried to reply to because there was a couple questions about the permanence of body modification and different piercings and procedures and their permanence. So, I got this question last night on my Instagram that kind of like brought all of that together and it will answer a couple questions that I get on my channel a lot anyway. So, it says “Hey QCKND, after seeing your video about your earlobe reconstruction” “I was wondering if you would ever try to get your philtrum piercing scar reduced/removed.” “I have been considering a philtrum piercing for a long time and I love how they look, but I don’t know” “where I’ll be in thirty plus years or whatever and I would rather not have a permanent hole in my face.” Like me. “But, half of my argument with myself is that I could get the scar from it removed if it really bothers me that much.” “Does that mean I shouldn’t get it if I’m not ready to have it for the rest of my life?” “I would love to hear your thoughts on that. Love your videos.” And that’s from weelacakes. So, this kinda coincides with some of the questions and stuff I feel like I got on the other video and I tried to answer them, but my- for the most part my answer is body mods are permanent. So, I worry because there’s a lot of language online that’s like “Oh you can stretch your ears to a double zero and they’ll go back to normal.” and “you can do this and it’ll go back to normal.” and I think some of that information just isn’t true and it’s too broad of an umbrella to cover everybody. Even the other day I went to Infinite Body Piercing just to have a consultation about the current state of my earlobes and just even that the anatomy is so specific to the person. Anatomy is just different between people so I just feel like a statement that broad isn’t true. Especially like I’ve had people in my life who stretched to a double zero, down sized, and even when they wear like heavy earrings or hoop earrings it still pulls. So, I would say any body modification is permanent. No matter what it is. Even having my earlobes reconstructed my second earlobes that I got when I was a kid… my second earlobe piercings I got when I was a kid are still there. So, it’s still permanent, just like will it become… more unnoticeable? I’m a great example of, y’know, thinking I’m gonna get it and I’m gonna love it forever. And it’s just not always true. And in my case, I don’t wear any of my piercings anymore. I don’t currently I don’t have any jewelry on my body. Six years ago, seven years ago, that was a completely different story. I had like twenty piercings on my face and body and I thought I was gonna be that way forever. It’s not something I regret, but I do have a hole in my lip. And I was talking to Jon the other day and I was like y’know you’re used to it. You see me everyday so you don’t think that there’s like a hole in my lip, but there is! And it’s pretty noticeable. So, to answer this person’s question, I’m going to kind of talk about the history of my philtrum piercing and why it is so noticeable. And there are options where you could get a smaller gauge philtrum piercing and that hole would probably be a lot cuter and more tolerable, but nonetheless a little hole in your face. I have a video talking about all of my piercing scars which if you want me to update I would love to because I filmed that a while ago. I don’t know if the quality is of a like digestible standard at this point. But in the video I talk about how y’know my nostrils were stretched and the scar is pretty noticeable on both sides. Y’know the conch holes I have a video all about that. So, it’s kinda just like even if you go into modifying your body now you really do have to understand that no matter what a day will come where they come out. If it’s for a surgery, if it’s for a job interview, if it’s just a change in taste or lifestyle all of those things happen. And before I jump into talking about my philtrum like I said I don’t think my lifestyle has really changed that much I mentioned in my earlobe reconstruction video. My lifestyle hasn’t changed a lot a lot y’know I- it’s just different now. I just dress a little bit differently… no I- I kind of don’t, but I’m like proving my- my point. Even though I feel like everything is the same about me with some tweaks and some… just… experience changes and a little more knowledge. Even though I feel like me when I was twenty-two and me now are kind of the same person we’re just- you’re just different. You’re just evolved and things change and body modifications be it minimum like piercings or more severe like scarification are permanent. So why do I have a big, fat hole in my philtrum as opposed to other people? So, my philtrum isn’t a great poster child for what a standard gauge philtrum piercing might look like because my philtrum was stretched to a two gauge. I had my piercing- I had my philtrum pierced at a six. So I already went in there with a larger gauge than usual. But my philtrum wasn’t scalpeled so the tissue wasn’t removed. If you go into it and you want like a four gauge philtrum they’ll probably use a scalpel or a dermal punch. In that case, tissue is removed. Because I stretched my philtrum to a two and then took the piercing out, this is the result. Kind of a big- bigger hole in my lip. It’s not open. I can’t squirt water thorugh it. I do clean it because y’know it does get like a little bit of makeup or just a little bit of dry skin in it. And I kind of just clean it when I’m washing my entire face and just give myself like a little just like open her up a little bit. Ideally, like, I don’t really like the way it looks. Like, I think it’s cute and I definitely live with it a hundred percent and it’s not in the front of my mind of getting it reconstructed or fixed. I do know somebody who had their philtrum punched out at a larger gauge, maybe like a four gauge, and had it reconstructed, but they can grow a mustache and they wear a mustache so because of that I really don’t know what the results of my philtrum reconstruction would be and if I would get it because I have had my philtrum pierced for ten years and I dont’ really know what I would look like without it. There’s kinda like no way to hide it though because it is smack dab on my face. It’s the first thing that people see because it’s just unusual. It’s a little bit of an oddity. And I live with that. That’s completely okay. If you- like the person who asked me the question said they want to get it done, but they’re worried about the scar in the future. I think if you’re worried maybe you shouldn’t do it. And I- y’know I think that that statement is a little unfair, but it is cautionary. Because, like answering the person “oh can I stretch to a double zero and go back?” I would say no. It’s much better to say no because if you do want to wear hoop earrings- Hello? Oh my god! Are you so excited? Sorry about that. Like the person who said “can I go back after double zero?” I think that a lot of it has to do with anatomy and like I said if you want to wear dangling earrings or heavy earrings you would see pull and probably see through the piercing and I think that that should be something that is considered. Although fixing it isn’t too invasive, fixing it would be required. Y’know you could get Botox or Juvéderm injection in your earlobe to kind of make that hole a little tighter a little fatter. But it’s not a permanent solution. You would have to get that done or redone every time it dissolves. If you’re okay with needing to have reconstructive surgery in the future I think that that’s a good step. I think that’s fair. Like they had mentioned, would they need some sort of reconstruction in thirty years into the future? I would say go into it knowing that that is probably a huge possibility. I think that their are outliers and in the comments section their might be people who are like “I was at this and went back to completely standard ears.” And I think that that’s true. My friend Ryan, his ears were stretched and he took his plugs out and his ears went completely back to normal in appearance, but he wasn’t able to wear earrings ever again. Even standard post earrings. However, if you decide to never wear earrings again, that would work for you. And like I said, there’s always going to be outliers like “I got my nose pierced” “and I took the post out and my nose is completely normal.” That’s great. Wish it was me. My nose is insane. It is scarred and the scars like push in because the piercing was stretched so although I was very happy with how I looked modified, I did take all of my piercings out for a job that I one hundred percent needed and one hundred percent changed the quality of my life at the time. So I don’t have any regrets in that way. I did the right thing. And I made the responsible decision. And you never know when you may be faced with a kind of decision like that in your life so definitely something to know. Even my microdermal piercings have left pretty predominant and noticeable scars on my face. And I live with those a hundred percent and they don’t bother me, but to each his own. If you’ve ever wondered about the hole in my lip which I get less comments about now. It is just a hole that’s open. On my face. Every day. I think not super noticeable, um… I don’t really know about any temporary solutions like Botox or Juvéderm kind of solution for me. I did have two laser resurfacing treatments on my face just to kind of alleviate any sort of scarring and I didn’t notice any difference at all. Honestly now I have kind of enlarged pores on this side of my face which I didn’t have before. So, with that, solutions may also not give you results that you want either. Like I would say some results can’t be guaranteed. Especially with scar like laser resurfacing. I didn’t notice any differences in my scars. Although, I had only had two treatments and six treatments were recommended to me. But they hurt and they sucked and it was bad and I didn’t notice any differences in my scars. So, that’s kind of how I feel about questions like that. I do err on the side of caution and I do lean towards more talk about the permanence versus the few who got away with little to no remnants of having any sort of body modification history. My final thought is, y’know, if you are into body mod and it’s something that you understand and you go into with the understanding that you may, or one hundred percent will, need some sort of reconstructive or rehabilitation to your face be it laser resurfacing or plastic surgery or injections or living with a couple scars on your face. Do understand that anything you do to your face or your body could be permanent and should be expected to be permanent. As piercings heal, your body is fighting off this like foreign object that is in your skin. And like for example, a lot of people have their nose pierced and I think it was a hard piercing to heal. My body constantly was fighting it off and I had like the red ring around it forever. And then when it finally healed, that’s because your body healed around it and that’s how the scar forms. You probably know that, but- But I will say I used to have the industrial bar like across my ear and it never ever wanted to heal. After a year it was still tough to sleep on. A little bump would make it red for days. And when I took that out I would say that there is barely any indication that I had it. And I would say because it wasn’t healed when I took it out. So, if you let a piercing heal, your body has created almost like a new hole around it and… assume that that is permanent. That is kind of my little word of wisdom to you guys. You can always submit questions to me I’m happy to answer them. I’m sorry if that was like kind of negative, especially because there is such good energy right now. But I have always like wanted to get on my soapbox and say that because I can tell you right now, when I had my philtrum pierced and then stretched, it was something I really thought I wanted forever. And… I took- like at one- one day I took it out. And when the opportunity came for me to like be allowed to put it back in I was just like That’s okay. I’m… I’m good. So, you never know when it will happen to you. If it does happen to you. For any reason at all. My cautionary tale to you is Every piercing… has a scar. Anyway, I love you guys so much. Thanks for joining me on Tuesday for a little talk like this. Definitely leave your experience in the comments below. I think it is more helpful to paint an honest picture for people who are getting into piercings because when I first started stretching my ears I definitely heard the like double zero urban legend. I thought that way too and now there’s a hole in my lip every single day. And it might not bother you guys, and it might not bother me, but it is there. And I go outside hoping that no one will talk to me about it. Anyway, I love you guys so much. Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up it really helps me and the channel. If you are new here don’t forget to subscribe. You can leave any sort of question in the comments down below or you can follow me on Instagram at quietcoolkid. I have a tattoo talk playlist listed down below that has over a hundred videos in it so you can check that out as well. And I will see you later on this week. I love you guys so much. Bye!

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  1. I got my ears pierced at a 12 gauge when I was 14 and I proceeded to stretch them to a 0 gauge over the next 2 years. I did this very slowly and only went up one millimeter ever 3 months. I never went above 0, bc I knew I would have to take them out as an adult. Couple months before my 17th birthday I decided to join the military and I knew I would have to shrink me ears. I kept my jewelry in as long as possible, but on my 17th birthday, exactly 3 years after I get them I took them out. Luckily I'm young, and my skin is till super stretchy, so my ears closed up with in 2 weeks. But there is still a hole, and it doesn't look quite right. While I can't see any light through them (which is what the military wants), my ears still have holes, and they will never look normal. But it was definitely worth the experience. Now I've moved on to getting tattoos.

  2. I'm so sorry I'm commenting so quickly, but I'm absolutely awestruck by your look and I absolutely love those colors on you!! You look positively radiant!!

  3. Same! I still have scars from my monroe, nose piercing and my gauges. I loved all my piercings, but I ultimately took them out because of some jobs and because my skin just doesn't like any piercings(because of allergies). The scars kinda suck. Oh well, life goes on.

  4. Is it odd that I think your philtrum piercing scar actually looks really gorgeous on you and compliments the shape of your face and lips very well? I hope that won't be taken badly I just think it's placement really Suits You

  5. Just a quick question- i wanna do a septum piercing. Will it scar/show scar? Like i know ita from the inside of the nose abd i dont wanna stetch it but will a scar show?

  6. I honestly love the little scar on you! When I took out my navel jewelry it left a little scar and I think it looks cute to have a little dimple like dot above my belly button. Defiantly good to think about before a piercing tho!

  7. I have the intentions that all my piercings will be on me for the rest of my life. I love them I feel like a different person without them.

  8. I have a septum ring, and I got it assuming it was permanent. I want to be chilling at my funeral with it in. >:3

  9. Please do a similar video about "low commitment tattoos" i.e tattoo placements that people expect to wear of in a short time.
    Like your inner lip tattoo, fingers etc.

  10. Whether or not it goes back to normal may be sort of like stretch marks—some people get them and some people don’t…and you don’t know which type you will be until it happens. Just depends on the elasticity of your skin.

  11. I think it depends on the person/skin because I’ve had my nose pierced twice and both times they completely healed and I had them for 3+ years. As well as the ear piercings I’ve had as a child have closed over the years.

  12. Side comment… Your makeup is soooo beautiful today. That color palette is so complimentary to your coloring! I know it is a surface comment, but I had to say it it! Have a great week everyone!

  13. I feel like most people know piercings are permanent. If you remove it you’ll always have evidence of that having been punctured 🤨

  14. I always recommend septum piercings for those who want a facial piercing, but aren't sure about keeping it or worried about a scar. Since if it does leave a scar, it's not visible. As long as you don't stretch it of course. I have a stack of 3 in mine and will eventually have 4, all 16g, so my septum will be stretched to about a 5mm. Probably small enough for it to go down, but I'm also not worried about that. I'm in my 30s and don't ever plan on taking them out.

  15. I totally agree. I have 10 piercings, and if someday I decide that I don't want them anymore (which will certainly happens at some point in my life), the idea of the scar on my face doesn't bother me at all. It's a part of it.

  16. Thank you for using singular they pronouns in your videos so frequently. It makes me enjoy them even more.

  17. I got ear piercings as a kid and had to take them out because they kept getting infected (turns out i have a pretty high inflammation rate). They closed completely in a month. About the same time i had them in.

    My mother's ear piercings are noticeable on the outside but have somewhat grown in so they bleed every time she puts earrings in (which isn't often because of her nickel allergy and pure metal/medical jewellery is expensive). Basically the inner skin does close up if the hole wasn't huge but the outer skin has a dent.

  18. Yeah I agree with this. My labret, eyebrow, conch, second lobes, and nose piercings have all left subtle (visible if you're looking for them) marks. However, my helix piercings left the sides of both my ears (I had two helix piercings on both sides) permanently lumpy and I have a large (like small chickpea sized) keloid on the back of my right lobe piercing which has required steroid injections. The steroid injections made it smaller and stopped it from hurting and itching but I still hate it and I'll never be able to have pierced ear lobes and wear earrings. Also the steroid injection was so painful I almost passed out. I have a nostril piercing and a flat piercing which are fully healed and I love them so I don't think piercings are evil but people do need to be careful with them.

  19. Hmmm this would make sense if they were permanent but they're not. 🙃 the scars might be, but if your worried about that TEA. TREE. OIL.

  20. This was a really great video. There’s so many influencers I’ve been following through the years who have removed various piercings throughout the years, and I see the scars and holes. I spent years playing around with fake septum jewelry before I bit the bullet and got it. Working in healthcare, depending on the culture, I had to flip it and hide it. I got it because i can hide it. I’ve thought about other piercings but they’re permanent in a way they leave a mark.

  21. I have a belly button one that I'm keeping forever. I got it when I was 18 (I'm 35 now) and my mom was with me and holding my hand and that memory is super warm to me, I'm sentimental. (My mom isn't dead, I just love that memory.) Though I won't show it off, since I've had 2 stomach surgeries and am scarred it's my way of saying that this won't be taken from me. Endometriosis might ruin my figure but it won't take my spirit. I'll be 80 and still have it, if I'm lucky enough to live that long. ^_^ I'll be a bad ass old lady. ^_^

  22. Tbh looking back on 15/16/17 year old me, I'm super glad my parents were kinda strict about body modification.
    Edit: I also wish people would talk more about the chances of piercings healing poorly. I had to take my nipple piercing out two years ago because it wouldn't heal properly after one and a half years and some days I still get a sharp stabbing pain. Nobody told me that was a possibility.

  23. I think that a good approach to piercings is: they are one of the easiest modifications to hide or remove, but they are there. Just as if you have a tattoo laser removed it may be 90% gone, but you can still see a scar there. It's not like makeup or a bracelet, so you should definetely think through it.

  24. Honestly sometimes I just gloss over your philtrum like it's a freckle! But I'm so glad you shared this video, so many people talk about body mods like they don't have any lasting effects after they're removed but that's usually not the case. Also your egirl vid was super cute! ❤

  25. Please don't talk about laser not working when you didn't have enough treatments to see the difference. It's going to make people think that laser is useless, while it helped many people who did it properly.

  26. Of course any hole you make in your body is permanent. Yes, if you can't handle a scar, you are not ready to get it. I was asked to take out my nose piercing for work in 2014, after a year it closed up, unusable. But it never faded. So in 2018 when I got a job that allowed it, I got my nose re done. I now also have my septum done (because its a hidden scar and can be flipped up)
    At 15 I didn't think about the hole I'd have in my nose, but that's the permanent aspect. The mark was easily covered with makeup, I don't regret the decision of 15yo me. But for others that's not the case. So think very carefully

  27. I think we should take all piercings more seriously like my aunt got all her daughter's ears pierced as literal baby's and I got mine at about 9 all of us have wished we hadn't at some point everyone thinks oh it's just a piercing everyone has why shouldn't literal children have them i think at the bare minimum you should have to be idk 13+ (personally I'd choose 16 or 18 but still) to get anything done but that's my opinion so idk

  28. Ugh loved this xx I had a philltrum piercing for a few months and it was not healing at all it was ridiculous, then my dentist told me it's doing a lot of damage to my front teethand gums because it's pierced wrong… I'm a qualified piercist and acc thought that the whole time because a lot of my piercings are crooked or something from the same place and i finally took it out.. I miss the look of it so much and now I'm left uglier than before with a huge hole in my lip and i actually hate it so much..

  29. Honestly your philtrum scar is one of my favorite things about your face it’s so unique and pretty

    But that’s just my opponion

  30. Ah I love your nail polish! What is it? Also I love the lil holes on your face! I have some on mine as well since I had angel bites, but I love the lil holes. However I might get earlobe reconstruction some day.

  31. I stretched my ears to a 00 and I 100% agree, I've had them out for over a year now and you can definitely tell if I pull down on my earlobes or wear heavy hoops

  32. I have a pretty noticeable dent above my lip where my "Monroe" piercing was. I had it for about 3 years and had to take it out for a job. When I first took it out I was pretty devastated by the scar. I really wish I knew how big it would be before I got pierced. It feels like a part of my face now, but I'd really like to eventually get it reduced.

  33. I had my labret peirced 10g i only had it 6 months before removing it now i have a prominent weird deep dimple scar , fairly often people ask about it but i don't mind its just one of many body mod battle scars , were your decisions with pride

  34. I just wanna thank my mum for not allowing me to get facial piercings when I was a teen. She really did know more than I.

  35. i didnt get my first piercing until i was 25 n now at 27 ive had 2 more piercings since then n I'm good with keeping them. i went in with the idea that like my ear piercings no matter how long i went without wearing them i could still put them back in so i went in knowing they were probably going to be there forever.

  36. my dad’s body rejected one of his eyebrow piercings after 25 years this morning. now he has two little chunks of flesh with a gap in the middle where the piercing used to be

  37. Im going through the exact same things!!! I relate to this so hard! Thank you so much for creating this video.

  38. i barely notice the hole when watching you. your eyes are so beautiful and large they keep most of my attention.

  39. I also had my philtrum and snake bites pierced and the scars are noticeable but I really don't see them anymore, I think I'm so used to them. my philtrum was 1,6mm (14G) tho so my scar also isn't as big

  40. I only stretched my ears up to a 2g (and at that, didn’t have it up there for more than a few months) so I was able to take mine out and now I have no problem with standard earrings! Looking at the comments here, it seems like it’s a combo of individual physiology, stretch size, and whether your body actually got used to the size (mine didn’t, I think).

  41. This is why I do my research and think carefully about placement. I always look up everything that could go wrong and what scars they leave before I make a decision lol.

  42. I had a double monroe/angel bites whatever you wanna call it and I wore those for about a year and then had to take them out for a job and theres still noticable holes there but I don't even notice them. I rarely think about them and never really realize that they're not normal just because I'm used to them being there. But I don't mind them at all. Just a part of my face.

  43. The hole is permanent but the jewelry isn’t which is why I think a lot of people think of them as non-permanent. If you’re not okay with how it looks without the jewelry don’t get the piercing

  44. This is one of the reasons I chose a septum piercing. Even if I will develop a scar after I take it out, it's on the inside of my nose; people won't notice it.

  45. i got my lower lip and my nipples pierced at 15 as well as my industrial at 14. my lip is fine but my nipples are kinda fucked up and my left ear is covered in various bumps. please dont be rebellious teenagers kids, it does not pay off.

  46. Had my eyebrow pierced about 8 years ago. Only had it in 4 months cause then it got infected. Still have the scars there today.

  47. I have had my scaffold/industrial for almost 6 years and it has worn down the cartilage in the top of my ear where the bar is and I don't think that will come back if I ever take it out.

  48. My dads great-aunt always wore those huge and heavy stone earrings and her lobes were so stretched out to a point I still shudder when I think about it and she really is one of the reasons I could never actually stretch my lobes or even keeps me very careful with wearing earrings that are too heavy for too long or at all.
    I've also seen a few awful piercing scars so I tend to only get piercings that aren't right in my face even though I like the look of them. Nobody really looks at my ears where I tried to get a third row of lobe piercings that failed miserably. I worry about having having more unnecessary scars than I already so I don't get piercings in places I or other people constantly look at.

  49. My angel bites are still open and I haven't worn them for like 10 years, same with my dahlias and they've been gone for about 8 years lol! My cheek piercings and medusa (have had it done twice, kept it this time for a long time same with cheeks) closed up fine I think it may just be lip piercings and perhaps surface piercings if they're completely healed.

  50. I’ve always had piercings close up on me really fast. Like, I’ve taken piercings out for xrays and not be able to get them back in. But I just got a job where I have to take my lip piercing out, and I was sure that it would close up over the course of my first day…it didn’t. So even different piercings on the same person can vary in how much they close up.

  51. I still have a partial hole in my lip from my monroe. Its open on the outside but the center and inside are long closed so I couldn't wear anything in it if I wanted, but the outer hole is still there. Thats the only one that still has a hole, but all the others left visible scars

  52. I've always wondered what happens when people take out large piercings. I often like the look on others but always wonder what happens if they decide they don't want them anymore or are forced to remove them for a job. I hate drawing attention to myself so it's not something I'd ever consider for myself after hearing some of the questions and comments people with body modifications and or tattoos get, as well as getting touched by strangers honestly who thinks that's appropriate. I also often wonder if you go to the hospital with body mods/tattoos do they assume you have a high pain tolerance and treat you differently? Maybe that's just a concern my crazy anxiety brain made up, I'd be curious if this is something that actually happens to people with piercings or tattoos?

  53. My bottom middle lip is permanently pierced. I can take the ring out for a year and put it back in, which is weird since the skin inside your mouth is supposed to heal over really quickly. I think scarring/piercings being permanent are sort of varied from person to person. Luckily if I don't want mine in, the hole is hidden by my facial hair. Just my .02.

  54. I don't have any pierching at all. I only got my ears pierced when I weas very young (maybe 4 years old?) and I stopped wearing earrings when I was 13. Everyone said that the holes in my ears would disappear and I would never be able to wear earrings again. Almost 10 years later and they are still there and I don't think they will ever go away.

  55. I feel like any body modification should be considered permanent even if it’s something that grows out like a variation of surface piercing, because of the commitment involved.

  56. I stretched my ears to 4mm (6g), and they are still somewhat stretched, like I can still easily fit a 1.6mm (14g) piece of jewellery without any worries, so to a certain extent they won't go completely back to normal.

  57. Yeah I worry about my double nostril piercing holes. They are pretty large since the piercer only had 18g to pierce me with

  58. I think you can still rock that philtrum piercing. Get a beautiful gem or piece of gold jewelry (like BVLA) and keep it as your only facial piercing. Make sure it is sized right so it does not cause dental problems. You have the perfect facial shape for your piercing. You may also look at something to “fill” the hole such as a concealer disk. Of course you look fine without anything in it. This is all your choice. I am in my sixties and only got piercings and tattoos within the last ten years or so and this means I had a long time to think about what I was going to do. I did choose to stretch my earlobes to a 10 gauge, but this size hole can take a regular post earring with a disk on the back so it doesn’t droop. I totally agree with you that a piercing can be considered permanent so you have to take that into consideration when choosing to be pierced. This is important as you do have to consider your job requirements and what your alternative would be if you must cover or remove any body modification. Hopefully others will take your suggestions when they consider getting modified.

  59. I have my left nostril pierced and I know that I will never take it out. I also have a bunch of piercings in my ears and I am currently stretching my second love piercing.
    What I do to come to these permanent choices are me thinking about it for a couple of months. I want to make sure that I am making a choice that I will adore for the rest of my life. I use the same method for when I get tattoos as well as where they will go on my body.

  60. I currently have 13 piercings on my ears, and i still want more. but i have a question about the conch piercing, and same for the helix actually : once i got them pierced, can i switch to normal earrings? i feel like it would be better since my hair does not stop from being stuck between them (i have 2 helix piercings near one another), and i think that it might be more discreet in the future. and even though it's cartilage, i feel like switching to normal earrings after a couple of moths (in titanium still) would go fine. If anyone has an opinion on this, please let me know ! 🙂

  61. you would look cute with a small silver piercing wher the hole is, could you still put jewelry in it?

  62. Your eyes are so pretty!!!! This is the first video I've watched of yours but just wondering if you would show how you did this?

  63. I am currently stretching my ears with the goal of 00g. I went into it knowing that there's a good chance that they won't go back to their normal size. I am currently okay with the thought of my ears being 00g when I'm 80. I will probably take them out eventually and let them shrink as much as they will. But I am definitely not committed to ever wearing standard earlobe jewelry again. I figure that if they go back to like a 6g then I should be able to wear small plugs and have it look like just a large stud earring. I'd be happy with that. My ears are at an 8g right now and when my tunnels are out, my ears look pretty normal unless I specifically bring attention to the fact that they are stretched. I love body modifications and although there might be a day when I'd ideally like to look "normal", I am almost positive that I will survive just fine if my mods end up being completely permanent.

  64. You should try that nose putty stuff people use to change their nose shape it might fill the hole nicely when you don’t want it

  65. I’d say they are more semi permanent. You can take them out, and they might completely close up. And even if it doesn’t, there’s a barely visible dent/teeny tiny hole. You stretched your philtrum. You had it for 10 years. Now it’s not even open, just a tiny scar. That doesn’t sound very permanent to me.

  66. I’d just like to say.. if your piercing thickness is too thin it can tear more easily. So you could end up with a bigger scar.

  67. I had mine done and then took it out and strangely loved the look of the scar. I’ve since got it re-pierced.

  68. i had spider bites and a labret, i removed the right spider bite and the labret 7 years ago but the scars/holes are still visible. i kept the left side in because i couldnt decide if the holes looked better than the jewellery. i also stretched my lobes. Only to an 8 but even now i still cant wear normal stud earrings as the holes are still slightly bigger. I can only wear hoops. 🙁

  69. i had 14 mm earlobes, people don't really notice it now but they are now maybe down to a 4mm of 5mm, so yeah definitly permanent! also i got my nose pierced last year and just looking at the piercing hole i know it's going to be there forever!

  70. Honestly I actually want some piercing scars? Specifically cheek piercings, I can't see myself wearing them long term but id love to have them for awhile and I think the little dimple scars are really cute

  71. My grandma and my aunt have worn dangly earrings their whole lives and haven’t stretched their ears. They have the “pull.” It’s normal for the weight to stretch your ear.

  72. Wow, I've never considered my piercings to not be permanent when I get them! I have 15 holes in my ears and wanna get at least 5 more in the future. I think piercings are beautiful and give you a lot of freedom to change up the look of it by changing the jewelry.

  73. The septum piercing is not forever at all, you can hide it, you can take it out and nobody will ever see the scar.
    The best piercing ever, i took it off cause i had problems getting colds.

  74. I had loads of piercings, took them out for a job, then took them out again when I got pregnant and now at 37, I have put most back in and have added more and stretched my ears. You never know when you might want them back either, it guess both ways. 🙂 Love the message of the video. 👍🏻

  75. There are ways to close up the holes. They may still leave little scars, but these can be treated to near invisibility. It just depends on how much it is worth for you. ^^

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