People Cover Up Regrettable Tattoos

People Cover Up Regrettable Tattoos

– I’m here at DCM Tattoos getting a cover-up under my boob by Diana. – [Diana] Yeah. (drum heavy music) – [Brittany] That tattoo that I’m getting covered up today is
underneath my left boob. (giggling) So cold! Underneath it, in its curvature says “This heart beats for only you.” It is a lyric from a Paramore
song that I got when I was 18. – This one’s the cotton ball
needle, is what we call it, so it’s gonna be super soft. – [Brittany] Oh, I like the sound of that. – It’s gonna feel like
rainbows and bunnies. – Okay, now she’s lying.
– [Diana] That’s lies. – I regret the tattoo because I’m no longer interested in Paramore, and it taught me to not get song lyrics, or just like words in general, that you don’t really feel
particularly drawn to anymore. – I was 19, at Disneyland
with my good friend, Lauren. And I was just so stoked
to be at Disneyland. So I’m like, I need to remember this for the rest of my life. I’m gonna go get a tattoo. So we found the only place that was open in Hollywood at two in the morning. And I was like, what
better way to commemorate my love for Disneyland than
by a Tinkerbell tattoo. When I went to look in the
mirror at the finished product, it is a silhouette of Tinkerbell, and it looks like she is
bent over, taking a crap. So, that is what I’ve
lived with for seven years. And I’m so ready to be done with it, and move on to the next chapter
of my Tinkerbell-free life. – Will you just let me
know if my areola pops out? – [Diana] So I did this guy’s fiancee’s name in Cadillac letters. Three months later, I get the phone call. “Yo, I need you to cover
up this tattoo for me.” I was like (groaning). (tattoo gun buzzing) – We’re going over the same area. (tattoo gun buzzing) – Look at what I’m going through, again. – Yeah. (groaning) – Personally, like this is my favorite needle when I get tattooed. – Why is it your favorite? (laughing) Do you hate me? – It like hurts and tickles. Oh my god. (whimpering) – I think I’m gonna pass out. (tattoo gun buzzing) – I still have a little bit of the top of the old tattoo sticking out, so, what I’m gonna do is freehand a little bit of more design. – Give me like five seconds. – I thought I’d be much braver. – [Diana] Turquoise behind here. (groaning) – [Hannah] Oh god, no, no, no. That’s not, no. – [Diana] Get a little bit of
light, look over everything and see if everything’s…
– It looks good. – [Diana] Any adjustments? – I think it’s great. I think no more. – Alright, my dear, I believe we’re done. – Yay! (groaning) – What a relief. It looks incredible. It’s the only cover-up tattoo
that I have that it looks a lot better than a lot of
non-cover-up tattoos that I have. – I thought it would be so tough to get the feet and the wings, and that whole weird shape covered into something that looks normal. – Had I like gone to a
tattoo artist, with like, not a full vision, and said
like, what do you think? They might have like, come up with something just as good as this? – But, it looks amazing. It’s just something that I
can actually show people. Like, look at my tattoo. – So maybe ask your tattoo artist what they think when you get something, and maybe they can come up with something better than you could. But year, it looks great. (drum heavy music)

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  1. i wanted to get a tattoo of the libra astrological sign on my ankle? because my little sister is a libra and i know for sure i will always love her so i don’t know why people think i will regret it, and i didn’t wanna get my sign the cancer one bc it looks like 69

  2. If I got a tattoo I would get a Minnie Mouse with my aunts name in it because she inspired me and was like my best friend (she died)

  3. My tattoo wasnt actually too bad! Stung at points but bareable! Different for different people but it was on my ribcage which is supposed to be the worst place so…?

  4. tattoo tip from someone who wants to be a tattoo artist:
    unless you've been in the fandom for 5+ years, don't get a tattoo of it. You'll end up regretting it later on and then you'll have to get a cover up.

  5. With tattoos I write what i want in like a note pad or notebook something with the date and check back every month to see if i still like it i do that for about 2 years at the 2 and a half mark then i start planning where i would want to see that forever im really good with art so i free hand it in sharpie every few days for 3-6 months and if i still like it there and really love it and it still brings me joy then i will get it

  6. Whoever did that tinker bell tattoo should NOT be able to tattoo anymore that’s ugh ew that’s my option tho so

  7. I love Paramore don’t get me wrong but I guess the problem is here picking super cringy lyrics, not the band lol

  8. So you can still see the Tinker Bell tattoo if you know what to look for and Its not a bad tattoo I'm sorry wine mom

  9. she shouldn’t have colored around the bird, it looks weird bc i feel like behind the ear tattoos should be plain and dainty, the bird looks cool but the blue around it makes it so noticeable.

  10. I don't know but I think the tattoo pain you kinda don't want it to end when you are getting it, haven't had one 🤔

  11. Speaking from personal experience, cover up tattoos tend to hurt more because you're going over already tattooed skin – tattoos are basically pretty scars, and getting scars tattooed over is more painful than tattoos on untouched skin x

  12. The bird was honestly so badly done, the line work is wonky and the top of the original tattoo is poking out the top.


  14. I got a tattoo at 13 y/o and i regret it and i need a cover up and no one get a tattoo unless you are at lest 17 😂 bc you'll regret it trust me

  15. The girl should’ve gotten a Mickey Mouse but like it’s just the shape of it no face or body and it’s hallow

  16. I feel like the one who got the under boob done should get the same thing under the other. Personally I'd want bother sides to match. The design is so pretty.

  17. The great thing about the underboob tattoo is that she won’t even see it in forty years! 😂😂😂 Aging is fun!

  18. Bish paramore is amazing i would gladly have that tattoo but i would probs insted get "because after all this time im still into you" bc till this day still my fav song of all time

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