Pete Davidson: SMD – Coping with a Family Tragedy – Uncensored

Pete Davidson: SMD – Coping with a Family Tragedy – Uncensored

– We’ll do some 9/11 jokes, and then we’ll get the fuck
out of here. How’s that sound? [laughs] It’s hard to transition
into anything. I don’t have–I don’t know
if you’ve noticed anything about my comedy, but there’s–
there’s not many transitions. It’s very, like,
“Dick, fuck, Dad.” Like, it’s, like,
very straightforward, easy-listening comedy. Like, it’s not
the Kendrick Lamar– I’m very French Montana
of comedy. Like, every show, I feel like
I should just be like, “Huh!” And you’ll be like, “Aha! I get it.” So, yeah, my dad,
if you don’t know, he was a fireman. He died 9/11. He was a very good dude. And I have a lot of jokes
about it, and if you don’t like
the first one, you probably won’t like
the rest. What’s cool about your dad dying
on 9/11… [laughter] is I get
all of his fireman gear. So whenever I smoke weed
in New York City, I wear it. You know? Yeah, so now people just think
I’m a shitty fireman. But I’ll be so high,
I’ll forget. Like, people will come up
to me and be like, “You’re a fucking disgrace!” And I’ll be like,
a fucking disgrace!” I’ll be like, “Oh, shit,
I’m a lieutenant. “I forgot.
I’m very sorry. Have a good day, ma’am!” I didn’t really care
when my dad died. It didn’t bother me very much,
because I was seven. You don’t understand things
when you’re seven, you know? If it happened now,
I’d be in a world of trouble, but I’m actually–
it’s weird to say this. I’m lucky it happened
when I was seven. I know that sounds weird,
but it’s the real thing. Like, I remember my dad died,
and my mom was like, “Your dad’s dead, but
we got you a PlayStation 2.” And I was like, “Yeah, cool.” I was like,
“That seems about even. It’s pretty fair.” No, I’m serious.
I really didn’t care. I was like, “I’m gonna
push my mom down the stairs and get a PS3.” I was fucking ridiculous. It’s my new life
of murder and toys. What’s weird is, my grandma
on my mom’s side, my mom’s mom, she’s–her birthday’s on 9/11, and she never liked my dad. crowd: Oh! – Kind of fishy, isn’t it? [laughter] I always wanted to ask her. I always wanted to be like,
“Hey, Grandma, “on the low, did you make any wishes?” I want to get a tattoo. I want to get my dad’s initials. It’s a very, like, Italian,
Staten Island thing to do. I feel like Italian people
are almost, like, waiting for someone in their family
to die so they can go get a tattoo. I’m serious. You ever been to, like,
an Italian funeral or wake and the son of whoever died has, like, the prayer card
going down their side? You know, like, how the fuck
did you do that already? And it’s, like, healed. I, um– I want to get my dad’s initials,
you know. I want to get it tattooed on me. I feel like it would be
very cool. But I found out recently
I can’t. I don’t know why
I never noticed it. I guess I just never
pay attention, but my dad’s initials
are SMD. Yeah. That’s why we named
the special “SMD,” but SMD
also has other meanings, like, for instance,
“suck my dick.” That’s the more popular meaning, believe it or not. So my friends are like,
“You can’t get that tattoo, because people will think
you’re an asshole.” You know? And I agree. I’m like, “You’re right.
I shouldn’t.” But then I thought about it. I was like, “I should.” I was like, “I could only win.” I was like, “If someone has
the balls to bring it up to me, oh, I would win, like,
so fast.” Like, I will never lose.
It’s so dope. Think about that. I’ll have it on my neck. Fucking having a good time. Girls come up to me, and they’re like,
“You’re a fucking pig.” All I got to do is be like:
[whimpers] “Actually,
it’s my dead dad’s initials.” And then they’ll feel so bad, they’ll probably suck my dick. Hey, guys, you’ve been amazing. Thank you. Thank you for coming out. Thank you very much. [cheers and applause]

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  2. My mom died when I was 7, I make jokes about it a lot. She committed suicide and I was very close to her. It’s just kinda how I cope so I really enjoy this set

  3. Honestly I resonate with that statement… I lost my father when I was 12, and of course it was hard, but I feel like you cope differently as a child. It hit me so much harder when I lost my mother IN LAW in 2014 after I had her first grandchild… being an adult and really understanding another human being and then losing them, is so much different. RIP 🌹❤

  4. I do not usually write stuff of this kind, but.

    I lost my mother when i was 14, and it's Crazy how this speech Is relatable. Yes, you do not cry for years After the death of a parent, and there Is nothing wrong with It. I felt so guilty once, before realizing that Just because in the First Moment It did not seem important, It does not mean that it's not affecting a person.
    And Jesus, joking about It (and embarassing evreyone around me) Is the highlights of my Day (what can you tell me? It's my trauma and i'll handle It as i like).
    So, thank you. It's nice to have a real representation of grief for once, instead of what movies usually portrays.

  5. Pete Davidson's actually pretty funny when he writes his own stuff and isn't bogged down by all the untalented schmucks on SNL.

  6. Man, this guy can't go five seconds without talking about his dad dying on 9/11. Is this why Ariana Grande broke up with him?

  7. Regarding tattoos. Same thing for Mexicans dawg. I have my dads name and uncle tatted on me. And actually…im on the way to Mexico watching this. My grandma just died a few hours ago.

  8. it makes me so sad that he makes jokes about this. i get it, comedy is a coping mechanism but most of me is just sad that this is what he puts in his stand up. he couldn't come up with any other material?

  9. This comment section is trying to be a self help therapy session. He’s a comedian that works in dark comedy. What makes it funny is that the majority of people think it’s MORE serious then that. Stop being so tight butthole lol

  10. I honestly think it's so sad he lost his dad in 911, but let's be honest the family tragedy was the day Pete Davidson was born into that family.

  11. This is overrated It wasnt that good I'm seeing that a lot of you are just big fans of him in general, he couldve done better

  12. As funny as this is I looked into his eyes and as a highschool student who just observes body language and eyes to see why people hold themselves the way they do, I see the pain. I’m glad he’s trying to ease it with comedy though. Ariana really just lost a gemstone of a human

  13. He's earned the right to make jokes about his dad, and I guess this kinda helps him? So it's not all bad… also, this came up on my recomend on 9/11. Conspiracy, you decide🤷‍♂️ happy birthday Mrs Davidson

  14. Never have I ever seen a Pete Davidson stand up show ever….but I was laughing my ass off😂😂 he’s amazing. I’m so glad he’s one of those people, who can just joke about shit, and not care what people say. I’m definitely going to start watching more of his shows

  15. It’s funny because Pete has borderline personality disorder and he jokes about using the tattoo of his dads initials as a manipulation tool for causing guilt

  16. Im also borderline personality disorder just like pete and so the way he acts, the way he copes, and how he walks through life is all so very very relatable to me. I see the pain and the struggle behind all the jokes and rocky relationships and pumped up attitude the highs and lows.

  17. This isn’t comedy……it’s pathetic. Feels like he is reaching for anything to joke about and does a poor job at that! Sad.

  18. Pete Davidson just is not funny.
    Gone are the days when comedians started at zero and worked their craft/art at open mics, trying out bits, honing the funny. Hoping one day to “make it” by writing for a show or being a headliner.
    Now you can just be born into shit, pay UCB to tell you you’re funny and/or get hired by SNL because you’re a fat, black, trans f2m that has kinda witty takes on Americas Next Top President.

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