96 thoughts on “Photoshop Tutorial: How to Make a Retro, Cajun-style, Tattoo Logo Design

  1. Have a Happy Healthy New Year Marty!!! Thank you for another year of so many tutorials that help all of us take a step closer to your knowledge!!
    You Are The BEST!!

  2. do you have any tutorial to explain select a hard parts of photos like a hair or how to select a part in photo if the background have a same color?

  3. thanks Marty, I'm a few months that will follow you and I have subscribed to your channel, do the tutorials very beautiful and well explained, I take this opportunity to wish you a happy 2014 hello to the next

  4. Hi Marty, I have watched literally hundreds of PS tutorials and this is by FAR the best and most concise I have ever seen.  I KNOW that I can do this process with your help through the video.  You don't talk down to people and you don't presuppose that they know all the different processes that you use. While I probably have learned all the tricks you use, I would have never known that this was the time to use them!! I've subscribed to your channel and I look forward to learning more with you.  Thanks very much for your tutorial.

  5. Thanks Marty, your videos are so polished and I enjoy watching how you use the tools PS has to offer in different ways. All the best for 2014!

  6. Marty you make best photoshop tutorials in the world! Keep doing awesome job, wish you good luck on everything! 

  7. Marty, the filter zig-zag is not available on my PS, it is grey-ed and I can't select it. Any idea about how can I activate it?

  8. Really nice tutorial and well explained, got 5 years using Photoshop and today, with your tutorial, i've learnt something more on it ! 😉 subscribed – keep going on bro

    best regards

  9. This is the most helpful video I've seen. No one else I've watched actually explains each step. They just assume you know things. 

  10. I'm using PS CC14 and I don't have the option to select sides on the top panel, or the option to select star from the gear box. Can someone tell me how to make these options active?

  11. Thanks for this awesome tutorial. It helped out a great deal and I made a shirt design using this. I like these tuts because they are direct and to the point, without any extra talking and opinions thrown in.

    Keep up the great work.

  12. re amazing as usual !!! by ur tuto i feel more confidence for use adobe until im not eng native thanks

  13. even though you made this video in 2013 it still was extremely helpful! Subscribed!
    look forward to watching awesome logo tutorials 🙂

  14. Спасибо огромное за такие туториалы. Я русский и даже мне всё понятно, настолько всё продумано в ролике, что даже ребёнок всё поймёт. Good!

  15. hi! I have a problem: when i do DISTORT>ZIG ZAG, my poligon distort not only the beams but also the circle??? why??? How I can resolve it?

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