People Try Gender-Neutral Makeup

People Try Gender-Neutral Makeup

(energetic club music) Today we’re gonna try ASOS. ASOS. ASOS’ new. Makeup line. At least, six days a week, everyday. I wear some form of
makeup every single day. Oh! Never. I feel ecstatic about a
gender neutral makeup line. I think it is something that has been long overdue. I think it’s pretty cool. What could this mean for somebody like me? I already, obviously,
subscribe to the idea that clothes, and makeup,
and all these different beauty things can already be genderless. To see a brand finally embrace that and create something that
is gender nondescript, I think, is a huge, awesome step forward. I feel like makeup
doesn’t have any gender. Just like a football doesn’t
really have a gender, makeup don’t have a gender either. (fun techno music) Hi, I’m Shar Davis and I’m gonna be helping Dannielle create her makeup look today, using ASOS’ beauty line. I’m down to be a cool looking prince. A nude lip, bold eye,
but a colorful bold eye. And I wanna look like a unicorn, fresh outta the 90s. I would describe my
style as polished urban. Makeup is fun. It’s confident booster. I would say my style is eccentric. It’s outta the box. I like to play with
gender norms and color. I would just describe my style as androgynous street wear. (fun techno music) So, are you ready to see your look? I am. I’m ready to see myself.
Okay. Can I look? Okay. Whoa! Oh my God. I am just glowing. I would tell my younger self, don’t be afraid to try new things and step outside your comfort zone and be your own beauty and style icon. Oh! Oh you know what you’re doing. I would tell my younger self to not let anyone judge you
for wanting to wear makeup, and just do it. It is bisexual superhero! (laughs) I would just tell myself
to keep trying things. I figured out my style through continuing to try different things. – [Troy] If you’re a man and you’re kind of thinking
about dabbling in makeup, I would say you really should go for it. And if you’re a man who’s never
thought about trying makeup, I would say you should go for it! (smooth dance music)

100 thoughts on “People Try Gender-Neutral Makeup

  1. There are only 2 genders, Male and feMale. You have vagina, then you are feMale, you have penis, then you are Male. It is simple guys, come on!

  2. Kenneth looks kind of like that little girl that competed with Freddie over who could do better makeup (the girl was v pretty)

  3. I can't be the only one laughing at the fact that this is "gender neutral" makeup but the packaging is PINK??? Pink has been a gendered color that had flipped flopped for decades. Oh the irony!

  4. I wish society was more accepting of anyone who wants to wear makeup.. It's just a self expression outlet and nobody should be shamed for using it

  5. But…when is make up NOT gender-neutral? And I feel like gender-neutral would specifically not have pink packaging??? I confused

  6. I love the message of this video but I am confused with gender less makeup. I am a graphic design student and a lover of makeup and I have always thought that makeup has always been genderless, that anyone young and old, any gender and LGBTQ and straight can wear it. So is it the packaging and/or marketing for makeup itself that makes the product become “gender specific”, and if that’s the case why have ASOS created a makeup line for the gender neutral community but have made their packaging look very feminine. I have thought that Mac cosmetics packaging and marketing was gender neutral.
    I would love to understand about this and just to clarify I am not opposed to genderless fashion or the community itself, I am just confused at why there is genderless makeup in the first place and if it is about the packaging, why does the packaging have a feminine appearance?

    Can someone please enlighten me about this. Thank you

  7. Lol a gender neutral makeup line that’s just bs WEAR WHATEVER MAKEUP YOU WANT making everything especially for gender neutral and asexual and all the other ones is just making it worse you want to be excepted and just thought of as the norm and not make yourself an outcast than stop doing a whole bunch of extra

  8. The valley girl voice….stoppppp if you wanna be authentic then sound authentic not like a Kardashian trying to hide their constipation. I know it’s California but really?This is for everyone who talks like that, I’m just commenting on this video because it’s heavy. Hate me if it makes you feel better

  9. For anyone that also loved the knitted corseted sweater the make up artist was wearing: the brand is LUX Noire. I did my research and I now can't buy it because I don't have paypal :'(

  10. I get why they are excited. But a product not being explicitly being "gender-neutral" will not stop me from using it.
    Will continue to buy non gender-neutral dish soap and laundy detergent.

  11. Wait, the container reminds me of a Bic for Her pen but it's "genderles," I didn't know normal makeup was gender restricted? I dunno, feels like a gimmicky marketing trick.

  12. Cosmetics companies looooooove gender trenders. they were already making billions on women, and now that market is pushing into the lgbt+ crowd…

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