PAUSE challenge, EXPOSED  “not happy” $10 000 Cringe Tuesdays #4

PAUSE challenge, EXPOSED “not happy” $10 000 Cringe Tuesdays #4

It’s Tuesday my dudes *Music* (R.I.P. Fridays with PewDiePie) And you know what that means Cringe tuesday time! YEaHh Tuesdays it’s Tuesday! That’s right everyone. And today we’re looking at probably a video a lot of you have already seen I’m probably one of the last commentary channels (I guess that’s what I am) To comment on this But It’s just too good *Laughing* To be true. Morgz “Pause” video. (Phone Ringing) (Typing) Morgz: GUYS IT IS – WOT DID YOU SAY TO ME YOU WANNA X2 GET A GLASS OF KISS! Now, Morgz kinda disappeared for a while I don’t know if you’re familiar with this, uh, Kid But he came back He came back with his family. And it’s just It’s just Weird. Morgz: Pause! He’s been outside all day P a u s e *Drowning* Morgz Mum: Pause. *Drowning Intensifies* Yo didn’t have to do anything *Laughing* So the gist of these videos, Is that you can pause someone with a remote control At any time. Now what the rules are beyond that, it’s never explained Who has the controller? How long do u get to use the controller? Can you pause anyone at any (time)? I don’t know the rules otherwise how the frick am I supposed to understand? But all you need to know IS Of course. Video: BRUH Morgz: Challenge And the winner ge- The mom really likes to make that face And it makes me very very very very very very uncomfortable. (BRUH) There’s 10,000 dollars on the line
(Those aren’t dollars Pewds) It’s like the perfect example of YouTube these days. You can’t do anything when there’s not 10,000 dollars on the line? Well why should I care then, huh? Why should I care.. Video, Morgz: BEFORE WE START GUYS IF YOU WANNA WIN A BRAND NEW IPHONE THEN ALL YOU HAVE – Of course! *laughing* You can’t start a video without a giveaway first. This is 2019 goddamn it! What we gonna do, Like the video? Subscribe. Yeah cuz liking doesn’t do anything. You just have to Subscribe. Morgz: -THEN AFTER THE VIDEO CLICK THE L I N K IN THE DESCRIPTION FOR EXTRA ENTRIES. OH MoRgAn we get it * BRUH sound effect * *Music* tALkin aBOuT iPhONeS – ʷʰᵉʳᵉ ᶦˢ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ᶦᴾʰᵒⁿᵉ ᴵ ʷᴬⁿᵗ ᵒᴺᵉ SHHHHH *Angry Face* unpauuusee *Sound* I don’t understand what just happened (me either) Did he get the iphone? What is happening? PAAAUUUUUUUSE That’s what I like most about these videos. Just the super thick accent- (In british) PAAUUUSSEEE NO MoRGaN nOOO For some reason they’re all just yelling constantly. I don’t understand Everyone in this family is deaf apparently. Morgz: SHHHHHH Morgz: hEEyye MUM WHAT’RE YOU UP TO? JUST IRONING, MORGAN, of course IM JUST IRONING MORGAN as UsUaL wAIT a second Morgan why have you got your camera? *Realization* nO! NO! NOOO *BRUH* See? She always does that face and I don’t like it! x2 nOo MORGAN! Morgz Mum: Ehhh! WoT A BeUTifUl FaCe tO pAuSE oN *Distress* *Fake distress intensifies* What am I watching here. Like what is this. I dont, I don’t understand. I don’t wanna watch this anymore. Morgz: Whit a sec *BRUH* I really The editing, is like *Primo* Hyperdramatic background music every time. It’s like if I had “bruh” in every single one of my videos. OKKK GUYYYSS I mean I guess… that’s literally me. In 2013 I can’t really be too harsh Morgz: Whatever your ironing because its about to be burned By the looks of it I think your ironing is DOooNe *AaAgGhH* Unpause! AhhEHhhEHA Why are you laughing? Damn, that’s some cruel anime laugh Anime villain: UrGgHahHahA Morgz san bAkARrAaa It’s your T-shirt all along *Evil Laughing* Morgan you’ve made OnE mistake yOUvE fORGoT tO cHeCK WhOz sHirT iT iS WeLL iT’S nOT yOuRZ N’ THErEZ oNLY oNE OtHER mAN SO IT MUST BE MARcEL Pewds: No nO NO mORgAN, ITS nOt just aNY old shirt it’s your bRAnD nEW bLaCKOuT MGZ MERCH Pewds: NOO NOT THE BRAND NEW – BLACK MGZ MERCH NOOOOOOO Ew Morgan: *gasp* *Gasp/Yelp* ThAT CoNT Be MY nEW MGZ bLAcKoUT MERCH – riGHt? nOT ThE nEW mGZ bLAckOut mERcH Stop making that, seriously I can’t- Morgan: oHnoOOOO You sure about that Morgan? *Merch Advert* Pewds: G U Y S ETS DA DA DAAAAAA DAaaa DADA DA DAAAAA *Chuckles* Why are – Can’t they talk? Jesus Christ – At least you guys can still cop it right now Just make sure you keep your irons away. oh God – don’t zoom in on that ugh.. God the cold sore ugh Why would you? And the nails – Dude – Like dude – Take care of your n a i l s From a brutha from anotha You’ve gotta get thone nails manicured br o t h a ᶜᵒᵐᵉ ᵒⁿ ᵐᵃᵃᵃⁿ C O M E ON MORGZ YOU GO T T A GET YOUR NAILS CHECKED MORG Z BUUUUUURN LOOK AT THOSE NAILS WE BETTER UNPASUE THOSE NAILS IF YOU KNOW WHAT I God dammit *Continues advertising merch* Are you serious? He’s using this marketing ploy of ‘Oh its gonna be gone forever’ ‘Only 7 days’ that is shameful How could you do that? You know some people just Turn their videos into this one giant Advertising campaign – That’s just sad And that’s honestly just – Shameful You think they talk like this all the time? Or is it like – “ok, now we need to shoot this for you” ‘alright- ok so you want me to stand here?’ “ok – so what was my line?” ‘Check out the merch?’ ok G U Y S C H E C K OUT MERCH *Laughs* Morgan: hey kiera Kiera: ‘Hi’ gOoD mORniN’ WoT yOu uP tO? *BRUH* *Laughs* He’s making you juice guys. Just making juice. Just like when I pour milk
out of the cartridge, I’m just making milk. I don’t know what to tell you. Oh noOoOoOo NOOOOOO I like how she’s barefoot
for this as well, look. I mean, I can’t shame it,
I do the exact same thing. You want to do something annoying,
you always set it up like, “Oh yeah.” “I should probably remove my socks.” “Oh yeah, we should probably shoot
this on a floor that’s easy to clean up.” I don’t know how to tell you this guys,
I know this might come as a shock, But this is fake all right? If you point the remote
at someone and say PAUUUUUUSE It doesn’t actually work okay? PaAaAUuUsE!
[My ears] Paaaauuuuse! Bruh. Bruh. Bruh. Bruh. You know the only thing
this video is really missing To fit any sort of cliche, It’s Fortnite. I’M sTiLL ThInKiNG aBouT HoW tO eLimINaTe
KieRa and mUm. [Ears slowly dying] But in the meantime, [please no] Let’s play some Fortnite. [I don’t want this] Look at this guys, it feels like it has been
AGES since I’ve been on fOrTNiTe. We’re only five minutes in. *Laughs* Guys I’m running away. I’m running away, I’m getting chased! I’M GETTING CHASED! pause. hi morgan. Kiera: having fun in fortnite?
Pewds: Oh my freaking god. are you having so much– This is a gamer moment. Don’t, don’t do it morgz. This is definitely a epic gamer moment Kiera: we have no more juice left.
Pewds: Oh my god. So we can’t drink any juice. You just got me eLiMiNaTEd Anyway morgan, i’ve had my fun. Unpause. hope you win. *BRUH* This next clip is me every time
I lose in a video game. Morgz: I demand that you say sorry
for making me lose at my game. This is completely and utterly un– Pewds: What am I watching? *Laughing* This is just a normal scenario for those
of you who don’t know what it’s like. If a girlfriend interrupts you in a video game, I had the exact same reaction. She went too far. Morgz: I demand that you say sorry for making
me lose at my game. [OMG Again?] This is completely and utterly Un Ex– Morgz: This is the first time I’ve
ever seen you on the treadmill. Well I went on once on Martin for a video. [this makes me feel some type of way] Okay, I definitely did not need to see that. Morgz: Be careful Mum,
making sure you don’t fall off. Safety first, Morgan. How is she being careful not to fall off? Morgz: It’d be a shame if you got PAUSED No Morgan. No! NO! Morgz: Pause! Oh yeah! Let’s watch that again! Oh yeah! Again! Again YEAHHHHH! OHHHHHHHHHH This is so awkward. Can you imagine filming
this with my mum? Just have your mum
laying there on the floor. ah… Morgz: Unpause! *sounds of pain* [makes me real uncomfy] What did you do? *more pain* I like how they went through all this,
and then they thought, “Hey let’s– “That was awesome we
replayed the clip three times, “but we should do it again.” *hehe* Back on, I’m getting back on. She’s getting back on,
she’s getting back on. That distracted me from my workout. Morgz: PAUSE! AHH! Pewds: *mockingly* ahhhh! Pewds: Oh wowie! That was just how she was running,
she’s ru– she was running like this. Dude, her head looks like a freaking bird! BirdMorgzHandsMom confirmed. Morgz: Unpause. Oh now she’s done, okay.
Morgz Mom: Hey guys. *BRUH* Oh my god. I thought for once they
wouldn’t scream, Jesus Christ. Goddamn it. Humiliated for the last time!
Pewds: Stop 🙁 Because of Morgan,
I have a shoulder injury, I can barely hold the camera!
[Looks pretty good to me] I have a plan to get Morgan back, and Kiera isn’t safe either.
[That face] Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Morgz: Oh no. Mom: What’s the matter? Morgz: *shook* *BRUH* Is that bald Martin?!?
Oh my gosh, what have you– Did she call her husband bald Martin? That’s awesome. Did he just (docs?) himself as well? Can you imagine being
neighbors to this family? PaAaUuSE! PA-AUSE! I guess actually… It’s probably not worse than
being neighbors with me. Mom: I want a bag of ice. Mom: Pause. Jokes over. Unpause me! Mom: Unpause. Morgz: Oh. My. Gosh! Morgz: *inaudible* again. I think I am. Morgz: To push her. Yeah. Oh my god, it’s not like you
could have done that anyway. Why do I care? It doesn’t matter, it’s… Pewds: Oh my god, he got destroyed. That’s some pause action right there. That’s what you get! For killing him in Fortnite. These girlfriends got to learn. I’m gonna cry :'( Morgz: Mum– Pewds: I like how now after they’ve done
the groceries they had their food, They come back and they
thought to themself in the car, “Hey, wouldn’t be epic
if we like pause in the car?” Morgz: Since you
humiliated me in the shop, Morgan no, Morgan no. Don’t do this Morgan,
it’s crazy. No Morgan. Morgz: Pause!
*fake car screeching* Kiera: Oh my god, Morgan. Morgan, Morgan, you can’t do that. If she crashes, we crash with her, we’re in the car.
[Looks to me like you’re stopped] *Laughing* Oh my god Morgan, you can’t do that. If she dies, we die! Because we are in the car,
we’re all sitting in this car together! So if she crashes, Then we all crash. I think… Morgan you can’t do that. PAUUUU– I bet you weren’t expecting
meal worms on your head. These are the stinkiest bugs I can find, And honestly I don’t even know what I’ve– I’ve eaten those,
they’re not that bad. They’re like dried out, they don’t… Just saying it’s not that bad, okay? I’ve had live ones on Scare
PewDiePie season one. That’s gross, okay? This is nothing. Shaking my head, you call this
a pause challenge? Meal worms *inaudible* And also… Is anyone no one gonna point out
they’re not actually pressing the pause button? They’re just pressing the off button, okay? See, that’s not the pause button, alright? So I think that finally confirms
that the pause challenge Is actually in fact fake, once and for all. Leave your comments down
below what you think. Is it real? It like– how are they doing this? Offscreen: Ew. Ew! Go away Ew what is this– Ew x4 Pause! Mom:
[Doesn’t matter, why is she doing this????] Did his mom just walk in
on him naked in the shower? No one sees a problem with this? Morgz: You look fancy. Morgz: Straightening you hair and everything,
you never straighten your hair. What do you mean? I always look good. Morgz: Well Kiera, I’m sorry about this. Morgz: I didn’t want to have to do this, Morgz: but after what you’ve just done
to me, I have no other choice. *BRUH* Please stop, please X 7, please stop. Morgan, okay. I was messing around, I’m really sorry but you just *inaudible* No. No excuses. You got Morgz killed in Fortnite. You went too far, you now–
you pay consequence. Because like, a physical thing. It’s gonna really look bad! Morgan, once it burns off, it’s
gonna take months to grow back. Please stop 🙁 Morgz: Kiera, I’m gonna sit here
all day until the hair burns off. Morgz: The only way you
can stop me is by giving up. Morgz: You made me do this. But I can’t do it. I can’t do it anymore, Morgan,
please, please stop *inaudible* I’m gonna have to give up. You know how much females
care about their hair, Morgan. Morgz: Kiera, I’m not
going to unpause you. Ohhh my god, Morgan. Fine! Fine I give up! I give up! Okay Morgan, I give up– *gasp* I like how you didn’t burn it,
it was just cut off. The music to it as well. PAAAAUUUUSE! I think one thing’s for sure. Martin is not gonna give up. So, I forfeit. So he forfeits – I guess. Alright. That’s cool. I’m really glad I watched this. This is a journey to say the least. I mean I’ve made of Morgz before. He clearly doesn’t care. It’s just… Really weird seeing a
whole family do this? At the same time, it’s clearly just like
a kids show at this point. It’s weird to me seeing how these things are still happening on YouTube and doing very successfully at it, I mean– 21 million views. That’s
well done, what can I say? Family-friendly, PG, clean. Uh, okay. Well how do you
explain this, huh? I feel so bad for Martin,like if you agree. His facial expressions are hilarious. So people are actually watching it. Alright. Fair enough to you, what can I say? That’s it for cringe week, let me
know what you want next time. And as always, smile and happy. What? You never played Tuber Simulator? *pfshhhhhh* You know it’s fun, right? I’m not supposed to give my opinion, but give it a try, and then you can tell me
if it’s good or not. Not convinced yet? Okay. I’ll cut you a deal. The game is available for free, and that’s a great price!

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