98 thoughts on “Paul Gilbert demos the MojoMojo

  1. As you go through your search you end up with a whole collection of pedals. I love the tone of this pedal you really get the sweet tone of the guitar. This is what I use all the time. https://youtu.be/v92i-1t1rqw

  2. Saw Mr. Big this past summer in Dallas. Paul Gilbert is so unique and he can hold his own. And he's a cool, down to earth dude as well.

  3. This might sound ridiculous but I tried my MojoMojo and Metal Zone on both at the same time (without even a Noise Suppressor) and holy sh*t, the sound was just killer!

  4. Ok, i was just recc'd this vid. Thank you, yt. First heard of Paul back when Street Lethal came out and loved this and Second Heat with Bruce B. Laately its been about live Racer X vids and demo's here and he's not only is a great player but a cool guy as well. DANG,, Leslie West??!!!. This was the guy that inspired me to play back in '73. Thank you . . I have like 5 od/dist boxes now. I should find a home for a MojoMojo. Maybe it would inspire me to play more (Vypyr/headphone rig ain't too inspiring).

  5. Great review, I just picked one up and you are spot on about the bass control, it really does a nice job to fatten up the treble strings.

  6. I have been looking for a good fuzz pedal (without breaking my bank account) for the last couple of months…with no luck,…but I think this overdrive , with the righ tweaking and proper bulb amp will do,sounds pretty fuzzy already!…

  7. One thing that's interesting is that you can change it between fuzzy and not at all, with its best sound sounding very similar to switchfoot. And when to turn off the gain, perfect worship music tone.

  8. Эта педаль очень избирательна к комбикам. Важен чистый звук комба с хорошей серединой и без песка, иначе звук педали – отстой…

  9. TC Electronics hit the jackpot with Paul Gilbert endorsing this pedal. Could they ask for a better spokesperson?

  10. Am I the only person who thinks that Paul Gilbert would be an absolutely AWESOME teacher? He's the kind of guy that makes you want to be better simply to impress him as a student….even if you've lost interest in the instrument. What a great dude.

  11. I need to know what it would sound like through a cheap solid state peavy. I can't afford nice tube amps any longer and just need something to play at my house .

  12. Interesting, not many people know about the bass tone of this pedal. Many compare it to the ts808 a much more mid range unit

  13. If we could have a teacher like Paul introduce us to the instrument, then we'd all be guitar players….even if you suck like me. You'd just have so much fun learning, and hanging with him. His positive vibe is beyond contagious.

  14. I picked this up used yesterday. It's got a character of its own. Definitely not a tubescreamer though. Not a heavy gain pedal on a clean channel. I have the drive at about 2o clock to get the dirt I want.
    Also unlike other gain pedals it doesn't get fizzy.
    Definitely worthy purchase. Now, I have to stop buying drive pedals lol

  15. i tried that pedal, was nice, but i went with the Dark Mater one, thought it had more drive then the Mojo

  16. Super killer tone from the mojo mojo, I’m gonna grab one myself. Paul, thank you very very much for making your videos. I’m a huge fan!

  17. It's one of my favourite pedals too & i have it on a couple of my pedalboards now & I have a few more in reserve as it's not expensive!!!!
    It's a bargain pedal which sounds expensive,so top marks too TC Electronic!!!!!

  18. Need to mention mojo mojo sounds as prescribed beein plugged into valve amps only

  19. Mostly i like to see a rug on the floor. Its soooo warm ))))

  20. I think a lot people are still gonna for the Mojomojo over the JHS PG 14, simply because of price. MM is $50, PG 14 is $200 at Sweetwater.

  21. Great pedal for thickening up a powerful overdriven rythmn sound. Any ideas on good pedal to put after the mojomojo for great lead sound? Going into an Orange TH30.

  22. Ok, i'm going to have to buy this pedal. For $45.00US right now in 2020. Ill take it! It will sit with my other 23 pedals I think it is in my pedal board.

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