Picture Perfect Matching Faces – Portraits: Elimination Tattoo | Ink Master: Shop Wars (Season 9)

Picture Perfect Matching Faces – Portraits: Elimination Tattoo | Ink Master: Shop Wars (Season 9)

– Okay, artists. You will have six hours
to tattoo matching portraits. Your time… starts… now. – All right.
– Yes. – Let’s do it.
– When you go get a portrait,you don’t want it
to almost look like the person.
Almost don’t count. – Think I should go a little bit
smaller than this and a little bit bigger
than that. – It’s very important that they stay precise to the photo
as well as to each other.This is tough.
You don’t know if your
partner’s gonna go off on a
tangent and do something crazy.
– Are you super ready? – Let’s do this, April.♪ ♪– Can you check what I’m doing to make sure that
we’re on the same page? – Yeah.
– I am at Eva’s mercy on this one.I’m definitely not
the best portrait tattooer.
So this is the gap where it,
like, where this is? – Yeah, there’s one lower
and one higher. – Mm-hmm.
So this is– – And then kind of wrap it–
yeah, you got it. – Like that? – Yeah,
that looks great to me. – I know that she knows
what she’s doing, so I’m just gonna try
to do the same.It’s a trust game at this point.[dramatic music]– Your skin gets really red
really easily. That’s what that is–yeah.
– Oh, yeah. That’s true,
it does that all the time.– Oh, my God.Her skin is lighting up
like a damn Christmas tree. – How’s it going, bro? – You know, just making sure, ’cause it’s, like,
getting really irritated. So I have to be,
like, super gentle.I have to do a super subtle,soft baby portrait when I can’t
tell how dark the ink is?
I’m so screwed. Oh, no. – You have four more hours
remaining.♪ ♪– What do you got for
in this section? Is that a wine,
and this is a skin tone? Or is that–
– Most likely. I haven’t gotten there yet.
– Oh, okay.– I’m a little worried
about Thom,
because it has been so long
since he’s done a portrait. – I’m gonna say
that’s skin tone. Yeah, that’s a skin tone. Oh, I’m sorry.
That’s a wine.– I just hope that
Thom can rely on my strengths
to help guide him through it,because you can’t wander
on a portrait.
You have to do exactly
what’s in front of you.
♪ ♪– What up? – Thanks for the mini-pic. Over here trying to
give us the bad skull, and then we–what’s up?
Step to the stage, homie. – [laughs]
– Yeah, but I don’t think it worked. – ‘Cause I got the skills
to pay the bills, man. You know what?
We’re just gonna have to bite the bullet, and I’m gonna have to pull
out every trick I got in my bagto take this little tiny photo
and make a great portrait.
♪ ♪– How are we gonna judge this? – We may have
some clear bottoms, which might save us
a lot of hard work. Well, Allegory Arts,
they’re just using color photos thrown off to the side
on a black and grey portrait. – That’s crazy, and look, their backs to each other. – She’s not even looking at
the photo, she’s just tatting. Artistic Skin Design, did
you notice the skin differences? – Canvas is everything, man. You’ve got an older woman,
a young lady. Their skins react different. One, just,
you put grey in and it’s grey. The other one,
you put the same grey, and it don’t look like nothing. It’s just looks beet red.
– Yeah. Unkindness Art,
her portrait is phenomenal. – It’s the one. But if he doesn’t
step it up to her level… – Yeah.
– They can lose. – What’s up, Doom? God, you guys are flying.
Holy crap. It is overly apparent that Doom has never done
a portrait in his life.[bleep], you know you’re
gonna do it in this competition.
Instead, you come in here
and scratch something out
on that dude’s arm.– Ooh. – That’s ridiculous. – Final hour. One hour to go.♪ ♪– Oh, [bleep]. – I just really need you
to relax your shoulders. The more tense you are, the worse it’s gonna be
for both of us, so. – [howling] – My canvas is like tattooing a crying, squealing
mechanical bull. – Oh! – This is like 30 seconds’ work you’re turning into
ten minutes right now. – Oh!
– If she does not sit still and let me do my job,
we might not finish at all. – [moaning]– I can hear Erin’s canvasmoaning from across the shop.Dane’s tattoo turns red
every time he touches the lady.
I’m over here like
a fish out of water.
I don’t know how
Black Cobra figured out
how to get us all at one time,
but they definitely have.
The alliance is in trouble.♪ ♪– Five, four, three, two, one. That is it.
Machines down. Time is up.
No more ink. – Let’s take a look
and see what we got, yeah? Those look great.
– Yeah. – Look at that.
Are they twins? What’s going on here?
– [laughs] – This is awesome. – Absolutely. – Glad I could
do that for your guys. – Thanks.
– Absolutely. – This is awesome.
– For sure.– The stages of stress
today were insane.
And I’m like, whew.
– Yeah, totally. If it’s gonna get worse, well, I’m glad I got warmed up
on that one. – Yeah.
Bring it on. – Six more to send home. – Dude, we killed it. – Yeah.
I think we did good.

51 thoughts on “Picture Perfect Matching Faces – Portraits: Elimination Tattoo | Ink Master: Shop Wars (Season 9)

  1. I cannot believe Classic Trilogy left… Christian was absolutely right about that "cool kids club"… absolutely disgraceful. Allegory Arts has got to go, their time is up.

  2. Not gonna lie, usually the tats on this show are jank but the ones they showed here (minus 1 of them) were fantastic.

  3. Hopefully Allegory is next.. How in the fuck are they still there? That guy is a lame crybaby! Blames her for everything and acts like he's good.

  4. I really hope they have that Mexican guy come back as a permanent judge. He knew his shit and was funny when he roasted DJ. 10/10 judge

  5. My dad has a portrait tattoo of me when I was two and it's on his pecks and he never shaves there so I say I was a hairy two year old

  6. I've just come to the fact that I don't want a portrait tat. There's a good chance it'll come out wonky and why waste a good area for a better tat?

  7. 4:33 the woman’s tattoo is smooth and blended beautifully. The man’s is patchy and blotchy and not nicely blended. You can see the difference in technique and talent.

  8. tattoo artist complaining about ppl being in pain is ridiculous. everybody reacts differently to a needle buzzed into their skin. yes the girl signed up for it. but that doesn't mean shes not allowed to be in pain.

  9. I hate when the tattoo artist get rude or have a smart mouth when the person is crying or something I mean not everyone is tough I understand they don’t want them to move or it might mess up but they can least make the person feel comfortable I would probably ball my eyes out if I was getting a tattoo a needle going in you skin over and over that has to hurt 😢

  10. There is no way in hell i would go on this show to get a portrait tattoo..hell no..portraits r not easy and really easy to fuck up. Don't go to a show full of random people to get a free tattoo that's this important. Go to a professional who u can see there portfolio. U can't bitch if these guys fuck up ur entire arm tattoo thats irreversible.

  11. Why do I keep watching these when u cock suckers don't show the most important part! The tattoos and the winners😠

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