94 thoughts on “Photoshop Tutorial – Galaxy Logo Design From Face

  1. Hi the tutorial is very nice .I just want to ask if I could post this on my blog for activity purposes.Thankyou

  2. лучший урок, что я видел. вот так нужно снимать видео уроки, образец для подражания! лютый лайк!

  3. Yo what’s up bro I enjoy this vid quite sure I’m super late with this comment, but appreciate how you kept it simple for someone to understand Thanks bro hope yo do more, just a request please do a text logo.

  4. @Photoshop Picture Editor I do the galaxy background as you do, but it doesn't go into the picture as you do, but only the galaxy background.

  5. Hi everyone,
    How can I export with TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND?

    Also with "Export" option I can't obtain PNG with transparent background.

    Thank you

  6. I just finished mine and I love it. But instead of doing a headshot I did a full body picture and added a different text omg It looks amazing thank you!

  7. it is so amazing ..keep it up…best of luck
    ……..but i didnt find background pics from your discription…will you send me?????

  8. I got the solution at 5:40
    if Alt is not working then right click on galaxy then create new clipping mask but when you will create it will hide the actual face so for that choose galaxy and a little bit above galaxy low the opacity from 100 to 70,80 according to you.. Hopes it help you guys. 😊😊

  9. I'm not sure if it's the image that I'm using or what, but when I do the threshold the white doesn't show as much as this.

  10. When I move the highlighted ones after the Color Range, it's not as black as it supposed to be. It's kinda like low% opacity. Please help

  11. i am doing everything but my eyes are not visible in the final image its just galaxy all around the face no eyes no nose

  12. whenever i tried the selection of color range it pops up msg that pixels are not selected im doing just like in the video

  13. Why are none of these tutorial gurus using the art of communication to walk us normal people thought the process??? Instead subjected to music.. WTF!!!

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  15. Świetna robota! Dzięki wielkie bo obejrzałam bardzo dużo filmików a muszę właśnie coś podobnego zrobić z samochodem i nie wiedziałam jak się zabrać. Dzięki!

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